Burpees and Wallballs!

Normal people wouldn’t be so excited about these things, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do them…it was nice to feel semi-normal!

It was someone’s 38th birthday today (not mine) in class and to celebrate our warm up was 38 burpees!  They sucked, as per usual.  Then it was time for the workout.  It was:

OTM 14 min
odd – 2 Front Squat – take it from the floor  I took it off the rack because I can’t clean right now @135#
even – 2-5 Strict Pullups / Muscle ups  I did 3-4 steps in ring rows
Wallballs @ 13#
Pullups Ring Rows
rest 3mins

(2:31 / 2:15)

I had some trouble hitting the target with the med ball the first time through.  I just haven’t done wall balls in so long!  After talking to Pete, we realized that i was standing too close to the wall and the next round I was able to hit the target every time.  Overall, great workout. Felt good!

Last night, as mentioned in previous posts, I went to a Cat Circus.  It was kind of awesome.

Getting read to jump through hops

Getting read to jump through hops



Rock Cats!

Rock Cats!



And a little burpee treat…


Last night I checked out the WOD and it was:

(A) 10 min to find a heavy set of 5 deadlifts

(B) AMRAP 12 @55#

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 6 hang cleans
  • 12 shoulder to overhead

AWESOME!  That looked like a great workout.  The weight was relatively “light” and it seemed like a solid workout.  And then I noticed a tiny little bottom of the workout with an (*):

*5 burpees at the top of each minute

What the what?  OH GOD.  And guess what, it was as awful as you think it was.

Part A was interesting.  I wanted to get over 200# and went with 205#.  Started at 135#, then 165#, 185#, 205#.  The first lift was the hardest one, but once you got into a rhythm, it seemed to get better.  205# was a challenge, but I think I could have gone heavier.  Alas, I ran out of time.

Now for the no good, terrible AMRAP.  Glen suggested that we scale the burpees, but I decided to stick with 5.  After the 3rd round of burpees at 5, I bumped down to 3 burpees from the 4th minute on.  If I had stuck with 5, it would have taken me at least 30 seconds to do them and recover enough to lift the bar.  The first round was fine, I moved at a good pace.  After the 205# deadlifting, 55# seemed like a treat.  That didn’t last for too long combined with the burpees.  It was an evil little workout.  I only ended up getting 4+8 and was completely fried by the end.

Warm Bed to 20 Degrees

Today was my first day back at work and I set my alarm to 6:00am last night so that I could get into Craic.  My alarm went off as planned and I turned it back off and rolled over to go back asleep.  Second day in a row that I had an internal conversation with myself and basically just told myself  “You’re already awake, get the fuck out of bed.”  (I’m mean in the morning, apparently).  It worked, I jumped out of bed, got changed and went to Craic.

Today was 3 rounds of an AMRAP 5 (three minutes of rest between rounds):

  • 5 thrusters
  • 5 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 5 burpees

It was all about pacing, goal was to get the same score all three rounds.  I did 65# front squats instead of the thrusters and and ring rows instead of the chest to bar pull-ups.  My pacing felt good, started out at a good rate and then my goal was to just keep moving the entire time.  Jarrod did a little session on burpees prior to help us optimize them.

My scores were: 4+10 / 4+10 / 4+9 – so bummed I couldn’t get that last rep in for the last round.  Argh!


Friday and Monday with a Holiday Party in Between

Wasn’t in the right head space to post on Friday after the Sandy Hook tragedy so I took the weekend off from posting. But reading this post on BuzzFeed made me feel a little better about the world.

Onto posting about the workouts.  Friday’s workout was:

5 rounds for reps with three minutes between rounds:

30 secs touch and go power cleans

30 secs burpee box jumps

I partnered with my friend Lauren.  She and I joke that combined, we are the perfect Crossfitter.  You can tell from Friday’s workout that that was exactly the case.  She’s is amazing at metcon and gymnastics and I lean towards to strength and sprinting workouts.  My scores broke down as follows:

Cleans / Burpee Step-Ups (ankle)

  1. 16/5
  2. 16/6
  3. 15/5
  4. 14/5
  5. 13/5

Total: 100

Lauren’s Score

  1. 17/6
  2. 14/7
  3. 13/6
  4. 13/6
  5. 13/6

Total: 101

We compliment each other well.  As you can see, I did a wee bit better on the cleans and she kicked ass on the burpees and we ended up getting close to the same exact score!  This one got hard for me at the end because my grip and forearms were toast – really wanted to get 20 each round, but that wasn’t in the cards that day.  I got to wear my new socks at Friday’s workout.  They made me happy 🙂

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Today was a leg strength and pull-up workout.  I finally tried to do a workout that included multiple reps overhead!  The workout was:

A) 5 rounds -3min rest in between
5 Thrusters
rest 10s
20 walking lunges with DB’s

B)100 pullups for time

Worked out with my gal Kendyl again.  Point was to go up each round for both the thrusters and the walking lunges.  For the thrusters, I started out fairly light for me 45# and then went up in increments of 10#. I was just excited to do some overhead reps again! For the walking lunges, I’m still working on my core stability and my grip sucks on the dumbells, so I ended up failing halfway through my 4th round, but rebounded for the 5th round.  I also didn’t realize that the lunges were supposed to also go up in weight, so I started fairly heavy for my first round.  I ended up doing part A of the work out kind of wrong, but here’s what I ended up doing:

Thrusters / Lunges

  1. 45# / 26#
  2. 55# / 26#
  3. 65# / 35#
  4. 75# / 35# (tried 44# and 40# and failed with both)
  5. 85# / 44#

100 ring rows for time.  I think my time was 6:38.  I broke it up by doing 15 reps, then 10 reps, then the last 75 reps were broken into sets of 5.

The Craic Holiday party was this weekend at Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s house.  Great time all around – can’t believe how big Craic is.  The party was huge and a good time all around.

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!
Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy!  Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy! Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best.  (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best. (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)

Team Clean

I hardly have the energy to type this.  I am not sure if it’s because yesterday and this morning’s WOD kicked my ass so hard or that I might be coming down with the plague that has hit my company pretty hard.  Fuck.

I love sprint / interval WODs and I was really looking forward to today’s.  It was:

4 rounds of

:20 burpees / :20 row for total meters, three minute rest in between

Rest 7 minutes and then repeat the above.

Three minutes rest in between after :40 seconds of hard work?  Looked like my kind of workout.  I partnered with Kevin, who is usually an afternoon / evening class guy – but he made a guest appearance in our class.  Jarrod dubbed us “Team Clean” because Kevin has one of the fastest cleans in the gym and we’re both suffering from shoulder stuff – so all we can both do is clean.  Kevin’s metcon is amazing.  He banged out on average 12 burpees per round and around 100m per round for the row.  I screwed him on two rounds – one of them I didn’t hit the row button hard enough and he had to row for an extra 5 seconds (blargh!) and then I counted 6 twice on his burpees in another round.

This workout was BRUTAL.  I thought I was going to pass out with the 7 minute break in between.  I was dizzy, I had stitch in my side – I literally gave this workout everything that I had in the tank.  I averaged about 8-9 burpees per round and 95m per round for the row.   My last burpee of my last set I was so determined to get my hands above my head, I almost fell face first onto the floor.  I think today, I realized the true meaning of digging deep.   I had trouble getting into my car, putting the key into the ignition (I think I tried and failed like three times), and just driving to my house.  When I got home, I went upstairs and laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes.  Then I realized that I forgot my phone at Craic and had to get back into the car.  Niko wouldn’t let me drive for a bit because I was a little loopy (which is probably a good idea).  This was probably the closest that I’ve gotten to vomiting after a workout (and/or passing out!) Some of this is probably due to the fact that I’m not hydrating as much as I should (colder weather makes me forget that I’m thirsty!) but mostly because I pushed myself as much as I could today.

Here’s a breakdown of the scores.  The totals might be a bit messed up because I was doing the math in my head while being completely out of my mind.

photo (3)



No Bread Challenge Day 3

Third day of the challenge and it’s snatch Wednesdays.  If you’re following this blog, you’ll see a series of Testing WoDs I participated in a couple of weeks ago.  See below for a refresher.

So for the next month or so, every day’s workout is themed depending on what the tests were.  This morning’s WoD (for snatch Wednesdays) was for time:


Overhead Squats and Burpees

OHS are something that I really need to work on as part of my snatch training, so I was excited to do this workout.  I just failed to tell my brain that burpees were a part of it.  The Rx weight was 65# and I knew that was the weight that I *should* be doing, but the annals of my brain were telling me to go lighter because I wasn’t going to be able to crush the WoD from a time perspective.  After a short consultation with Jarrod, I decided to go Rx.  I also made a decision that I was going to try to do Rx weights for the rest of the No Bread challenge so long as (1) I could do the Rx weight and (2) I didn’t do shitty form.  As John says “Practice makes permanent.  Practice perfect makes perfect.”  

I made it through the first ten OHS unbroken.  I thought that this boded well for the rest of the WoD.  I was wrong.  The burpees, as suspected, killed me.  The next round (9) I broke the OHS into two sets, same for (8).  I definitely had to pace myself with the burpees the entire WOD.  I would say that (8), (7), (6), and (5) were the toughest to get through.  If I dropped the bar, it sucked because I would have to snatch it up again overhead.  65# gets heavy to snatch quick!  I started losing gas by the time I got to (4).  I got to (3) and dropped the bar after two reps.  Immensely frustrating.  I just did NOT want to snatch the bar again.  I was dead.  And then the magic of crossfit kicked in.  I was the last one to finish and the rest of the class and Jarrod came over to cheer me on and push me to the finish.  It was the best motivator.  I finished, finally: 13:48.  

I bought some awesome socks today.  They aren’t knee high – but will work with the capris that I will wear in the winter and fall 🙂


  • Bacon, eggs
  • Salad (veggies, goat cheese, chicken salad)
  • Handful of dark chocolate covered almonds
  • Smoothie (fruit, no dairy)
  • Kitchen Sink (see picture below – this time I added some cumin and garlic powder)
  • Paleo Crunch

California Dreaming and My Nightmare WOD

Greetings!  I am back from a long weekend in sunny Los Angeles.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of working out at Crossfit LA.  It was the first Crossfit box ever in the greatest Los Angeles (and one of the first in the US).  If you’re ever staying on the west side in Los Angeles, I highly suggest you workout there.

I went on Friday morning and Sam Martin was coaching (he’s the one you can see on this page doing a handstand in a pink bunny suit).  As everyone started coming into the workout area, Sam told us to run the “big loop.”  I followed the crew out and ran with a girl named Stephanie who was brand new to Crossfit and coincidentally from Newton, MA.  I got to tell her about the 5000 Crossfit affliates that are in the Boston area.  She was excited to come back and visit.  Seems like the run would have been over by the time we finished talking about this, but it wasn’t.  The big loop was a BIG LOOP.  I was toast by the time the run was over and we hadn’t even started warming up yet.  After some mobility and some skill work (we did a Turkish get-up with dumb bells 3-3-3-3-3-3) we started the WOD which was an AMRAP 15 that consisted of the following:

Round 1:
1 KB Suitcase DL, right hand
1 KB Russian Clean, right hand
1 KB Push Press, right hand
1 KB Suitcase DL, left hand
1 KB Russian Clean, left hand
1 KB Push Press, left hand
Round 2 – 2 of each movement
Round 3 – 3 of each movement… 

I decided to do the Rx weight using the 35# KB.  The first three rounds were easy.  After that it got tricky.  The suitcase DL’s were fairly easy.  And the cleans were decent.  It’s when we got to the overhead movement when it got tricky as we got into the higher reps. I got reminded just how much weaker my left shoulder was from my right.  This was a tough workout, but overall, fantastic.  Final score: 8+18

After the workout, I was chatting with some of the members and quizzed them as to why all the workouts are usually posted the night before – but the weekend ones never are.  They told me that it’s usually Coach’s choice on the weekends and the majority of them were team workouts.  They did go on to say that Andy Petranek, the founder of CFLA, was going to be coaching on Saturday and he usually does some crazy workouts.

Got up the next morning and headed back to CFLA to do the “crazy” Saturday workout.  Andy told us to do the big loop again (I think we’ve established how much I hate running…so I was not happy) and then went on to say “On second thought…” (Yay, he’s going to have us to something different!!) “Grab a medicine ball and run the big loop with that.” (OH SHIT.)  The run was hard, but it was not without perspective.  I’m lighter than I was prior to starting Crossfit and it was a reminder that when you’re fatter, things are harder.  I slogged through and didn’t walk once.  Not surprisingly, I was the last one done with the run and got back just in time to start the warm up.  But I finished it. Then we went into the warm up, which consisted of dumb bell windmills, lateral plank raises, and then roll backs and donkey kicks.  I was toast by the end of the warm up!  Then I saw him writing on the board.  I couldn’t really make out what he was writing, but I saw a lot of high numbered reps and saw the word burpees.  As I got a closer look my stomach filled with dread:

  • 50 GHD situps
  • 40 burpees
  • 300 meter farmers carry
  • 20 pullups
  • 10 DB thrusters
  • 5 inch worms

And then rebound back up the ladder.  Do as much as you can in 27 minutes.  I opted to do regular sit-ups as I had never done the GHD before and didn’t want to tweak my lower back or something prior to me flying the next day.  That was the last of my problems. 40 burpees?  Fuck.  Farmer’s carry?  My forearms ached in anticipation.  Pull-ups, lovely.  It was basically a nightmare WOD for me and this was AFTER the run with the medicine ball.  3-2-1 go!  I kept a steady pace for the sit-ups and then into the burpees.  Andy told us to just pick a number of bang them out 5, 7, 10 … just pick it and do them unbroken.  Take a small break and start up again.  Then I did the Farmer’s carry.  I used two 15# DBs.  My forearms were killing me, but I managed to do the first 300 meter carry without dropping them.  I got back and started my pull-ups.  I used a green and blue band together and broke them up into 4 sets of 5. The thrusters were relatively east at 15#, but I’m glad that I didn’t go any heavier because when I rebounded back up the ladder, the farmer’s carry toasted my forearms.  They were burning and I had to put them down at least 4 times during the carry and stretch them out.  I ended up getting through the 2nd farmer’s carry and ran out of time to do the last burpees and situps.  I swear I didn’t time it that way on purpose… Final score: 27:00 minutes (2nd Farmer’s Carry).  I was wiped by the time all was said and done.  This was a hard workout, but felt good that I got as far as I did.

Tomorrow, the No Bread Challenge 4 starts with the lovely benchmark, Fran.  Yippee.

Run, Stina, Run!

Today I did a double.  This morning I did the regular WoD, which was 3 rounds for time of 15 snatches and 15 bar facing burpees.  I tried doing one burpee and my low back didn’t feel great, so I did sit-ups instead.  I’m going to see the massage guy again tomorrow so I’m hoping that I can do burpees again starting this weekend.  I hate burpees, but feel like an a-hole not doing them.  First it was my hand and now it’s my back.  Maybe it’s my body telling me not to do them 😉  Ha.  I did the INT weight, which was 65#.  It was really heavy do to 45 reps of them, but since I wasn’t doing burpees, I told myself to suck it up.  Final time was 9:36.  I shudder to think about the time that it would have been if I did the burpees.  I definitely would have lowered the weight.

Then, tonight brought my first time at Running Club.  It’s coached by this dude Dave Conner who’s a Team in Training running endurance coach.  The workout was 400m time trial, 10 minutes of rest, 1 mile time trial.  I was crapping my pants.  I begged my friend at work to schedule a last minute meeting so I might be able to miss it.  I showed up, bummed that I was there and being pretty fucking negative about it.  I hate running.  It’s my biggest goat.  Put me in a pool, I’m fine.  Make me run – I hate you.  Dave told me that the running club might not make me not hate running, but perhaps I will hate it a little less.  So, anyway – my friend didn’t end up scheduling the meeting for me and I showed up.  We did a warm up slow 400 and I was zonked.  I was dreading the rest of the evening’s runs planned. I felt sick.  

We did some mobility and then it was time for the 400m sprint.  I did it in 1:26.  I felt good, as I wanted to finish in less than 1:30.  I ran fast the first 200m and then put some kick into the last 200m.  I could hear my pal Lisa coming up behind me and just tried to push through to the end.  After the 400m, I felt really dizzy and couldn’t focus.  I think I needed to snack a bit before I went to do the run.  Lesson learned.  In addition, I’m not great about hydrating and I should have drank more water throughout the day.

And then it was time for the 10 minute rest.  I talked to Dave about some pointers for running, as I missed the first run club and he told me to stay as relaxed as possible in the shoulders and also try to not heel strike.  And then we were off.  I ran with my girl Amanda.  We were both really nervous and started off on the run.  We were in the 2nd heat, 30 seconds behind the first heat.  The first 400 felt terrible and I started to think that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the next three laps.  But after the halfway mark, we hit our stride.  We ran the last lap and picked up some speed, both pushing each other to run faster we hit 200m to go and really started to pick it up.  The crew was cheering us on and we ran all out for the last 100m.  As we got close to the clock/finish line, we both saw the time 9:52 and both of us were determined to run the mile in sub-10:00.  We busted our butts and crossed the line at 9:56.  We were so happy we hugged.  This was a huge accomplishment for me because prior to Craic, I was lucky if I could break 11:00 minutes.  As we were de-constructing our run, Amanda realized that we were supposed to deduct 30 seconds from our time because we started 30 seconds behind the first wave.  Therefore…our time was 9:26.  

Yes, mother-effers.  We both ran sub 9:30 miles.  This might be slow for some, but it was a huge effing accomplishment for me and Amanda.  We were stoked.  I’m PRing my OLY lifts and stuff like that, but it wasn’t really until that moment that I realized what Crossfit has done for me.  I mean, we work on OLY lifts at Craic, so it was only natural that I will see gains in that.  I can’t really put it into words.  I shaved over 1:30 from my mile time.  I’m still in shock.  

Who has two thumbs and ran a sub-9:30 mile?

Not so magnificent sevens

Today’s WoD, by all accounts, was one of the toughest ones in awhile.  I am still feeling a bit under the weather, so this was especially tough for me.  

7min AMRAP x 3 – 3min rest in between each
7 Toes to Bar
7 Burpees
7 Air Squats

I did knees to armpits / elbows and did the burpees and air squats with no modification.  The knees to armpits part was the “easiest” part of the workout.  Jarrod worked with me on my kipping awhile ago and it really helped today.  But I did get my first “rip” on my hands.  It’s a tiny one, but a first none-the-less.  

I tried to keep moving throughout the entire WoD.  I was moving slow, but moving.  The three minute rest in between sets went by way too quickly.  I also learned not to drink a lot of water in these rests before you are doing burpees.  I thought that I was going to hurl with all that water sloshing around inside me.

Final Score: 4+20 / 4+10 / 4

Sprint Workout – July 10th

Yesterday was a rest day.  It was nice to sleep in.

Last night I slept quite restlessly, not really falling into a deep sleep until about 3AM. Never the less, I hauled my ass out of bed and headed into Craic.

It was a sprint workout:

5 rounds for time (excluding rest)

  • 10 burpees
  • 200 m rum
  • Rest 5 minutes

A couple of months ago, I ran a Zombie 5K.  An overzealous zombie threw me to the ground and I landed on my knee and hand on a rock.  Turns out I have some soft tissue damage. Therefore when I do burpees, the impact seems to bother it and it bruises and swells up (even months after).  Just when I think I can do burpees again, I do it … and the same thing happens.  Today was no exception.  I did the first two sets doing all 10 burpees, but then I felt the hand pain creep in.  Then I tried landing on my fist for the 3rd set and doing less burpees.  Still same issue (well, it was more of a balance issue).  So for the 4th and 5th sets, I did sit-ups.

I love sprint workouts.  When I did swimming, I was a sprinter.  

Total Set Make-Up

  1. 10 burpees, sprint – 1:00
  2. 10 burpees, sprint – :54
  3. 7 burpees (first), sprint – :49
  4. 10 sit ups, sprint – :51
  5. 10 sit ups, spring – :51

Total time: 4:35

Overall, the running felt good.  Burpees actually were good too (minus the hand business).  We will see what tomorrow brings!