Feel the Fear

One of my goals was do to get my shoulder better and do Grace Rx.  Craic has been doing a lot of prep for Barbells for Boobs – which they will be holding on Friday, November 1st.  I have kept it cautious and thought that if I did B4B next year, I’d do 65# like last year and see if I could improve my time.  But if you read last year’s post – my main takeaway from the 2012 Barbell for Boobs was that I couldn’t wait to do Rx in 2013.  Truth is, my shoulder is feeling better – but I am really scared.  I’m scared about hurting myself again.  I’m scared about actually doing the Rx weight and crashing and burning.  I’m scared of a DNF.  I’m scared about putting myself back on a path to being better only to have something derail my progress again.   Blargh!

Today, our workout was 3 rounds of 10 clean and jerks with 2:00 rest in between.  I was going to go the safe route and do 65#.  Jarrod, pushing me a bit – suggested I do one round at 65#, another at 75#, and the third at 85#.  But then I saw Judy L.’s bar sitting on the floor at 95# and decided to do a couple of reps to see how it felt.  It was heavy, but there was no pain when I clean and jerked it up.  I looked at Judy and she just said “Do it.  Do it!” and I thought what the hell – I would try and worse case was that I could drop the weight if the rounds became untenable.  So I started.  First round was okay.  My first rep I completely hyper extended my back. I think just getting the jitters out.  I decided to do singles and re-group at the bottom.  Not sure if that’s the best strategy – but it’s what I planned to do.  The last couple of reps in the first round got tough (Jarrod also gave me a queue to use my hips more) and then I started over thinking the clean.  Second round felt about the same as the first round except my legs got more tired.  Third round, last three reps.  Ugh.  I had to press the jerk up as I didn’t get underneath the bar in rep 8.  Rep 9, I really focused on getting under the bar and it went up fast.  Rep 10, same as rep 8.  I was GASSED.  But I finished.  I was able to do 30 clean and jerks at 95# with no pain (well, no bad pain…)  Granted it was broken up – but now I really have no excuse to not do 95# next week.  Looking back, I was grateful for the push from Jarrod and Judy.


I read a book awhile ago, per my pal Katie’s suggestion called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”  Katie was scared of putting herself out there in a competition format.  Terrified.  Since reading the book, she has done multiple competitions and becomes more confident every time.  I have no idea how next Friday will go.  No idea at all.  I’m going to work with Jarrod to figure out a plan so I can have some control over what my rep scheme is – but really, all I can do is feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you are reading this and feel like donating to this great cause, click on the picture below and it will take you to my donation page.  Thanks!


Friday Night Fran and Barbells for Boobs

Last night we did Friday Night Fran at Craic.  Love the energy that Craic heads bring to internal events.  It was a such a great time.  I ended up counting / judging for a couple of my pals: Elizabeth, Garcia, Jason, and Brett.  They all fucking KILLED Fran.  It was such a great night.  Not a ton to say, just lots of fun and lots of people getting after it. “Judging” at these internal events are awesome because unlike Garage Games or competitions, you can actually cheer and coach along the athlete that you’re judging.

Here I am yelling at Garcia to keep moving!

Here’s me, Elizabeth, and Brett (notice I’m wearing my awesome kitty hat!) By the way, this was taken post-workout and they both look perfect.

I went home fairly early after Friday Night Fran and got a good night’s sleep before Barbell for Boobs the next morning.  After conferring with some of the coaches at Craic, I decided that I was going to go with a light weight and do the clean and jerks.  I really wanted to do the clean and jerks and felt like just doing squat cleans would suck.  So I decided to go with 65#, which is the weight that I practiced with last weekend during open gym.  I knew I was going to go fairly fast through this workout (Grace).  I started the workout and did 10 unbroken.  Dropped the bar, took two big breaths, and banged out 10 more.  Then I did the last 10 broken into two sets of 5.  The last five, I really wanted to break them up, but I was reminded that this was more than just another workout.  It was to help people, who otherwise can’t afford it, to get affordable screening and preventive care for breast cancer.  I thought about how hard it is for people struggling with breast cancer (or any type of cancer) every day.  Surely I can suffer through three more reps if they are fighting nobly for their lives every day.  My suffering (if you can even call it that) was no where close to what they went through.  So I did it.  I banged the last five out and essentially flew through the workout at 2:33.  Not only was the cause inspiring, it was also inspiring to watch my fellow Craic heads also fighting through pain and exhaustion to finish the workout as well.  Some people conquered fears of putting thirty reps over their heads, some conquered just getting through the workout at a steady pace, some people proved that they could do things that they didn’t think that they could do.  Can’t wait to be all rehabbed up and do this next year Rx.

Here’s me, mid-pull:

At the top of my jerk

Winner for best outfit of the day, Reggie D

My fave picture of the morning: Gienah and Jacob – Love these two!


Fridays are for FranStina

It’s nearing the end of the No Bread Challenge, so that meant it’s Friday Night Fran day.  Since I have had some shoulder woes throughout the competition, I didn’t really re-test what I did almost 50 days ago.  Instead, I did FranStina (my customized version of Fran).


75# Front Squats

Ring rows

Nothing really exciting to report, as suspected, the middle 15 reps were the toughest.  The weight got quite heavy for the front squats.  Final score: 4:53

Tonight, Craic is hosting Friday Night Fran.  It’s going to be a blast!  The energy during one of these events is awesome.

Tomorrow is Barbells for Boobs.  After talking to Jarrod, I think I’m going to do 95# squat cleans instead of clean and jerks.  I hope to finish in under 10 minutes.

Row Like a Pirate Day

So after making a bunch of excuses and getting called out by Jarrod and gently by Susie, I went into Craic dreading the 30 minute workout. I did a one legged row and 20 cals of the airdyne (instead of running).  So my mod wod was:


500m one-legged row

20 cals on airdyne

Here’s my workout set-up:

The one-legged row is a bit awkward, as you don’t quite know what to do with the leg you weren’t using.  Jarrod told me to not strap that foot in because it would remind me not to use it.  The airdyne, as predicted, sucked.  But it was such a good workout, my quads were burning by the time the 10 cal mark kicked in.   The side of my bum ankle felt really tight after all was said and done, but the 30 minutes went by surprisingly fast.  Overall, I’m glad that I went in and did the workout.  As mentioned in previous posts, I really need to work on my metcon / endurance and today was the perfect workout for that.  I was happy with my final score: 6+215m row. Chatted with Jarrod for a moment when all was said and done and was making fun of myself for making excuses last night and also that he called me out on it.  He said “Hey, as long as someone is willing to come in and do the work, I can make any workout work for them.”  So true.  No more excuses (well, at least for today).

I have to go home tonight and do my bullet proof shoulders routine for my shoulder.  Who knew these five pound dumbells could be instruments of such torture?

And for those of you that follow this blog, a reminder that I’m participating on Barbells for Boobs this weekend.  Anything you can donate would be appreciated and if you can’t donate money, please consider sharing the link so your pals can donate.  You can click on the image below to donate!  And you can copy and paste the following link if you’d like to share:  https://support.barbellsforboobs.org/individual-fundraising/CraicStina/

Barbells for Boobs, Leif and Lily

No Bread Challenge – Day 18

On 11/17/12, I’m participating in a Crossfit event called Amazing Grace.  It raises money for Barbells for Boobs, a breast cancer organization who’s mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms in Action® Grant Program for qualified low income and uninsured men and women who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. If you’re out there reading this blog and can donate any amount towards this cause, it would be appreciated.  Click on the picture or link below to learn more and/or donate.


In other news, I got to sleep in today.  It was a rest day for me.  A whole extra 1.5 hours of sleep! Yes! (Although, I think the days I don’t workout, I don’t have as much energy throughout the day).

Yesterday, we had THE Jarrod Dizzle Davis, his wife (Kayla), and their adorable kid (Leif) over to the house to watch the Felix Baumgartner jump.  Of course we had a No Bread-friendly meal! And we didn’t talk about Crossfit 100% of the time. Leif also fell in love with Lily, one of our cats. Here is an adorable picture of them:

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • chicken salad with veggies
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • slow cooked salsa chicken, mushroom, and bacon scramble
  • guacamole, bell peppers