6:30AM Intervals

Adjusting to getting back to the 6:30AM class after going to the night time classes this past week.

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Today was some interval training, as written on the Craic site last night:

20sec Row
20sec DB THR
20sec Pullups
rest 3min

When we got to Craic this morning, John decided to change it up a bit and add an extra round:

20sec Pullups
20sec DB THR
20sec Row
rest 3min

Since I tested Jackie with the airdyne, I did the airdyne instead of the row.  I also did ring rows and did thrusters with the 45# bar.  I tried with the dumb bells over head and my right shoulder felt like crap and not stable at all.  Here’s the breakdown of how the rounds went: Ring Rows / Thrusters / Calories on AD

  1. 11/8/6 = 25
  2. 11/9/6 = 26
  3. 12/9/6 = 27
  4. 12/10/6 = 28
  5. 13/10/7 = 30

Solid improvement as the rounds went on.  Three minutes was the perfect amount of time between rounds.  I didn’t wear my knee sleeves or lifting shoes so my thrusters felt WAY off balance.  5 minutes total of work and it kicked my ass.


Team Clean

I hardly have the energy to type this.  I am not sure if it’s because yesterday and this morning’s WOD kicked my ass so hard or that I might be coming down with the plague that has hit my company pretty hard.  Fuck.

I love sprint / interval WODs and I was really looking forward to today’s.  It was:

4 rounds of

:20 burpees / :20 row for total meters, three minute rest in between

Rest 7 minutes and then repeat the above.

Three minutes rest in between after :40 seconds of hard work?  Looked like my kind of workout.  I partnered with Kevin, who is usually an afternoon / evening class guy – but he made a guest appearance in our class.  Jarrod dubbed us “Team Clean” because Kevin has one of the fastest cleans in the gym and we’re both suffering from shoulder stuff – so all we can both do is clean.  Kevin’s metcon is amazing.  He banged out on average 12 burpees per round and around 100m per round for the row.  I screwed him on two rounds – one of them I didn’t hit the row button hard enough and he had to row for an extra 5 seconds (blargh!) and then I counted 6 twice on his burpees in another round.

This workout was BRUTAL.  I thought I was going to pass out with the 7 minute break in between.  I was dizzy, I had stitch in my side – I literally gave this workout everything that I had in the tank.  I averaged about 8-9 burpees per round and 95m per round for the row.   My last burpee of my last set I was so determined to get my hands above my head, I almost fell face first onto the floor.  I think today, I realized the true meaning of digging deep.   I had trouble getting into my car, putting the key into the ignition (I think I tried and failed like three times), and just driving to my house.  When I got home, I went upstairs and laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes.  Then I realized that I forgot my phone at Craic and had to get back into the car.  Niko wouldn’t let me drive for a bit because I was a little loopy (which is probably a good idea).  This was probably the closest that I’ve gotten to vomiting after a workout (and/or passing out!) Some of this is probably due to the fact that I’m not hydrating as much as I should (colder weather makes me forget that I’m thirsty!) but mostly because I pushed myself as much as I could today.

Here’s a breakdown of the scores.  The totals might be a bit messed up because I was doing the math in my head while being completely out of my mind.

photo (3)



Push and Row

Today was a really tough, but fun, workout.  Again it was a strength workout combined with interval training.  Loved it.  I don’t envy the coaches, as organizationally, they seem a bit hard to coach in the span of an hour – but Jarrod did a great job today.

Push Press 4-6 reps x5
3 sec hold at the top

Rep Ranges: Moving forward when you see a rep range like above (4-6) it means that every set the min number you can do is 4, max 6. If you achieve 6 you increase the weight for the next set
10 min partner row for max meters – partners switch every minute so it’s basically 1min on 1min off for 10min

Jarrod paired me with my pal Nicole and wanted met to keep in the same weight range and didn’t push too heavy, given my shoulder issues.  I need to just keep on doing the bullet proof shoulders and gradually go up in weight.  She’s pregnant and wasn’t going to go all beast mode on the weight.  We ended up building to 75# and did three sets at that weight.  My shoulder didn’t give me any pain and I did 6 reps for each set. Felt good and comforting that there was no pain.

Then we went onto the row.  I love interval training.  Nicole hates rowing (even though she is pretty good at it!) and is super pregnant, so my goal was to get us over 2000 meters together.  I went out pretty hard in the first interval – at about a 1:40 / 500m pace.  I can’t wait to do a 500m time trial.  Hoping to get sub 1:50.  Anyway, the transition part (as Jarrod told us) was the most time consuming part, but we got through it.  The last 1:00 was BRUTAL – but left the rower feeling like I got a really good workout in.  Our final time was 2167m.  Here’s a pic of our final scores (aren’t we adorable!)

Here’s a panoramic shot of the Craic O’Dawn crew doing the same workout.  It’s an action shot, which is why all the people rowing  look all distorted and/or are missing.

I’m feeling pretty sore (in a good way) from the last week’s worth of workouts.  I’m going to go in tomorrow, as Jarrod let us know he programmed tomorrow.  I don’t know if this is a mistake, because one time he programmed a workout in celebration of his son (Leif’s) 2nd birthday called “The Terrible Twos” and it was very, very terrible indeed.  So terrible that the name and the WoD is forever etched into my brain.  I paired with Jamie and during the wall ball portion, I believe that I had a full fledged temper tantrum and threw the medicine ball down and kicked it repeatedly.

No Bread Challenge Day 2

It’s Day 2, I survived the first day.  Hardest part right now is the compulsion to want to snack.  I have to remember to take carrots or something with me to work so I can munch on them.

Today’s WoD:

4 rounds of:

1 min max power clean, rest two minutes, 1 min max dips, rest two minutes

I did 95# and bench dips.  Lifting is and I suspect always will be, a work in progress.  I wanted to go heavy today and 95# was the perfect weight for me to lift aggressively but not over do it.  If I did any less weight, I’d probably pull so hard that I would fall back.  As I was doing the clean part of the workout, Jarrod noticed that I was jumping up and back when lifting up past my knees.  The only time my feet *should* be leaving the ground is on the way down.

The dips were so hard.  Much like pull-ups, I can’t do bar dips or ring dips.  Another gymnastics element I have to work on.  

Breakdown of rounds:

  • 9 cleans, 19 bench dips = 28 
  • 9 cleans, 21 bench dips = 30
  • 9 cleans, 20 bench dips = 29 
  • 10 cleans, 24 bench dips = 34 

So some things I need to work on for my cleans: fast elbows, loosen grip at the top, and feet come up on the way down.  I have a feeling lots of drills are on their way to my sessions with Jarrod.

Food for the day:

  • Bacon, eggs
  • Salad from Coffee Corner (veggies, tuna salad, little bit of goat cheese)
  • 5 dark chocolate almonds
  • “Kitchen Sink” scramble – broccoli, eggs, hamburger, onions, bacon, ground flax seed
  • Chicken, cilantro, salsa, veggie chips
  • Handful of paleo crunch