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Got the opportunity to take a trip home to see Niko and the kitties, so I wanted to try to get at least one Crossfit workout in at Craic.  It’s always fun to go to a workout with Niko as well.  Was a nice to get my sweat on at my gym, and especially nice because the workout was back squats.

Workout was fairly straight forward:

3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 (70% – 75% – 80% – 75% – 80% – 85%)

I got to take my first class with Coach Munch – and he’s a great coach.  I also worked out with Megan and started out doing the weights that she did, but wanted to bump it up a bit more (not a ton) for the last 3 – 2 – 1.  The most exciting part of the workout was that I was able to get into the back squat position for the first time in over a year.  It definitely stretched my shoulder a bit, but not in a bad way – just in a way where I know I need to work on my mobility. The most frustrating part of the workout was that I wanted to do more weight, but opted on being smart – so I talked to Coach Marc about what weight to work to.  He suggested that I do no more than 135#.  So I did the following rep scheme:

95# – 105# – 125# – 115# – 125# – 135#

Overall had no issues with the squats and was just happy to be back squatting again.  After the back squats, we all did an AMRAP:

10- Push Press 115/75 Ring Rows
200m Run
30- DUs Single Unders

Attention to all my readers – has anyone seen my double unders?  I seemingly have lost them completely and it’s super frustrating.  Overall AMRAP was a good quick burner – due to all the running I did this summer – the 200m run was super easy.  I’ll leave you all with these pictures from my visit home!



Good Girl…

This is the best version of this song, and the video will just bring a smile to your face.

Speaking of, today was a rest day because I was told it was going to be a rest day.  Since I’ve gotten the go ahead to do more and more shoulder stuff, my arms, shoulders, and scapulae have been adjusting and in PT yesterday they were not too happy.  Craig (my PT) said that if it was an arm workout, I was not allowed to go to Craic and had to rest a bit.  Today’s workout was essentially all arms, so I was a good girl and stayed home.  And speaking of good girls, I had Izzie keep me company during my last session.

Keeping guard while I mobilize.   #goodgirl #izziethePTdog

Keeping guard while I mobilize. #goodgirl #izziethePTdog

I did go to yesterday’s workout and it was a kind of make your own workout.  John programmed it so that we knew what the movements were, but we chose the rep scheme.  It was a 20 minute AMRAP of 400m run, burpees, KB swings, and sit-ups.  I decided to go with 400m run (while I’m happy I can run in workouts, I still hate running – if that even makes sense), 3 burpees, 10 KB swings (Russian with 44#), and 10 sit-ups.  Goal was to create a scheme where we just kept moving.  The run took a lot out of me and I knew that I would likely have to rest after three burpees and John didn’t want resting during any of the movements.  I don’t remember how many rounds I got, but I did keep moving.  It was a great class because Susie Diesel actually showed up to the 6:30am class along with G. and Callahan.  We all never get to workout together.  They all left me in the dust but I love working out with them.  I had to get a picture with Susie because people wouldn’t have believed the fact she was in the 6:30am class otherwise.  We both look a bit sleepy 🙂

photo (7)

No Bread 5.0

Craic’s NO BREAD 5.0 challenge started Friday.  Since I was on vacation in Italy, I decided that I was going to start it today – as Italy isn’t really the proper place to start a challenge like that (nor is a transatlantic flight).



I’m participating in the Lean Out Division of the challenge.  I’ve not been consistent about my eating habits since the new year hit and have definitely packed on some unwanted weight.  Niko took my “Day 1” pictures this morning and it was humbling to stand in a sports bra and shorts to pose for them.  My body is not anywhere near where I want it to be, and the pictures were a stark reality of that.  It’s no one’s fault but my own and these next 50 days are about taking full responsibility of this, without excuses.  The “rules” overview of the lean out division:

The Leaning Out Division

AKA:I’m So Close I can Taste It:

 This is the intermediate group.  You can feel your six-pack just beneath some extra fat.  You know you are close.  You may have been through a NO BREAD challenge already.  Chances are you Know what you should and shouldn’t be eating you just need a solid 50 days of discipline to get the results you know you’re capable of.

ALLOWED FOODS: meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch

 NOT ALLOWED: Sugar, salad dressings, dairy, bread, ice cream, pasta, cookies, crackers etc…….And if you’re really looking to lean out, NO FRUIT.

Judging Criteria:  This group will be judged on body composition results with before and after photos.  There will also be a test/retest workout or workouts (TBA) that will not be FRAN this go round (though Fran may show up in the 50 days)  We expect the winner of this group will not only look and feel better but that this 50 day challenge will lead them to a special place where everything they touch turns to gold and PR’s and confidence and self esteem and all kinds of awesomeness.

Stay tuned.

13.1 at Craic

We did 13.1 today at Craic and while I didn’t workout, I went in to judge.  Definitely feeling A TON better – have most of my energy back and hoping to get at it in the gym tomorrow during open gym.  Not sure what I’m going to work on while I’m there, but need to get moving and stuff again.

Judged Jay, Ed, Judy, and Susie Diesel.  All of them did really, really, well.  It’s a beautiful day today and after everyone was done, most just lounged around in the sun. Not much to say other than I’m proud of my fellow Craic Heads and their performances today.

Crossfit Craic cats lounging in the sun

Crossfit Craic cats lounging in the sun

Where there is sun, people will follow...

Where there is sun, people will follow…

Happy Birthday Burpees!

Alarm went off.  I turned it off and rolled over. I spent the next five minutes having a conversation in my head about all the reasons why I could justify sleeping in vs. why I needed to get my ass out of bed and into Craic.  I ended up getting out of bed and going in.

When we got in, Jarrod told us that we were going to do 54 burpees for someone’s birthday as the warm-up.  FIFTY-FOUR.  We all looked at each other, thinking that he was joking, but then the clock counted down and burpees it was.  We continued to do our burpees, looking at each other in disbelief the entire way through – thinking that he was going to stop us after two minutes.  Or three minutes.  I was regretting getting out of bed.  40 burpees in, I realized that he wasn’t joking and we weren’t stopping until we were done with all 54 burpees.  I have no idea how long it took.  And that wasn’t even the workout.  After we were done, we asked who’s birthday it was…turns out no one was turning 54 today.  It was fake birthday day.  Fuck.

Workout, as Rx was:

20 kb swings
20 double unders
2min REST
row 100m
10 wallballs
rest 2 min

I modified it as follows:

20 kb swings (RUSSIAN) 35#
20 double single unders
2min REST
row 100m AB Mat Sit-Ups (Air Dyne is broken!)
10 wallballs (20# med ball cleans)
rest 2 min

Tough workout for me. First real MetCon that I’ve done since coming back.  I tried to row, but my wrist bothered me (hence the sit-ups) and when I did the throwing/catching motion in the air my left shoulder was tweaking a bit, so I thought better of doing those.  I had done all kinds of work on the med ball clean during the CFL1 Trainer seminar, so I thought I’d do that.  I will say that the CFL1 trainer seminar was really helpful in me learning the process and the “why” of modifying workouts.  I was able to plan out relatively easily how I would modify today’s workout – but still get the same intensity that the other people were getting.  The whole workout was painful.  Every aspect of it.  Glad that I got through it.  Focused on maintaining a steady pace throughout.  Tried to have as high intensity as possible.  Scores were (if I remember correctly):

A) 4+20 / 4+7

B) 3+7 / 3+2

I think that this is how my cats feel sometimes.
that's enough

Holiday Break and New Year’s Eve

Can’t believe that I haven’t posted since Christmas Eve!  I must have been really taking this vacation thing seriously.  While I’ve been a bit active on Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t really been spending a ton of time on the Internet.  Mostly it’s been catching up on TV, hanging out with friends, and just plain old being lazy!

Craic ordered a limited amount of Sherpa Hoodies which are AMAZINGLY perfect for winter and going to the gym.  I love mine and wear it all the time.  It’s my favorite purchase so far.  John put together a photo montage of some of my fellow Craic Heads doing something “festive” for the holidays. I’m in the middle pic, flying away with Super Snowman!

I didn’t workout every day over the break.  I worked out the day after Christmas.  We did another team workout (although we posted individual scores).  We had 6 people on our team, so four of us partnered and acted as “one person.” My team was Kayla Dizzle Davis (who was my other “person”), Susie Diesel, Lisa D (they combined to be “one person”), Cathy, and KarMa.  Great team composition.  Had a great workout.

Teams of 4
6 min amrap x 4 rest 3 minutes each round

partner 1 rows 200 m while
partner 2 completes amrap power snatch 75/65
partner 3 completes amrap pushups
partner 4 completes amrap deadhang pullups

The rower tags partner 2 and everyone rotates, score is total reps completed by the whole team

We ended up doing individual scores:  Mine came out to be 231.  I don’t remember the breakdown of how many of what I did in each round.  I did power cleans instead of snatches, bench push-ups (still working on legit ones), and ring rows.  The push-ups were hard, and I could really tell that I rely way too much on my right shoulder.  I need to start evening out the effort.

I skipped Thursday, and instead did a mobility day (read: 90 minute massage) with Nichole McCann.  She’s a Crossfitter who Johnny D told me about.  This massage isn’t for relaxation.  There is a lot of stretching and deep tissue.  She is doing some work on my shoulder and focusing on what I call, a case of the left.  Shoulder, hip, ankle…all left.  Ugh.  I’m going to be going to her regularly from now on to work on my shoulder and mobility.  She’s great, and I’d recommend her for anyone else that’s in the area and interested in doing this type of massage.  Also, she’s a Crossfitter – so she gets us crazy people.

Friday’s workout seemed like a team workout, but it’s because there were so many people in the class.  I have to give Glen credit for coaching these classes – it’s really an exercise in managing chaos.  I laned with Lisa D, Callahan, and Nikki.  The workout was:

3 rounds for time – 1min rest between rounds

1min Row for Cals
1min Power Clean 75/45
1min KBS 53/35
1min Box Jump

Three rounds didn’t seem so hard on paper, but this one killed me.  Since we had so many people, we had to start on different rotations.  I started on the box jump (of which I did step-ups) and ended with the kettle bell swings. Holy shit the cleans and the KBS got so heavy.  I thought that the KBS would be the easiest part because of the momentum, but not so much.  Ugh.  I started strong-ish for the first round at 80 reps.  Then it went downhill quickly after that.  Round 2 = 67, Round 3 = 63.  For a total of 210 overall.  

I was just plain lazy over the weekend as it related to working out, so I took Saturday and Sunday off.  (However, shoveling heavy, wet snow was a WOD in itself on Sunday!)

Went back into Craic to get my last workout of 2013 this morning in.  This was a woulda, coulda, shoulda workout:

Power cleans

Instead of thrusters, I opted to do front squats.  Even modifying to front squats, I was still worried about my knee, which is still bothering me.  Blech.  After conferring with Glen and expressing my concern, he suggested that I do 15-12-9 front squats to give my knee a break.  I thought that this was a great plan.  I had to break up everything in the workout, but I think if I had thought it out more, I would have (1) gone up heavier in weight and (2) done 21-15-9 of the front squats.  I did 75# and the rep scheme I just described and ended up finishing in 7:49.  A little too fast, definitely would have, could have, and should have gone heavier and done the full rep scheme.  Still, I got a great workout in and hopefully my knee is on the mend.

Over the break, my eating went to shit.  The good news is that it didn’t go to total shit – just some treats a little too often.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new year and time for me to get back at it.  Glen gave a little talk before today’s class (there were SO MANY PEOPLE THERE) and said that there are a lot of people who are making New Year’s Resolutions right now…and likely they won’t go for more than a month in keeping them.  But Craic-heads, he said, are different.  We set goals and achieve them.  And that’s what I’m going to do this year.  This isn’t a resolution, per se…but more like a framework for what 2013 and beyond is going to be.

Here are some pics from the holiday break for your viewing pleasure! Happy New Year everyone!

Hobo and Santa keep watch over the neighborhood

Hobo and Santa keep watch over the neighborhood

Hobo helping me with mobility.  Where does the cat end and my leg begin?

Hobo helping me with mobility. Where does the cat end and my leg begin?

White Christmas on Sabbathday Lake in Maine

White Christmas on Sabbathday Lake in Maine

My niece and great-nephew Owen opening presents on Christmas

My niece and great-nephew Owen opening presents on Christmas

Leif Dizzle Davis got a vacuum for Christmas.  He's so happy :)

Leif Dizzle Davis got a vacuum for Christmas. He’s so happy 🙂

Snow cat I made in our front yard (which has since been buried by other snow!)

Snow cat I made in our front yard (which has since been buried by other snow!)

Project Closet.  Purged for the new year!

Project Closet. Purged for the new year!

Rudolph! (As seen at our neighbors across the street)

Rudolph! (As seen at our neighbors across the street)

Some Cards Against Humanity was played over the break.  This was my favorite combo and was put together by a wife and picked by her husband.

Some Cards Against Humanity was played over the break. This was my favorite combo and was put together by a wife and picked by her husband.

DT = Deceivingly Tough!

Had no idea what I was getting myself into this morning. Saw the WOD last night and was excited because it was a lifting WOD. What I didn’t know is that the WOD is actually a Hero WOD and it kicked my ass.

I thought I’d go on the “lighter” side because I’m still easing back into shoulder to overhead. After talking with Jarrod, I decided to go with 75#. With any barbell complex, if you drop the weight, you have to pick it up again and do the progressive lifts to get to the last one. So the WOD (called DT) was as follows:

5 rounds for time with same weight

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 push jerks

So, if you dropped the weight after your 12 deadlifts, you’d end up having to do a 13th deadlift to start your hang cleans.  If you dropped your hang cleans, you’d end up doing 10 cleans instead.  It was rough.  The hang power cleans were the worst part.  I broke up my deadlifts because I knew going into the hang cleans, I’d need a little extra energy to get the first few reps out.  I ended up doing the first set unbroken and then it fell apart after that.  We had a 15 minute time cap and I was really concerned with finishing at that time cap.  Screw my bad shoulder, even if my shoulder was the picture of health, I still would have struggled at anything higher than 75#.  The second set, I think I broke it up in (6,6) (4,3,2) (6) and then it got all jarbled from there.  Final time was 11:38.

The push jerk felt good, didn’t bother my shoulder (just got a bit heavy).  I like doing jerks.  (Take that comment as you will)

Headed up to Maine to spend Christmas with the family and hoping to get a WOD in with Crossfit Lewiston.  Wicked stoked that there’s a box that’s open near-ish to where my family lives 🙂



Friday and Monday with a Holiday Party in Between

Wasn’t in the right head space to post on Friday after the Sandy Hook tragedy so I took the weekend off from posting. But reading this post on BuzzFeed made me feel a little better about the world.

Onto posting about the workouts.  Friday’s workout was:

5 rounds for reps with three minutes between rounds:

30 secs touch and go power cleans

30 secs burpee box jumps

I partnered with my friend Lauren.  She and I joke that combined, we are the perfect Crossfitter.  You can tell from Friday’s workout that that was exactly the case.  She’s is amazing at metcon and gymnastics and I lean towards to strength and sprinting workouts.  My scores broke down as follows:

Cleans / Burpee Step-Ups (ankle)

  1. 16/5
  2. 16/6
  3. 15/5
  4. 14/5
  5. 13/5

Total: 100

Lauren’s Score

  1. 17/6
  2. 14/7
  3. 13/6
  4. 13/6
  5. 13/6

Total: 101

We compliment each other well.  As you can see, I did a wee bit better on the cleans and she kicked ass on the burpees and we ended up getting close to the same exact score!  This one got hard for me at the end because my grip and forearms were toast – really wanted to get 20 each round, but that wasn’t in the cards that day.  I got to wear my new socks at Friday’s workout.  They made me happy 🙂

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Today was a leg strength and pull-up workout.  I finally tried to do a workout that included multiple reps overhead!  The workout was:

A) 5 rounds -3min rest in between
5 Thrusters
rest 10s
20 walking lunges with DB’s

B)100 pullups for time

Worked out with my gal Kendyl again.  Point was to go up each round for both the thrusters and the walking lunges.  For the thrusters, I started out fairly light for me 45# and then went up in increments of 10#. I was just excited to do some overhead reps again! For the walking lunges, I’m still working on my core stability and my grip sucks on the dumbells, so I ended up failing halfway through my 4th round, but rebounded for the 5th round.  I also didn’t realize that the lunges were supposed to also go up in weight, so I started fairly heavy for my first round.  I ended up doing part A of the work out kind of wrong, but here’s what I ended up doing:

Thrusters / Lunges

  1. 45# / 26#
  2. 55# / 26#
  3. 65# / 35#
  4. 75# / 35# (tried 44# and 40# and failed with both)
  5. 85# / 44#

100 ring rows for time.  I think my time was 6:38.  I broke it up by doing 15 reps, then 10 reps, then the last 75 reps were broken into sets of 5.

The Craic Holiday party was this weekend at Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s house.  Great time all around – can’t believe how big Craic is.  The party was huge and a good time all around.

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!
Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy!  Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy! Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best.  (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best. (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)

Some New Craic – Testing Day 1

Took a rest day yesterday.  After the tabata and then sitting in a car for 7+ hours…my body was a mess.  Mostly lounged around the house after going to breakfast and catching a screening of Lincoln in the early afternoon.  I also knew that I’d be working out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week because it’s another testing week at Craic and I needed to get my tests / workouts in before I left for a business trip to Las Vegas.  So why more tests?  Craic is changing the way that they approach training.  This came after a trip John and Glen took to AZ for OPT Training.  Here’s Glen’s recent post on the new philosophy of training.  We’re going to spend three days testing this week and for each movement, it will put us into a group of which we will stay in while we train.  For some of the movements, we might be in BEG, for others, INT and for some Rx and that will be our swim lane (per movement) for the next two months.

I worked out with Kendyl and Lauren today.  Lauren and I were joking that if we morphed into one person, we would be the ultimate Crossfitter 🙂  She’s amazing at gymnastics and running and I’m pretty decent at strength and rowing.  Ha!  Today’s test was 1RM backsquat and max pull-ups (or scaled version).  The thresholds for what group you’re in were as follows:


RX= 1.5x Bodyweight or more
INT= 1-1.5x Bodyweight
BEG= Bodyweight or less


Men / Women 
RX=  7+
INT= 3-6
BEG = 0-2

Going in, I knew I’m be at BEG for the pull-ups, but surprisingly, until today, I’ve never tested my backsquat 1RM.  For the pull-ups we had the option of doing 3-second negatives or ring pulls.  Pull-ups make me nervous with my shoulder issue, so I talked to Jarrod about doing ring-pulls correctly.  I’ve been doing them a lot lately, but I knew I wasn’t doing them correctly, as they weren’t as challenging as I knew that they could be.  This time, Jarrod had me stand with my feet directly beneath the rings and it was definitely more challenging.  I squeaked out 11 ring pulls.  Officially in the BEG group.  By the way, Lauren got 11 strict pull-ups!

Working with Lauren and Kendyl was great on the backsquat.  Kendyl totally underestimated her own strength and was like “I think I’ll try for 105 today.”  She and Lauren both ended up getting 130#!  I checked what I did historically and did a 5×5 at 125# in September and prior to that, 5×3 at 145# in August.  Other than that, I never tested it.  I knew that likely I could do 165#, as that’s my front squat.  I did the following rep scheme: 75# x 2, 95# x 3 (warm up) and then 125#, 145#, 165#, 175#, 185#, and then I decided to try for 195#.  I rebounded off the bottom no problem, but when I got the middle of the lift my body just stopped.  It (as Jarrod also pointed out) was a very weird place for me to pause in the middle of my lift.  He thought I was going to fail, but somehow after the pause, I stood right up!  I’m really happy with 195#.  It put me in the INT group for that movement.  Can’t wait to get 200# at the end of this training regime!

Today also marked my half-year point of check-ins at Craic.  I’m still the mayor 🙂 I’ve been going to Craic for 8 months, but didn’t start doing the Foursquare thing until today.

Friday Night Fran and Barbells for Boobs

Last night we did Friday Night Fran at Craic.  Love the energy that Craic heads bring to internal events.  It was a such a great time.  I ended up counting / judging for a couple of my pals: Elizabeth, Garcia, Jason, and Brett.  They all fucking KILLED Fran.  It was such a great night.  Not a ton to say, just lots of fun and lots of people getting after it. “Judging” at these internal events are awesome because unlike Garage Games or competitions, you can actually cheer and coach along the athlete that you’re judging.

Here I am yelling at Garcia to keep moving!

Here’s me, Elizabeth, and Brett (notice I’m wearing my awesome kitty hat!) By the way, this was taken post-workout and they both look perfect.

I went home fairly early after Friday Night Fran and got a good night’s sleep before Barbell for Boobs the next morning.  After conferring with some of the coaches at Craic, I decided that I was going to go with a light weight and do the clean and jerks.  I really wanted to do the clean and jerks and felt like just doing squat cleans would suck.  So I decided to go with 65#, which is the weight that I practiced with last weekend during open gym.  I knew I was going to go fairly fast through this workout (Grace).  I started the workout and did 10 unbroken.  Dropped the bar, took two big breaths, and banged out 10 more.  Then I did the last 10 broken into two sets of 5.  The last five, I really wanted to break them up, but I was reminded that this was more than just another workout.  It was to help people, who otherwise can’t afford it, to get affordable screening and preventive care for breast cancer.  I thought about how hard it is for people struggling with breast cancer (or any type of cancer) every day.  Surely I can suffer through three more reps if they are fighting nobly for their lives every day.  My suffering (if you can even call it that) was no where close to what they went through.  So I did it.  I banged the last five out and essentially flew through the workout at 2:33.  Not only was the cause inspiring, it was also inspiring to watch my fellow Craic heads also fighting through pain and exhaustion to finish the workout as well.  Some people conquered fears of putting thirty reps over their heads, some conquered just getting through the workout at a steady pace, some people proved that they could do things that they didn’t think that they could do.  Can’t wait to be all rehabbed up and do this next year Rx.

Here’s me, mid-pull:

At the top of my jerk

Winner for best outfit of the day, Reggie D

My fave picture of the morning: Gienah and Jacob – Love these two!