Making it Rain

Went to Jarrod’s OLY Lifting session.  Class of 11 people, drilling and working on the snatch and clean & jerks.  Jarrod warned that at about the one hour mark, our brains would start to shut down, and I was no exception.  Definitely a lot of information thrown at us and a lot of drills.  I have so much work to do. This post isn’t going to be very articulate, but suffice it to say – I learned stuff and stuff.

Started out with snatches.  I have a terrible stripper butt in the 3rd to 2nd position (floor to knee).  This means I lift my hips / ass before I lift my shoulders / torso.  He gave me some drills to work on to ensure that I lift them both at the same time.  We had some time to work with a heavier weight and I worked up to 80#.  One of my lifts at 80# felt good, the others I was definitely stripper butt-ing it and pressed a couple of them up. 80 was a good number for me mentally, as my previous 1RM is 90.  Kept it at 80 and didn’t go higher – and that was a smart decision.  The things I need to work on: everything.  More specifically: stripper butt, staying close to the body, not being afraid to get under it.  Didn’t try squat snatches – but will definitely be drilling those as well.


Next up was the clean and jerk session.  Same concepts with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.  I have the most trouble when I am coming off the floor.  Stripper butt and not enough explosive hip movement.  Went to the jerk and while I usually feel confident about my jerk, didn’t feel confident after this session.  Once it gets heavier, I don’t like to get under the bar and I don’t split my feet into the position that they should be in order for me to get under.  For each person, Jarrod drew on the floor where our feet should be.  The line is where our feet should be starting.  Bisecting the line.  The front horseshoe is where my front foot should be landing, back horseshoe is where my back foot should be landing.  (Toes should be touching the front of the horseshoe).  As it got heavier, the red horseshoes is where my feet were landing.  Definitely have some work to do.

photo (1)

Played around with the clean and jerk at 115 and then I just got really, really tired.  Shoulders and arms were smoked after the last couple of days working out.  Brain was also overwhelmed with all the information and work I had ahead.  Can’t wait until the next session.


Stina v Kitty Litter – Day 2

I conquered the kitty litter.  Was much better than yesterday, where one of the cats left a protest poop outside of the litter just to let me know that Niko is the better fur-baby parent.

Worked out today.  Missed the morning class.  A little off kilter with Niko out of town and couldn’t sleep.  Awww.  #lame

Workout was:

A. 3 rounds for time
10 Clean + Jerks
50 Double Unders

rest 3mins

B. 3 rounds for time
Run 200m
10 Pullups / 5 muscle ups

I did 100 single-unders due to the ankle sprain-age (is that a word?) and ran the 200m.  Ankle was tight, but not unmanageable.  Did 65# because shoulder is a bit wonky and didn’t want to push it.  6:34 for part A, 5:48 (I think?) for part B.  I’m not only bad at barbell math, I’m bad at time math too.  Run actually felt really good.  Had a good amount of energy and just came in and did my RR UB.

Tomorrow is a rest-ish day.  Have a wicked early morning dentist appointment and then going to PT in the afternoon.  Might try to do workout at home – but will probably get sidetracked playing Civ V (damn you, Buddy!) #realisticexpectations



Use those hips, clean and jerk

Not a super exciting post today.  Just a status update.

Went into the gym this morning for a one on one sesh with John McEvoy to work on my clean and jerks.  Need to use those hips more (as Jarrod reminds me all the time).

Did a bunch of drills, working on hip action and getting under the bar explosively.  Also worked on stringing together singles as I prepare for Grace and trying to put together a strategy.  John mapped out what the worst case scenario might be, which still has me finishing in under 7 minutes.  So I guess my goal is to finish sub-7, not sub-10 (which I think is the time cap).

Super helpful session.  John has a good eye for these things. You would think he’s like, a professional or something.  Have added most of the drills to my homework and will also work on them as I warm up for Grace on Friday.

Also, yesterday was National Cat Day.  I didn’t bring it up in my blog because #everydayiscatday

PS. Go Red Sox!









Today’s workout:

A. Hang Clean + Jerk from above the knee – work to a Max
B. Drop to 85% and do 12 singles
30min cap on the above for A+B
C. 21-15-9
Push Press

Decided to not question things and go for a heavier weight today.  Wasn’t sure how heavy I was going to get – but was going to stop if it hurt or I felt like I was greatly sacrificing form (it’s not worth getting re-injured).  We did a different hang clean than normal.  We slowly lifted the bar to above the knee, paused and then cleaned from there.  Jarrod kept on telling me to use my hips more and fall into a squat when I catch the bar.  I was catching the bar way back.  But the pull itself felt good and didn’t irritate my bicep.  The jerk part was actually SO MUCH easier than the clean. I was confident once I got the bar up to the rack position, I could do the jerk,  Went 75, 95, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130(f on clean).   Really happy with 125 – it’s about 10# from my PR for clean and jerk.  Really need to work on that hip action.  It’s nice to see some progress and throw some weights over my head again.  The 130 didn’t even get past my hips.  Hmmm.  I wonder why.

I did 106 for part B.  They were relatively easy.  Then I went and did 65# for the push press and ring rows.  Final time was 5:00 flat.  Despite Jarrod’s directions to not hyper extend our back, I did that a couple of times.  Need to work on keeping my core tight during those.

Then did some supplemental work to get strong for the pull-up situation.  Did three sets of 10 wide grip ring rows and then did some bicep sets.  Jarrod yelled at me to try using the barbell – and Nicole gave me some tips on how to do barbell bi-cep curls.  Even with the 15# bar – it was tough!  Will be doing those moving forward.  She was a good coach.  Although I’m not sure I’ll make the sounds she suggested when I bring the barbell up (sometime, I’ll get it on video…)






I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to get back to a consistent schedule.  To that end, I started going to the 6:30AM classes again this morning.  To ease Jarrod back into me attending his classes, I was sure to ask A TON of questions.  I might email him a couple of times per day this week just for old times sake.  I’m going to try to make it to only the 6:30AM classes during the work week moving forward.  The 7:30PM class was great, but the option to go hurt my workout schedule.  End of day classes are easy to find an excuse to miss.  So, in my head for now, the 7:30PM class is not an option unless I have an emergency in the morning (which I never do).

Today’s workout:

A. C+J – work to a challenging single – stop when form breaks down
B. 10 sets of 2 unbroken @ Grace Weight for time
C. Annie – 15min Cap
Double Unders

Told myself I wasn’t going to go over 95# today and kept with that.  Jarrod told me that I wasn’t dipping fast enough and was going to low on my jerk.  Once I made my adjustment, it’s amazing how easy the bar went over my head.  🙂 They felt good at 95#.  For the Grace weight, I limited myself to 65# because of the amount of reps.  Ended up going through this fairly quickly – 2:12. My shoulder is bugging me and the swinging movement for sit-ups wasn’t working for me.  So I modified, and per Jarrod’s suggestion did hanging leg raises.  I also modified the amount of double unders because of the amount that we were doing (and I’m not consistently quick at them).  So I just cut the amount of them in half and only counted completed reps.  First round…boom!  25 unbroken (a new PR).  Still slamming my feet into the ground and jumping high.  Need to work on that.  The leg raises SUCKED ASS.  But it was a good stretch for my shoulder.  My forearms were toast as were my legs, hips, and abs by the time all was done.  Final time was 11:30.

Went home and had my new protein shake concoction.  John wants me to get some protein in right after a workout.  So I created this.  Get my caffeine fix and recovering post workout.  Here’s the recipe:

  • 100mL of the cold brew coffee concentrate.
  • 200mL water.
  • 100mL of the Califia Double Expresso with almond milk.
  • One scoop of SFH PURE Vanilla.

photo 1 (17)

I wore a new cat t-shirt to Craic today.  Here it is (plus Hobo being a little creeper in the background).  I’m a hot mess (this is post-workout) in the pic, but I love the t-shirt.  Also, I’m wearing my fave pair of sweatpants because it was quite cold this morning!

photo 2 (17)

And finally, I love how my husband embraces my Crazy Cat Lady.  He’s the best!  He started a new job today – and this was his new view.  Congrats to Niko and his new job!

photo 3




Busy weekend and didn’t get a workout in.  Started back up today.

I am really tired.  Lots of stuff outside of Craic going on in my life and hard to focus in class today.  Class was poppin’ full of people.  Dizzle was coaching.  The workout was:

A) work to a heavy single Clean + Jerk
B) Take 80% of A and do 5×2
5 RFT – 12min cap
Run 200m
10 Power Clean + Jerk

I, obviously, didn’t do the jerk.  For part A: 95, 115, 125, 135f, 135f, 135.  I couldn’t squat clean to save my life.  I’m not sure where the mental block was with me.  There seemed to be some fear of squatting.  The 135 that I did get was a really messy power clean.  I don’t know what my problem was today.  I just couldn’t focus and get out of my own way.  Was awesome to see Callahan PR this morning with a 140# clean and jerk. I then dropped to 110# for part B.

The RX weight for the 5 RFT was 65# so I stuck with that.  Ankle is still a bit wonky so I did 10 cals on the AD.  Jarrod had initially suggested 15 cals, but after the first round, I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain that and finish under the cap.  It was hot as hell today and I was struggling.  I managed to finish in 10:15.  Went the first 2 rounds UB for the cleans and 3rd and 4th round did it in two sets of 5.  Last round I went UB.  I was toast at the end of this workout.  Blargh.

I wish I could have squat cleaned today.  Not sure what was going on.  Ending on a positive note, here’s an amazeballs video of Kendrick Farris killing it at the 2013 World University Games.

Jarrod Dizzle Davis PR @255#

My bro  coach, Jarrod Davis, had a 10# PR for his clean and jerk at 255#.

I always blog about Jarrod as my coach, but here’s a post about Jarrod as an athlete.  He PR’d “easing back into lifting” after an injury.  You can read more about his PR here. Totally radical, bro.

Testing, Day 5 – Clean and Jerks

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went in to today’s testing day with a clear head. No temper tantrums for me today.  I had just PR’d my clean early this week so I didn’t have many expectations for Friday and was going to be happy just making it to 120# for my clean and jerk. (Which is my current personal best).  Today’s focus was really form.

I made the playlist for the workout today because our resident music playlist guy couldn’t make it today.  The group decided on boy bands…since the workout was clean and jerks!

I built up to work on my form, did a rep scheme similar to Monday’s rep scheme:

  • 75# x 5
  • 95# x 5
  • 105# x 3

And then I started going in increments of weight doing one rep.

  • 110#
  • 115#
  • 120#
  • 125#
  • 130#

If you’re following closely, I PR’d at 125# and then at 130#!  I was so happy about it because I wasn’t expecting it.  I just wanted to work on my form today and just went for it.  I did two attempts at 135#, but failed on the clean.  I ALMOST had the first attempt at the clean, but I was leaning way too far forward and dropped the weight.  

But I’ll take it.  I’m happy!  Here is some video proof!

Here’s the first PR at 125#

Here’s my PR at 130#!

Here’s me failing at 135#. See how far forward I am at the squat?