Crazy Craic Fitter

Got the opportunity to take a trip home to see Niko and the kitties, so I wanted to try to get at least one Crossfit workout in at Craic.  It’s always fun to go to a workout with Niko as well.  Was a nice to get my sweat on at my gym, and especially nice because the workout was back squats.

Workout was fairly straight forward:

3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 (70% – 75% – 80% – 75% – 80% – 85%)

I got to take my first class with Coach Munch – and he’s a great coach.  I also worked out with Megan and started out doing the weights that she did, but wanted to bump it up a bit more (not a ton) for the last 3 – 2 – 1.  The most exciting part of the workout was that I was able to get into the back squat position for the first time in over a year.  It definitely stretched my shoulder a bit, but not in a bad way – just in a way where I know I need to work on my mobility. The most frustrating part of the workout was that I wanted to do more weight, but opted on being smart – so I talked to Coach Marc about what weight to work to.  He suggested that I do no more than 135#.  So I did the following rep scheme:

95# – 105# – 125# – 115# – 125# – 135#

Overall had no issues with the squats and was just happy to be back squatting again.  After the back squats, we all did an AMRAP:

10- Push Press 115/75 Ring Rows
200m Run
30- DUs Single Unders

Attention to all my readers – has anyone seen my double unders?  I seemingly have lost them completely and it’s super frustrating.  Overall AMRAP was a good quick burner – due to all the running I did this summer – the 200m run was super easy.  I’ll leave you all with these pictures from my visit home!



Sunday Funday

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Was planning on going to mobility class and then doing my pull-up homework that John gave me on Sunday early morning, but class got changed to 12:00PM and I had already made plans to go to brunch with a pal.  Was bummed until I checked Facebook around 3:30PM and Jarrod posted that he was going to open up the gym from 4-8 in case we wanted to come in and get our #swole on.  Immediately changed my clothes and headed in.

Did some shoulder mobility work after a quick warm-up on the air dyne.  Then did the homework.

  • 3 x M.E. blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives back down to full hang.  2 minutes rest between
  • 5 x 10 ring-rows – wide grip
  • 3 x 15 bicep curls

I was only able to do 2 blue band pull-ups per round.  But considering I couldn’t do any blue band (or green band) pull-ups when I started – I’ll take it.  The ring rows were good shoulder work.  Jarrod had to correct the positioning of the rings for me as I was originally doing them from a weird angle.  I used a barbell for the bicep curls and went too light.  Need to add more weight next time.

Then I did some clean skill work with Lisa D.  Nice to work with someone and check each other’s form.  We basically have the same issues (not using enough hips).  Jarrod gave us a bunch of pointers.  Some of which were overwhelming to process!  So many things to think about when working on form.  But he gave us a tip about our knee position which seemed to help me a bit.  Callahan also pointed out that I was bending my arms too early.  Definitely good to work on it and nice to get some feedback from the others in Open Gym.

Messed around a bit with OHS.  Just to see if I could do them without pain.  Channeled my inner PT Craig’s voice in my head and really was sure to make sure my scapulae were down and stable.  15# was great.  Went up to 35# and did three of them.  They felt fine.  Not as stable as I would have liked them to be, but it will take work to get there 🙂  As Jarrod says, I have plenty of time – I’m not quitting Crossfit anytime soon.

I think I’m getting sick.  Was chills / hot all last night (maybe it’s menopause!) and also have a sore throat.  So bummed because was looking forward to today’s workout and also some tri-cep work with Nicole M.  BOOOO.  Maybe I’ll rally and head in tonight – but not feeling great right now and hoping to make it through the day at work.



I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to get back to a consistent schedule.  To that end, I started going to the 6:30AM classes again this morning.  To ease Jarrod back into me attending his classes, I was sure to ask A TON of questions.  I might email him a couple of times per day this week just for old times sake.  I’m going to try to make it to only the 6:30AM classes during the work week moving forward.  The 7:30PM class was great, but the option to go hurt my workout schedule.  End of day classes are easy to find an excuse to miss.  So, in my head for now, the 7:30PM class is not an option unless I have an emergency in the morning (which I never do).

Today’s workout:

A. C+J – work to a challenging single – stop when form breaks down
B. 10 sets of 2 unbroken @ Grace Weight for time
C. Annie – 15min Cap
Double Unders

Told myself I wasn’t going to go over 95# today and kept with that.  Jarrod told me that I wasn’t dipping fast enough and was going to low on my jerk.  Once I made my adjustment, it’s amazing how easy the bar went over my head.  🙂 They felt good at 95#.  For the Grace weight, I limited myself to 65# because of the amount of reps.  Ended up going through this fairly quickly – 2:12. My shoulder is bugging me and the swinging movement for sit-ups wasn’t working for me.  So I modified, and per Jarrod’s suggestion did hanging leg raises.  I also modified the amount of double unders because of the amount that we were doing (and I’m not consistently quick at them).  So I just cut the amount of them in half and only counted completed reps.  First round…boom!  25 unbroken (a new PR).  Still slamming my feet into the ground and jumping high.  Need to work on that.  The leg raises SUCKED ASS.  But it was a good stretch for my shoulder.  My forearms were toast as were my legs, hips, and abs by the time all was done.  Final time was 11:30.

Went home and had my new protein shake concoction.  John wants me to get some protein in right after a workout.  So I created this.  Get my caffeine fix and recovering post workout.  Here’s the recipe:

  • 100mL of the cold brew coffee concentrate.
  • 200mL water.
  • 100mL of the Califia Double Expresso with almond milk.
  • One scoop of SFH PURE Vanilla.

photo 1 (17)

I wore a new cat t-shirt to Craic today.  Here it is (plus Hobo being a little creeper in the background).  I’m a hot mess (this is post-workout) in the pic, but I love the t-shirt.  Also, I’m wearing my fave pair of sweatpants because it was quite cold this morning!

photo 2 (17)

And finally, I love how my husband embraces my Crazy Cat Lady.  He’s the best!  He started a new job today – and this was his new view.  Congrats to Niko and his new job!

photo 3



Rest Day

My good-ish shoulder was bugging me yesterday after the workout and all throughout the day.  I’m not exactly sure why, as I didn’t do any shoulder heavy work yesterday.  Had PT this morning, so opted to take today as a rest day to try to get a bit better before I hop on a plane cross country tomorrow morning. My friend Susie referred me to Craig (the PT) and he is awesome.  I’ve posted a picture of his dog, Izzy, before on this blog which makes him even better.  Also, when I told him that I wish I had a stim machine to take with me on my trip…he gave me a portable one to borrow.  Made my morning!

Looking like a football player

Looking like a football player

Izzy working hard during PT

Izzy working hard during PT

Went home to get ready for work and was having a good hair day, so I thought I’d get a #selfie in…but Hobo had other plans.  He was being super cute.

Me and little Hobo.  I look super Asian in this pic.

Me and little Hobo. I look super Asian in this pic.

Rest Day

Last night, my little kitty Hobo had an asthma attack, so I had to deal with that.  I think it’s the winter months – after doing a cursory research on the internet – it seems that it gets worse in the winter – which makes sense as that’s when his asthma flared up after we first got him last year.  So I had to get him up and give him the inhaler and it left me zonked this morning.  I was also very sore from Wednesday and Thursday’s workout so it made sense for me to rest.

Here’s me and my handsome fella!  We’re twinsies!


After my long post yesterday, I forgot to post the actual results from yesterday’s WOD!  Oops.

A) Back squat with a 2 sec pause at the bottom: 1 down, 2 sec pause, explode up, 1 sec pause at top

8-10 reps x 5 sets, rest 3 min

B) 7 minute AMRAP

  • 7 pullups
  • 7 Air Squats

I did all 5 sets at 10 reps.  I moved up five pounds each set.  Did this at the following rep scheme: 105#, 110#, 115#, 120#, 125#.  The last three reps for each set was rough  My legs are a wee bit sore today.

The AMRAP was modified, I did ring pulls.  Need to work on not using my legs when my arms get tired.  Final score was 9+9.


I realize that I don’t post much about my cats, despite the name of this website.  So here’s a few pics of my kitties for your viewing pleasure.  See, I do have a life outside of Crossfit!  I’m going to try to post some more cat stuff on here too moving forward.

Hobo, 2 years old

Feynman, 12 years old

Lily, 5 years old