Friday Grace – Barbell for Boobs

Today was the day.  A big milestone for me.  Grace Rx for the first time ever, and after almost a year of shoulder injuries and rehabbed to a place where I could do it.  Highest weight I’ve done for this workout was 65# and that was last year.  Was very nervous going into it – but just went for it.  Was hoping for sub-7 minutes.  Wore a fancy outfit for the occasion.  Jarrod gave us a lot of final tips before we started, and also told me to remember to breathe.  On my practice reps, I was holding my breath from the ground pull until the overhead.  Breathe, get under the bar, use your hips.  30 reps.  Simple enough, right?

photo 2 (19)

Reppin’ pink for Barbell for Boobs. Taken post-workout. So happy!

The 5:30AM class was finishing up and there were a ton of people who were doing their first Rx Fran and a ton that PR’d their Grace workout.  Really inspiring to witness before my class time to see.  #crushingit

Jarrod asked me what the music should be and I had no idea.  Also, during the entire workout – I don’t actually know what was playing – so I guess it doesn’t matter. First five reps were frantic.  Once 3-2-1 go, I stopped thinking.  John had to come over and tell me to calm down a bit, breathe, and focus on every rep.  Kendyl counted / coached for me and reminded me to get under the bar on my jerks.  I had a REALLY messy shoulder to overhead where I pressed it up.  Just lost my head for a rep.  Did singles, broke it up into 6 sets of 5 singles.  Last 10 just tried to keep moving with a minimal breaks.  Final time was… 4:17!  Under 5 minutes.  I’m so excited.  There is a small chance that I did an extra rep, but Jarrod said all my other reps were crap – so it’s good I did an extra one for posterity. #coaching

Can’t wait to tackle Grace again now that I know how it feels.  Definitely need to work on my engine.  Next goal: sub-4!

Use those hips, clean and jerk

Not a super exciting post today.  Just a status update.

Went into the gym this morning for a one on one sesh with John McEvoy to work on my clean and jerks.  Need to use those hips more (as Jarrod reminds me all the time).

Did a bunch of drills, working on hip action and getting under the bar explosively.  Also worked on stringing together singles as I prepare for Grace and trying to put together a strategy.  John mapped out what the worst case scenario might be, which still has me finishing in under 7 minutes.  So I guess my goal is to finish sub-7, not sub-10 (which I think is the time cap).

Super helpful session.  John has a good eye for these things. You would think he’s like, a professional or something.  Have added most of the drills to my homework and will also work on them as I warm up for Grace on Friday.

Also, yesterday was National Cat Day.  I didn’t bring it up in my blog because #everydayiscatday

PS. Go Red Sox!






Monday T-4 Days until Grace

I got fat pinched today.  It was gross.  I didn’t like it.  But nice to have a baseline as to where I’m at.

Before I got pinched as assessed (Jarrod was doing some OPT assessments) I did today’s workout.

Clean + Jerk – work to a heavy single (20 min cap)

Clean + Jerk / Burpee Ladder- 7min
2 Clean + Jerks @ 95
2 Burpees
4 C&J
4 Burpees
6 C&J
6 Burpees

Really trying to focus on HIP CONTACT.  I have some nice bruises to show for it (although, they are a bit too low on my legs, which means I’m pulling too soon??)  Started light-ish 3 @ 45, 3 @ 65, 2 @ 95, 115f on clean (got really in my head before I did the lift), 115, 125, 130, 140f, 135 (PR by 5#!) – clean was really messy on the 140, so I kind of deserved to fail that rep – but I wanted to see if I could at least get 135 as that was a PR (time was running out).  First attempt, I got it.  I certainly didn’t use my hips enough on the clean – but I used them more than I usually do and it’s kind of amazing how fast the bar gets up on your shoulders when you use your hips.  The jerk was like a push press – but it was relatively easy to get the bar up above my head.  I “split push pressed” it – I think.  Definitely excited to work on form a bit more and see what happens.

photo (11)

Onto the clean and jerk burpee ladder.  I was paired with Kendyl. I counted for her and she for me.  She was all “Ugh, I’m hoping to just get past 6…she crushed it with 8+12.  She’s a great motivator.  Did no push-up burpees – as push-up burpees didn’t feel great on the shoulder.  Jarrod warned us that 2, 4, 6 were going to be easy – and once we hit 8 things might start to fall apart if we didn’t pace ourselves.  My goal was to just keep moving and if I had to take a break, no too long of one.  Ended up doing 8+8.  Gave me a bit of confidence, as that’s 28 C&J with burpees in between and it was under 7 minutes.  I just want to do under the time cap for Grace on Friday.  My legs really started getting tired more than anything on this workout (and my internal engine).





Grace During a Work in Progress

Last night they posted the workout.  GRACE.  That’s 30 clean and jerks for time.  Rx for women is 95#.  I REALLY wanted to do 95#.  I texted Jarrod to ask permission, but deep down, I knew that this was a bad idea given all my shoulder issues that I’ve touched on.

Me: Can I do RX or is that crazy town.

Jarrod: Depends on that shoulder

Me: Okay.  We can discuss tomorrow.  Also easing back in from being sick.

So, yea.  I think that the lesson we should all take from this is, if you have to ask “permission” you know that you probably shouldn’t be doing it.  I wasn’t asking for that extra push to go heavy because I was scared.  I was asking because I knew it was likely not the best decision and needed someone to talk me down.  Jarrod, knowing that this is my m.o. answered with that reply knowing I would likely come to the conclusion that I needed to – which was 95# was out of the question, given where I was with my shoulder issues.

When I walked in, I told Jarrod of the conclusion that I came to.  We talked about how I was going to scale the weight, and decided that I would go 75#, which is 10# heavier than November when we did Barbells for Boobs.   and we started warming up, I felt really good.  We did a barbell warm-up and 45# seemed like a feather.  I did a few reps at 65#, then 75# … The thought of going Rx started creeping in my head again.  I went up to Jarrod and he just looked at me and said “75# or lighter”.  Thank goodness Craic has coaches that aren’t all about going heavy.  They take time to get to know their athletes and know when to push them hard or pull them back when they get too ahead of themselves.  Jarrod’s two stipulations for me were “Can you do this weight in under 5 minutes?” and “Can you do this weight and guarantee me you won’t hurt your shoulder more.”  Anything than 75# was going to likely cause strain on my shoulders, and deep down I knew this.

I partnered with Angela and really pushed her to get around 5 minutes for her time.  She’s stronger than she thinks she is and did a great job!  I think she finished in about 5:17.  I don’t remember her weight.  But she busted her ass.  Then I did my heat.  I wasn’t sure what the rep scheme was that I was going to use.  I did the first 10 unbroken, then I did a set of four, then a set of three, then sets of two…and then singles.  Tried to take minimal breaks between reps when I dropped the bar.  I finished at 3:30 exactly.  I’m pretty happy with my time considering the small amount of time I’ve spent in the gym the last couple of weeks and my shoulder.  My shoulder felt great, and I had no issues.  Really happy that Jarrod kept me where I needed to be this morning.  As he said to me later “Grace isn’t going anywhere.  Won’t it be cool to do it Rx in October?”

I know that this funk is that I’m simply of being held back and every time I look at a WoD the night before or go into the gym, I’m reminded of all the things I can’t do.  And I need to stop focusing on that aspect of it all.  I need to continually remind myself that this situation isn’t permanent unless I choose for it to be and what I’m doing in the short term will dictate my life in the long term.  I just need to be patient and work on easing back into stuff.  It’s easier said than done, but hey – I’m a work in progress 🙂

Grumpy Cat meets Hello Kitty

Grumpy Cat meets Hello Kitty

Rest Day

I know rest days are necessary, but I hate them.  I feel all lazy and useless.  Oh, and today’s WoD was NOT Fran, it was actually Grace – which I would have loved to do (30 clean and jerks for time).

I emailed my friend Susie last night (who is also a Crossfitter) to walk me off the ledge.  She reminded me of the importance of rest and how her husband (also a Crossfitter, you can follow his blog here) makes her take rest days because he knows the importance of them.  

I guess it’s cherry picking in reverse.