This weekend was a total a-hole. Okay, not a total one, but Sunday definitely was.  Not going to go into details quite yet, but my cat, Feynman, has a rough road ahead of him.  He’s been with Niko and I since the beginning.  So any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated. I spent most of yesterday crying.

Feynman, the man!

Feynman, the man!

Then, in Jarrod’s words, I was kind of an a**hole to myself testing out my front squat today.  But I am okay with it, and quite frankly didn’t have the mental capacity to not be an a**hole to myself during the lift.  Lift scenario was 5-3-3-1-1-1.  I wanted to test out where I was.  I did 115-125-145-155-165f – I didn’t even re-attempt 165 again.  I should have gotten 165, but let’s be real – while I took 1.5 months off from Crossfit COMPLETELY, I took another 1.5 months off from serious training.  So I’m okay with 155# as my bar.  It’s 30# off my PR and definitely a goal to strive for.

That’s all for today.  Remember to send food vibes to my main gato, Feynman.



Today was my first day back at Craic in about 1.5 months.  Seems like forever, and I definitely had some jitters walking through the doors for the workout.  The workout, as written was get to your 1RM backsquat, using some German method of some sort to get there.

John was coaching, and since me 1RM’ing today would likely frustrate me, he told me to do 6×10 front squats (shoulder won’t let me get into back squat position).  Was awesome to be back in the 6:30am class. Will definitely be targeting the morning classes now, as night time is too crazy and something always comes up.  Worked out with Sheila, who was cracking me up because she was like “I can’t do probably more than 100#” for her back squat.  She ended up maxing out today at 155.  So awesome and so happy for her.

Squatting is my favorite movement for Crossfit, so it was a great way to start back up.  No media for this one.  Just shout outs to Sheila for her 1RM and Sara McEvoy for hitting her three-year long goal of 220# BS.  It was awesome to watch.





Went to the Crash B Indoor Rowing Championships this weekend, there were 8 ladies from Craic competing – Barb, Kerstin, Denise, Beth, Chanel, Carleen, Nicole, Jackie, and Kelly.  Was awesome to see.  Everyone did great.  I got to coxswain for Denise and Chanel in their heats and it was a ton of fun.  We worked out strategy and approach beforehand and I was half-cheerleader, half-coaching.  They both PR’d their times (almost all the ladies did) – great to see their hard work pay off.  And kudos to them for putting themselves out there and competing like bosses.

Dude was 96 years old and finished in less than 12 minutes #whatsyourexcuse

Dude was 96 years old and finished in less than 12 minutes #whatsyourexcuse

Ladies of Craic!

Ladies of Craic!

Chanel, me, Kerstin, Denise

Chanel, me, Kerstin, Denise

Was going to go to yoga with G. tonight, but she ended up working late and couldn’t make it.  I’m a big bebe and didn’t want to go by myself, so I went into the gym to get a workout in.


Pull up Strength Work
4x (3-5 reps) hardest variation possible (I did parallel ring rows – think I might try with my feet on a box / bench next time)
10 Back Squats Front Squats (increasing)
350m Row Airdyne @90%
rest 2-3mins

I did the strength work and then went into the workout.  Wasn’t sure what to do with weight, as hip is feeling kind of tight.  Did some mobility to warm up and that helped a bit.  I did 75, 80, 85, 90, 105 and did between 1:20 and 1:30 on the airdyne.  This was a sneaky workout.  Crept up on you after you were done with the round.  About 10 seconds after each round was over, you felt wrecked.  I took about 4 minutes rest in between.  Probably could have gone heavier with the front squats, but it’s easy to say looking back.  Have to go and get a workout in tomorrow morning.

Monday Mess

I was doing pass throughs to warm up my shoulder and Jarrod told me to look in the mirror while I did them (yo, stop freaking out peeps, it was the Craic bathroom mirror – there are no mirrors in our gym!) And my right shoulder wasn’t activating at all. It was like a dead shoulder.  It was also two inches lower than my other shoulder.  No back squat position for me today.  Back to the regular Monday scheduling.  Front squats (for me) and ring rows.  Nice to be back in the 630AM class with Dizzle and the crew.  Got to workout with one of my night-class pals, Michelle.

At one point, Jarrod said “You’re a mess” as my shoulder differential is pretty noticeable and I protect it in just about anything I’m doing.  “I’m doing the best I can.” was all I could say.  And he said “That’s all you can do.”  #coolstorybro

Plan was to go to 165 today, but I think I was a little over eager to go at that weight.  I got to 145 in the 2nd round and felt a small tweak on my right side.  I decided to knock down weight to 125 for the next round and do more reps (8 vs 6). Did ring rows and bicep curls, negative on the way down with 10#.

Was a sloppy workout for me.  Head wasn’t in it today.  My shoulder seems to have gotten a ton worse and I don’t know why.

Since this was a Debby Downer of an update, I leave you with this awesome before/after/progress shot of Callahan.  I mean, seriously.  AB-licious. #hardwork





To Failure!

Drove back from Philly yesterday and then Niko and I went to the 7:30 class.  Pistol Pete was coaching.  Workout was very similar to last Monday’s.  Something tells me that we’re on a strength program for legs and pull-ups. 🙂

A) Back Squats Front Squats
Int:5x (4-6)

B) Pullups 5×10
*RingRows w/ Bicep Curls

Shoulder still isn’t allowing me to go into the back squat position, so I did front squats instead.  Since it was less reps than Monday, I scaled up a bit more weight.  I went 95, 115, 125, 145, 165 x 3.  145 seemed pretty easy, so I decided to do a 20# jump and go to 165.  Failed on my 4th rep.  Actually went to failure and I think that’s a good thing.  Ring rows were pretty straight forward and I did a light weight for the bicep curls.  Pete told me that since I was doing a light weight (due to shoulder stuff) that I should do tempo bicep curls ~3 secs up and ~3 secs down. Made them so much harder, but really felt like i was actually getting a workout in on my biceps.

Worked out next to Joe and Johnny D. and I borrowed space on JD’s board to record my weights.

Can you guess which ones are mine?  JD is an animal.

Can you guess which ones are mine? JD is an animal.

Post workout, I managed to get JD to do some practice rope swings (scaled, of course).  He was tired from the back squats.

Oh, and another sign Niko is getting stronger?  I get this IM from him while I’m at work today:

niko: I think I need to jeans shop before my SD trip.. my legs are getting too big for this one pair 🙂




Me and Mr. Hobo.  Cutest Black Cat NA

Me and Mr. Hobo. Cutest Black Cat NA

Went to Craic tonight with Niko.  Taking advantage of not having a crazy schedule at night right now and going to the night time classes. The great Pistol Pete was coaching and it was a good crowd.

Today’s Workout:

A) Back Squats Front Squats
Int:5x (8-10)

B) Pullups
*RingRows w/ Bicep Curls

Shoulder did not want anything to do with holding the bar in the back squat position so I did front squats instead.  75, 105, 115, 125, 135.  Partnered with Wessmann.  Never get to partner with her – she’s a ton of fun.  135 got really tough, but I got the 10 reps.  Reps 7-10 were a mental game.  Happy to get 10 reps at 135 on my front squat.

Was not allowed (per PT) to do partner assisted pull-ups (or do any hanging from the bar) so I did ring rows.  Really just focused on keeping my shoulders down and back.  Did really light and fast bicep curls.

Creepy 8 fingered people hanging out at Craic

Creepy 8 fingered people hanging out at Craic

Everyday Was Leg Day

Did more of the testing for Jarrod today – but since the whole class was doing a front squat workout – Jarrod suggested that I just work into that class.  So, today the test was 1RM front squat.  My previous PR was 165# – but in the last year – I just did 3 x 1 1/4 squats at 165#, so I was hopeful.  Back then, every day was leg day – as my shoulder issues prevented me from doing much else.  It definitely paid off because i had a 20# PR today.  I went for 195# but failed twice.  Here’s a video of me at 165, then 175, and finally 185.  165 went really quickly, as did 175 – so I was hopeful for 185.  Took a bit of grit, but I got it.  195 just wasn’t happening – but just something else for me to shoot for!

On a side note, I noticed my bra fits me weird in the back.  BLARGH.

No Cleaning

reasonIn a turn of events, I can’t do cleans for a bit.  My favorite and go-to lift.  But I can do shoulder to overhead (albeit at a light weight – no more than 45 pounds)!  It’s time to let my bicep become less inflamed and the dynamic movement of cleans is a no-no and I have to rest it for at least a week.  But I can do light weight shoulder to overhead which is kind of cool.  So my restrictions flip flopped so to speak.  Workout was:

A1. 5 TnG Power Cleans
A2. 5 Push Press
Build to a max for the above complex

B. 15min AMRAP
Run 400m
10 Deadlifts – you pick the weight
10 Pushups

I subbed 10 from the rack front squats and did 5 45# push presses (instead of cleans and building to a max).  At first, I was just doing 10 45# FS, but the last two sets I went up to 65, then 75.  Push press felt good, nice to start working those movements again.

Then it was the AMRAP.  I told myself that I was only going to do 200m run because I was afraid of my ankles hurting.  But once I started running, I just thought “Just keep running the entire 400 and see how it goes.”  I kept a good pace and even though I knew I’d be the slowest one, I was just happy to be running again.  I ended up being able to do 3+run+9 and ran 400m each time.

Tomorrow night, I’m headed out to see the Acro-Cats.  It’s a cat circus.  I’m not kidding.


Live from Craic

Good morning!  Blogging here live from Craic 🙂  I had to bring my computer in so that Jarrod could download something for the rowing machines.  (It uses a PC only)  Here’s my view right now:


I decided to do today’s blog as I wait for him to finish up with a client.  I think his client is like 10 years old and his jerk is 10x better than mine.

Today’s private session with Jarrod was a tough one – focused on some mobility, but mostly strength.

First part of workout was:

  • 4 rounds of 4 x one and a quarter front squats, increasing weight
  • 10x  one step ring rows between sets

It was a new movement for me.  You’re in the front squat position, dip down to the bottom, essentially “bounce” to just at parallel, go back down, and then straight up to complete the front squat.  I started at 95# and got a feel for the movement.  Definitely took a ton of core stability, keeping a straight back, and keeping your chest up.  Moved to 115# for the first set of the workout.  This just got exponentially harder!  Got through and did my ring rows.  Jumped to 135# (Jarrod was dictating weight, I wasn’t).  Last rep was excruciating, and I was a little light headed at the top.  Jarrod told me that if I needed to gather myself and pause for a moment up to if I needed to between reps.  For the third round I went with 145# , I paused way too long and almost failed the third rep and failed the fourth rep.  But it was a legit failure where I pushed as hard as I could.  Did the same weight for the 4th round and took a minimal rest and busted through the first two reps and kind of the 3rd rep.  4th rep failed again, just could keep my mid-line stability.  Great workout and legs were toast.


For those of you that don’t know what this is, here is a video of Coach B explaining the how and why of the 1 and 1/4 squat:

After we did some core work with 12 hip extensions on the GHD and 30 seconds of ring planks.  The ring planks SUCKED.  Jarrod was “counting” the 30 seconds … and I KNOW I did more than 30 seconds.  But I definitely I need to work on my core muscles.  We did two rounds of that.  I hate the rings.  Here’s my set-up.

photo (1)

Great workout this morning with Jarrod.  Great to be back at it.

Back squats, front squats…every where you squat squat!

Straight forward workout today. Lots of…you guessed it… squats!

7×7 backsquats – about 75% – 80% of your 1RM weight.  I did 145#.  It was nice to not have to pause at the bottom of the squats like last week.  Worked with Kendyl and Leila today.  Love them. I need to work on keeping my knees out when I come up from the back squat.  

The second half of the workout was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 front squats and for me, ring pulls.  I did 75# for the front squats.  Was able to do entire set unbroken.  Just focused on maintaining a steady, quick pace throughout the entire ladder.  Worked on not using my legs to propel me upward on the ring rows.  Am definitely feeling it in my back muscles and shoulders.  Final time was 7:08.