Frustrating Start to the Day

Went to workout this morning and it was 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1 at increasing weight, hang power cleans.  The one lift I can do.  Sort of.  When I was working up to a heavy clean a couple of weeks ago with Jarrod, as it got heavier, I had some problems with my shoulder putting down the weight and even going up into the rack position.  Jarrod remembered this and told me to take it easy today, even though I really wanted to go heavier.  In the warm-up, I felt the shoulder acting up, but then I tried a few more reps and I was fine.  It only hurt when I put down the weight back to the hang position under control.  Jarrod suggested that for this workout, I just drop the weight between reps and it felt pretty good…until I got to about 100# and I felt a pinch in my shoulder.  Time to stop upping the weight.  I dropped back down to 95 and just worked on form.  A little frustrating, as with these shoulder issues, the clean was the one lift I could do.  I guess I can still do it, I just can’t work to a heavy weight.

Then we did a little AMRAP 7.  As written, it was 15 double unders, 10 kettle bell swings, 5 handstand push-ups.  Since I did the KB swings yesterday, I modified the workout as follows: 30 single-unders at a steady pace, 10 bicep curls @25#, 5 goblet squats @53#.  Final score was 4+26.

Then I went to the doctors.  It’s my Endocrinologist, who’s tasked with managing my diabetes stuff. Good news is that my A1C is down!  Bad news is, and the most frustrating news, is that I’ve actually gained weight.  I am so confused by this and extremely frustrated.  I want to cry when I saw the scale.  When I talked to the doctor about it, she said that it’s likely because of the change in medication that I did right before the challenge started.  We’re trying to find the right mix of medication because I had some weird sugar issues (she calls is paradoxical sugar rises) – meaning that when normal people workout, their blood sugar levels drop.  However, when I workout, mine actually rise.  Fun, fun, fun.  Today, we did another adjustment / change to my prescription regimen.    We’ll see how this all works out these next couple of weeks.  So, there it is.  Niko swears that I’ve slimmed down visibly, so maybe I have just been putting on muscle weight at the same rate I’m losing fat weight.  Just having a hard time seeing through the fog this morning.  WOMP WOMP.







Rest Day, a Little Frustration

So, with the exception of a little mayonaise in my diet, I’m going strict No Bread for this challenge.  I haven’t lost any weight (or my scale is broken), and like I said yesterday, I definitely have weight to lose.  I’m not at a place where gaining weight is healthy because I’m losing fat and gaining muscle.  I’m pretty frustrated right now, and I think I need to have my husband hide my scale from me so I don’t obsessively weigh myself every day and hopefully start seeing results with my own eyes or something for the next 40 days.

Today was a rest day for me.  I’ve worked out every day since Friday, so that was 4 days working out in a row.

Last night, I went to a Paleo Dinner at The Biltmore Bar & Grill in nearby Newton.  It was sponsored by Crossfit City Line and the chef at the Biltmore is a member there (Johnny Burke).  It was a five course paleo meal and it was AMAZING.  I went with fellow Craic ladies, Susie Diesel and K-Luv.  Here’s what we ate (pardon the crappy iPhone quality):

Paleo version of the "bread basket" - only this was homemade grassfed beef jerky, dried apricots, roasted walnuts, and pistachios

Paleo version of the “bread basket” – only this was homemade grassfed beef jerky, dried apricots, roasted walnuts, and pistachios

Duck and Pistachio Sausage with Black Mission Fig Reduction, Mustards

Duck and Pistachio Sausage with Black Mission Fig Reduction, Mustards

Pan Roasted Cod with 3 PEI Mussels, Fellel and Piquillo Pepper

Pan Roasted Cod with 3 PEI Mussels, Fellel and Piquillo Pepper

Misty Knoll Chicken on top of a cold Broccoli Rabe, Golden Raisins, Walnut and Kefir Pesto

Misty Knoll Chicken on top of a cold Broccoli Rabe, Golden Raisins, Walnut and Kefir Pesto

House-made Almond Joy (OH COMMA MY GOD, this was amazing)

House-made Almond Joy (OH COMMA MY GOD, this was amazing)


There was also a Local Greens Salad with Mesclun, Pepitas, and Miso – but it wasn’t really interesting to photograph.  It was still absolutely delicious.  Johnny Burke (the chef) told us that he was going to try to do the Paleo Dinners monthly.  I am so excited.  It was really an amazing meal and filled with good company.  If you live in the Boston area, I highly suggest you get your booty to one of his Paleo dinners.  It’s totally worth the money spent and the Almond Joy at the end…amaze-balls.





Front squats and frustration

Today’s WoD on the board was 5×5 deadlifts and in between each set, max handstand pushups.

I didn’t feel comfortable doing deadlifts today right before I was going to get on a flight.  I’m still not doing the best form and usually after doing deadlifts my lower back and hamstrings usually end up hurting (from soreness, not from tweaking them).  This was something that I wanted to avoid before I leave for a cross country flight to Los Angeles on Thursday (where I will be working out with Crossfit LA Friday and Saturday morning!)  In addition, my wrist hasn’t been feeling all that great, so I decided to work on my kipping pull-ups with a band max effort.  So instead, I did the front squats 5×5.

I was tired this morning and did bad barbell bumper judgment and picked up the 25# bumpers instead of the 15# ones and put them on the bar for my “warm-up.”  Oops.  95# was a bit heavy.  I grabbed the 15# when I realized my mistake and did a warm-up set at 75#.  Jarrod came over, asked me what my 1RM was (145#), and said for the workout I should be doing 115#.  The goal was to be able to do all five in the set, but by the time you got to 4 or 5, it would be a struggle to get up. He had it spot on and 115# did exactly as it was supposed to.  I need to focus on a better rack position and also leaning back on my heels.

My kipping pull-ups on the band were a whole other story.  It all started when we did Friday Night Fran at the end of No Bread 3.  My friend Susie noticed that I was doing all dead-hang pull-ups instead of kipping and working the band.  It makes things infinitely more difficult.  Fran is coming up again as we move into No Bread 4 and I didn’t want to do dead-hang pull-ups again.  In addition, I DO NOT want to use the black band.  I worked hard to get away from it.  Currently, I can do 5 pull-ups unbroken dead-hang pull-ups on the green band.  I was feeling good after doing some of the gymnastics / kipping work with Jarrod these last few weeks.  But kipping with the band is an entirely different animal.  I couldn’t get into a rhythm and could only do 5-6 at a time. It was really frustrating because *technically* I should be able to do more kipping than dead hang.  I got frustrated every time I came off the bar.  Not sure what to say here other than I need to do more work / practice.   

Blah blah blah.

Testing, Day 3 – Snatches

**This post will have some profanity in it.  I’m just saying.**

This has been a frustrating week so far.  It started on Sunday when I did my 1RM with Jarrod for my snatch.  Stuck at 90#.  Couldn’t get to 92.5#.  Then on Monday, I couldn’t get past 145# for my front squat.  Yesterday, had to drop 10# for Diane.  And today, it’s back to 1RM snatches.  I had a bad attitude about today as soon as I walked in the door.  I’ll own that.

So, as mentioned above, today’s test was 1RM Snatch. I worked out with Elizabeth.  She’s a lot stronger than she thinks she is.  Once she has form down, she’s going to crush it!  I did the following rep scheme:

  • 45# x 5
  • 65# x 5
  • 75# x 3
  • 85# x 1

And then I thought I was going for my 1RM at 90# and tried three times and failed miserably.  I was PISSED OFF.  Like, really fucking pissed.  Every time I dropped the bar, I had a mini-tantrum and dropped the f-bomb.  I had to walk outside to cool off, but I couldn’t walk that far because it had rained, I had my weightlifting shoes on…so I could only walk to the mat at the door. So much for a dramatic exit!

Tried again, didn’t drop, couldn’t get it up.  Not even close. I just got 90# on Sunday and the 85# I just did seemed easy.  I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even deal. Was this past Sunday at 90# just a fluke?  What the fuck is wrong with me? I must have been way too aggro because Jarrod had to come over and basically tell me to calm the fuck down.  (He did it in a very nice supportive way, but I did really need to calm down.)  After taking some breaths,  I looked at the barbell and realized that I had been trying to lift 95#.  SHIT!  That’s why it was so hard.  That’s 5# over my PR.  Crappy barbell math on my part.

I didn’t even try for 90#.  I waited a couple of minutes and went for 95# again.  Fail fail fail.  I need to get under the damn bar.  I know that my body can do it, I just seem to have a psychological blockage that’s preventing me from getting under the bar.  I know I can lift it to the height I need to, now it’s just gymnastics.  I’m very fortunate to have Jarrod as my morning coach and my private coach because he can see the shit I’m failing on during the week and cater it to our private sessions.

Right now I’m stuck, but I need to work on my skills and just get better, stronger, faster every day.

Handstand Push-Ups and Shoulder Press

Today’s WoD

EMOM 10 minutes – Handstand Push Up Progressions


5×5 Shoulder Press (20 min time cap)

I can do a handstand no problem.  I need to work on negatives.  I really fracking wanted my kipping handstand push up today, but I barely budged.  As Coach Pete tells me all the time…I need to accept where I am and move on.  But damn it.  I want to be good at something other than lifting.  It’s really frustrating.  Also, resting on my head before the kipping gave me a headache.  Argh.  Just irritated about the HSPU, which means I need to work on them.

I did 55# for the shoulder press.  It was really difficult to not lift my feet or use any part of my body for momentum.  Especially after working on the explosive lift part on Sunday.  But I did it.  It was the perfect weight.  By the time I got the the fifth rep on each set, I was toast.  

So, not really super duper about today – but there has been progress made.