Oh hai! PAX East is over!

Long time since I posted.  Some because I haven’t been working out, but mostly because I’ve been crazy preparing for a big show for my company called PAX East.  Lots of media about PAX in this post so you can see what I do in my other life.   It was an awesome show and I hope that I did good by the Infinite Crisis team and all the hard work they put into making this game a success.  We had a huge tournament and I got to met all the Infinite Crisis pro players in person and they were so fun.   Niko also got to stop by and see the madness – was neat to have him finally see what I do at such a large scale.  See below for a timeline of events with corresponding pictures.

It all started with turning this:

photo 1 (19)

Into this:

photo 5 (3)


One of the players didn’t submit his player portrait in time, so I made the call to include a picture of my cat, Lily, as his profile picture.  This went live in front of thousands of fans online and at the venue!  Lily is famous!

photo 2 (21)

 Below is me with my alter ego, Catwoman, and a pro player from Team Dignitas, AndzQ.  Both are awesome.

photo 3 (14)

Me and my buddy, Will.  A/K/A Will the Intern.  He’s a Craic head who I got an internship for at Turbine.  He’s learning Infinite Crisis.

photo 4 (8)


My co-worker Russ as Starro and his two kids (Supergirl and Doomsday).  EPIC.



photo 1 (20)

Wrecks having a staring contest at the end of the day.  No one can beat him. #getfrisky #championship belt

photo 2 (22)

Me and my boy, Erik.  Love this guy.  It was his 30th birthday and he spent it working in the Infinite Crisis booth.  

photo 3 (15)

Johnny D and Susie Diesel’s son, Jack checking out Infinite Crisis at PAX East.  He and his friends appeared to have fun.

photo 4 (9)

My friend and colleague, Nick, doesn’t smile in pictures.  Which results in him looking miserable to be in any picture with me.  I finally got him to smile.  We might have had some libations prior. Good way to end PAX East.

photo 5 (4)

Did I mention that I have one of the best jobs, like ever?  So great to have amazing colleagues and friends to share the experience with.  Also, if you’re paying close attention, you can see that I *might* have discovered that I can drink alcohol again.  Experimenting with tequila, and so far, so good.

Getting back to working out next Tuesday.  Going to truly ease back into things and be smart about what I do.  Priority number one is getting my shoulder back to a healthy state.  Meow.


What Do You Fight For?

So, I’ve had some late nights and little sleep.  Last night we kicked off a 24-hour stream to celebrate Open Beta for the game I work on, Infinite Crisis.  In case you’re wondering what it is, here is the trailer for the game.  Loving it.

Also, since it was an Infinite Crisis slumber party, we all got some footie pajamas.  Love them! (Although they kind of make me look like a Hobbit)



Headed into NYC for work.  Well, if you call it that 🙂  It’s for the finals of the Infinite Crisis Winter Open that we’ve partnered with MLG on.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re broadcasting it live from the MLG Studios Friday and Saturday.  My job is pretty awesome – I mean seriously – check out the back of my new business cards:



Went into Craic for the 6:30AM class for the workout. I love the 6:30AM crew.  Getting out of bed this morning on the other hand, not so much.  It was a strength / skill workout – perfect workout for me before I was about to sit on a train for half the day.

Part A: 5×12 Bench Press (if you got to 12, go up in weight for next round)

Part B: Clean Complex: First pull to knee, clean high pull, full clean

Started out conservative on the bench, Jarrod told us to keep our shoulder blades down and back – pressed against the bench.  Definitely an adjustment.  Worked out with Michelle, who I’ve been going to the 7:30PM class with lately.  Fun with her in the morning class.  We did 45, 55, 65, 70, 75.  75 definitely got tough and I barely squeaked out the last rep.  Clean complex was … interesting.  Not sure what my problem is lately (perhaps it’s been lack of going into Craic) or whatever, but I’m blocking squat cleaning out of my system.  Started at 65, 75, 95, 115.  Failed once on 115 and got super irritated as there is no good reason why I missed a clean at 115.  Then the 2nd and 3rd times I did that weight I did my foot shuffle or starfish thing or didn’t move my feet at all (despite Jarrod telling me to at least half-squat).  I just couldn’t squat.  My brain wouldn’t let me do it.  Bumped the weight down to 75# and did the complex a few times with a squat clean – no problemo.  Time to get back to basics, I guess.

Took a selfie today because I noticed that my hair is getting long (remember it’s a goal for 2014!) and thought I’d share my progress:

Getting there!  Goal is to not get sick of it and chop it off!

Getting there! Goal is to not get sick of it and chop it off!

As far as the other #Focus2014:

  • Health: Focusing on getting my shoulder better vs. getting to the gym and getting a good workout in.  I realize that the two are not mutually exclusive, but I need to prioritize and shoulder better is the priority right now.  Doing well with the food stuffs, some little slips here (some candy and one-time french fries) and there – but nothing I’m beating myself up over.
  • Organization / Productivity: Inbox Zero still holding strong.  Definitely need to watch my To Do folder so that it doesn’t build up.  Also, haven’t really tested this when I’m on the road during a weekday – so we shall see how that works out.  Keeping with my weekly To Do list.
  • Spending: Haven’t bought any clothes / accessories with the exception of the Niko/cat approved belt purchase.  Treating myself to a SPA treatment while I’m in NYC this weekend, but I’m using a gift certificate I got from a friend over two years ago to pay for most of it.
  • Offline Interests: Struggling with the mindless watching television and being on social media while watching television.  Having the phone downstairs instead of by the bed has taken some getting used to, but I like it and feel that I fall asleep easier.  About to start The Goldfinch and also reading / working through the Values Factor.



So as I’ve probably mentioned, I work on a video game called Infinite Crisis which is a DC Comics based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).  One of the new champions, Catwoman, was released recently.  For obvious reasons, I’ve made it my personal quest to dominate with Catwoman.  And this isn’t the traditional Catwoman like you see below (and with a little cute pup, well…just because):


As seen on CuteOverload.com

But this is the Catwoman that I’m committed to mastering.  She is bad ass.  Usually for these types of champions, I have some troubles – but something tells me that meow is the time to start dominating with her.


Nancy Schmancy

The game my company works on is called Infinite Crisis.  It’s a ton of fun and I spent some quality time playing it on Friday.  I’m particularly liking Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman.  Obviously, my preference is Catwoman…however I think I’m a better Nightmare Batman player.  I think I’m even starting to look like him…

photo 1Weekend workout was a partner workout and Niko and I got to partner together.  It was really cool to partner with the husband on that workout.  Partner 1 ran 400, while Partner 2 did an AMRAP while the other person was running of 7 wallballs and 7 ringrows (or pull-ups).  We used the 15# ball.  Niko had plenty of time to AMRAP because I’m such a slow runner.  He even “pulled back” his run a bit, but still ran it pretty fast.  Niko is not so great about keeping track of his rounds, but I think we managed to get around 21 rounds done in total…Maybe more, maybe less.  But it was still awesome to partner with him!

Post workout <3

Post workout ❤

Today’s workout was the benchmark workout Nancy – 5 rounds for time of 400m run and 15 OHS.  I tried doing some OHS, and at 15 pounds, it felt okay – but 35# was no bueno.  I did front squats instead for the workout and ran 200m instead of 400m.  My knee has been bugging since I started running again.  I think I might have been a little ambitious in my running endeavors and my ITB is really tight.  My knees were not happy.  I did the first round UB on the front squats.  The other four rounds I did 10 and 5.   Final time was 13:07 (I think).  There were a ton of people doing Nancy Rx and they were crushing times today.  It was awesome.


E3 and Eagle Rock

Greetings.  Sorry I’ve been away for a bit.  I headed to Los Angeles for E3, a video game exposition where we were doing an event for our game (which is currently in closed beta) Infinite Crisis.  Before E3 started up, I got to spend some time with my friend Beth and her family.  Always a great time, and I love Giles and Brent (her two boys).

Tickle fights with Giles and Brent

Tickle fights with Giles and Brent

A masked hero defends us from evil!

A masked hero defends us from evil!

After that, I headed into downtown LA to set-up for the event.  On Sunday, I had some downtime after set-up and managed to sneak away and head into Crossfit Eagle Rock (which is right on the outer edge of Occidental College, my alma mater) and get a workout in with my friend, Leigh.  She and I went to college together and I am happy to say that I was a key influencer in her starting Crossfit 🙂  Leigh is a veterinarian and I always message her when I have worries about the gatos.  Anyway, it was awesome going in and getting a workout in with her.  Especially in my old hood, Eagle Rock.  Our coach was the amazing Andie Bolt.  We started out with a little kettle bell tabata as a warm-up and then did the “skill” part of the workout.  Which was sort of a full workout in itself.  It was an every 30 seconds for 7 minutes 1 squat clean, 1 front squat.  Since we did the AMRAP 8 a few days before with the power cleans, I decided to go with 115# for this workout because of the additional front squat after the squat clean would be a bit tougher than just power cleaning 125.  The squat cleans felt AMAZING.  I definitely picked the perfect weight because by the 14th round I was toast.  And then we had to do the actual workout of the day, which was a fun team workout.  I modified it a ton because of my shoulder issues and it ended up being a lot of leg work.  My low  back starting cramping terribly as well – so basically Leigh carried us through the partner workout.

Leigh and I at Crossfit Eagle Rock

Leigh and I at Crossfit Eagle Rock

I had planned to go to some other Crossfit boxes in the area during E3, but the show proved to be too much to handle on top of trying to go to Crossfit.  I woke up each morning around 7AM and didn’t get back to my room until at least 10PM.  I was running around and on my feet all day, so I feel that was a workout in itself.  Here are a few pics from E3, in case anyone is interested.

Shibby from MLG, myself, and Hank Baskett post Infinite Crisis match

Shibby from MLG, myself, and Hank Baskett post Infinite Crisis match

The woman who modeled for our Wonder Woman key art, before she went and played as Wonder Woman and coached by Lautemortis (who played primarily with Wonder Woman)

The woman who modeled for our Wonder Woman key art, before she went and played as Wonder Woman and coached by Lautemortis (who played primarily with Wonder Woman) – soooo meta!

All the pros and shoutcasters for the event

All the pros and shoutcasters for the event

San Fran Filthy 50

I made it back from San Francisco and broke my streak of getting sick every time I visit the city!  I’m so excited!  I was there for Game Developer Conference, attending meetings, and also introducing the world to our game we had just announced, Infinite Crisis.  Check out the trailer for it below.  It’s kind of awesome and excited that we get to tell the world about it.  It’s a DC Comics MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and we got some amazing feedback while we were out there.  It delves into the multiverse, which means you can be Batman.  All of them!

L-R Nightmare Batman, Batman, Gaslight Batman

L-R Nightmare Batman, Batman, Gaslight Batman

I got one workout in while I was out there.    Lalanne Fitness (powered by Crossfit) was only .1 miles from my hotel, so I really had no excuse not to get there in the morning.  Unfortunately for me, the class that I was going to attend on Wednesday morning was slotted for the weekly Advanced Women’s Class, so I didn’t end up going that morning. I had originally planned to workout at 4PM on Wednesday afternoon, but I had a meeting come up on top of it, so I only got to workout on Tuesday morning.  Fortunately, I spent most of Wednesday running back and forth between meetings – so I got some good exercise in.  Anyway, the night before I was perusing the website the night before and saw that the workout was back squats and strength focused.  I was super excited to get a workout like this in, as a back squat is right in my wheelhouse.  Also, I wouldn’t really have to modify the crap out of the workout.  I walked confidently into the Crossfit and then I saw the workout on the board.  Turns out, it wasn’t the back squat strength workout.  This is what I saw on the board:

Yep, the WOD was the Filthy 50

Yep, the WOD was the Filthy 50

The Filthy Mother Effing 50.  I had only heard of this workout and was not at all mentally prepared for it.  I nearly turned around and walked back to the hotel, but didn’t (obviously!)  The coach was one who usually coaches the class that Johnny D goes to and his name was Aaron Morales.  As John told me, Aaron was  an awesome coach. He was super patient and helpful helping me figure out how to modify certain movements, and my Filthy 50 looked like this:

50 Box jump, 20 inch box (step-ups)
50 Jumping pull-ups (ring rows)
50 Kettlebell swings, 24# (all the 35# were taken by the men)
50 Walking Lunge
50 Knees to elbows (hollow rolls)
50 Push press, 35#
50 Back extensions (good mornings with 35# weighted bar)
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (35# front squats)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders (100 single jumps)

Modified, but I believe just as challenging and intense as I would have expected.  I was making pretty good time until I got to the push press.  I had to break them up into sets of 10.  The burpees at the end were a cruel, cruel punishment and I had to break them up into sets of 5.  They seemed to last forever.  I finally got the the jump rope and did them in 40, 40, 20.  Final time was 31:52.  Overall, pretty happy with my first outing with the Filthy 50.  I was completely zonked by the time was done, but really happy that I was able to finish in a semi-respectable time.

Post Filthy 50

Post Filthy 50

So, the good news is – as mentioned above – I came back from San Francisco and didn’t get sick this time.  The bad news (yep, there is) – the wear and tear of wearing heels and running around San Francisco really pissed off my bad ankle.  As I was walking around SFO in my flat, feet friendly Dansko clogs, my ligaments in my ankle decided to just randomly give out and my ankle went out – forcing me to fall unexpectedly in the middle of the airport in front of a ton of people while walking on a flat surface.  The fall was epic, I would have laughed my ass off had I seen myself falling.  I immediately got up, ankle in a searing type of pain, and tried to walk it off like nothing happened.  It’s currently swollen and sprained, but I’m feeding it a good dose of Advil.  Since I’ve been plagued with ankle problems since the beginning of time, I think I’ll be back in fighting shape in a couple of days.   I wish that I had video of what happened, alas I don’t.  Yep, this Crossfitter apparently has trouble walking on flat surfaces 🙂

I ate some really good food while I was in San Francisco, including this butter poached lobster with some amazing foam stuff and cocoa dust (which I don’t remember what it was…)  I wanted to lick my plate after eating the main stuff.

Tasting Menu, Luce

Tasting Menu, Luce

In closing, I’d like to wish my husband, Niko, a happy belated birthday.  He’s the best!

Wasn't he adorable?

Wasn’t he adorable?