Had to go to the gym this morning, time to rip the band-aid off and get back to working out.  Knew that I had to take it easy on weights and stuff, but was unprepared for just how easy I would have to take it.  Like Jarrod has reminded me at times, I am not quitting crossfit anytime soon – I have as long as I need to recover – so I need to just take my time and mentally prepare myself for a slow ramp up.

Today’s workout:

Power Clean Practice
For Time
8-6-4-2 -12-10-10
Front Squats
Burpees Ring Rows
Boxjumps Step-Ups

I worked up to 75# for the clean practice – started using the training bar again – which is something I haven’t done in awhile.  Bicep was hurting on some of the lifts during the shrug into the rack – but overall it was okay – learning to let go faster at the top.  Decided that was the max weight I was going to go to and focus on form.  Started using that weight for the workout and that’s when things got frustrating.

2nd set of front squats, cleaned it and it pulled on my shoulder.  Radiating pain.  You know, the fun one that lasts about 15-30 seconds.  Had a small pity party and then pulled 30# off the bar and dropped to 45#.  Decided to do 12-10-10 for the front squats since it was a relatively light weight.  Okay, really light weight for me squatting. Slipped while doing ring rows and pulled my shoulder again – ouch.  Had to put chalk on the floor to keep my feet from slipping (sorry, Will and Marc – if you even read this…) Final time: 9:49

Then off to PT where I chatted with Craig about the plan for my shoulder in the coming months.  Lots of stretching.  Lots of it.  My girl, K.Jo in the 6:30AM class told me about how her mom had frozen shoulder, and while it was a long path to get back – she is golfing and 100% back to normal (it took almost a year…).  While I’m not thrilled about her recovery time, it’s good to know that this condition isn’t permanent.  No shoulder to overhead – none.  Impact on my shoulder (like burpees, etc.) are not good either while it’s so inflamed.  When the inflammation goes down, I can start moving back to controlled burpees.  #everydayislegday  Going to meet with John tomorrow to workout a plan for me and the gym.

Life is ruff for Izzy.

Life is ruff for Izzy.

Izzy's new bad ass collar.  She's such a good dog!

Izzy’s new bad ass collar. She’s such a good dog!

Randomly, it smells like bacon right now.  I guess it’s time for me to stop blogging.


Tuesdays with Izzy

I am so sore today.  Those knee / leg raises did a number on my abs, hip flexors, and lats.  Yikes!  Alarm went off at 6:00AM and I immediately turned it off, set it to 7:00AM and rolled back over.  That lasted a whole 60 seconds when I rolled back over again and turned off the alarm and got out of bed.  I was so sleepy this morning – I grabbed my keys, water, phone, wallet and headed down to put my sneakers on and to my car.  I got to my car and realized I didn’t have my keys.  Ran back into the house, thoroughly went through my purse, searched my whole kitchen and realized that I left them downstairs when I was putting my sneakers on.  I thought I was losing my mind. #coolstorybro

Got into Craic and after asking Jarrod some unnecessary questions, modified the following workout:

A. OTM 10 min
even – 10 Strict Dips (10 strict dumb bell press – 15#)
odd – 10 Strict Pullups (10 wide-grip ring rows)
15min AMRAP
10 Ring Rows
7 Burpees (7 box jumps/step-ups)
Run 200m

Jarrod told me to do wide-grip ring rows if I wanted to work on strength getting that initial pull for a pull-up.  So whenever I have the opportunity to do that, I will. Ran during the AMRAP – shin, ankle, and foot started hurting at the end.  I started with box jumps (first round) but the swinging of my arms to jump up started bugging my shoulder so I did step-ups.  The last run of the workout – I managed to get the 200m done in a little over a minute.  But it was nice to be able to have that final push at the end.  Definitely feel like I’m not quite ready to get to that dark place from a metcon perspective – but getting closer to pushing a bit harder.  Final score was 7 rounds even at 15:07.

Still trying to work out my workout schedule (how many days on, how many off).  Definitely need to fall back into a routine.

Went to PT after and hung out with Izzy the PT dog.  She jumped right up with me and then tried to follow me out when I left.  I had to walk her back to Craig (my PT) so she didn’t sit by the door staring at me out the window and potentially dash out whenever the next person came in.  Definitely think we’re seeing progress and I’m in the weird state where it has to get worse before it gets better.  Need to work on scapula stability and also getting the inflammation in my bicep down.  Him, combined with Nichole will do a body good 🙂

Telling me all her secrets. <3

Telling me all her secrets. ❤


Hanging out on the table with me.

Hanging out on the table with me.

This was right before she came running down the hall to the door.  I wanted to take her home ;)

This was right before she came running down the hall to the door. I wanted to take her home 😉


Starting from Scratch

Where did the month of June go?  I was traveling so much and running around, I barely had time to go an exercise.  I just didn’t have time and I got way off schedule.  My feet are on the ground for the next month and a half, so it’s back to my regular workout schedule.  Dare I say, I’m excited?  I haven’t really worked out since June 25th.

Had to go to Anaheim on business, got back on Monday, July 1st  (late evening, after a 3.5 hour delay) and then the next morning, we got in the car and headed up to Maine to hang out in Northeast Harbor with our pals, Johnny D. and Susie Diesel.  Here’s John’s post of our first full day there.  It was a great time and I managed to get a small workout in.  I modified one of Craic’s workout.  I must admit I cherry picked this one from all the ones I missed.  We ended up having to leave for dinner sooner than we thought, so I also had to shorten the AMRAP part.

I did 3-3-3-3-3 hang power clean.  I initially wanted to get up to 125, but my shoulder started bugging me and I stopped and did the last two sets at 115.  I did 75, 95, 105, 115, 115.  Then it was a small AMRAP 10 of 200m run, 7 hang power cleans, 7 push presses, 7 sit-ups. I squeaked out 4 rounds plus the run.  I only did 45# for the cleans and push presses because I knew my PT would only want me to do 1/2 the weight I wanted to (which was 95#).

My niece's new puppy, Petey Barker.  SO freakin' adorable.

My niece’s new puppy, Petey Barker. SO freakin’ adorable.

The Durocher Clan

The Durocher Clan

Northeast Harbor

Northeast Harbor

Got back from Maine and headed into the gym.  I feel like I’m essentially starting my workouts from scratch.  I’ve lost some stamina and strength since May because I just wasn’t consistent about working out.  Monday’s workout was a tough one.

OTM 10min
odd- Front Rack Lunges – bar starts on the floor
8 L+R @65#
even- Ring rows, three steps in
7min AMRAP x2 – rest 3min in between
Run 200m (I did air dyne instead)
10 Goblet Squats – (I chose a light weight with it held with my arms extended, focusing on form)
10 Ring Rows

It was more than though.  It was an overall disaster.  I started with 75# for the lunges and my legs just couldn’t withstand it.  I fell backwards and dropped to 65#.  Then I couldn’t finish all the reps in the minute.  My legs were killing me and I knew I was going to be super sore the next day.  I think I did 3 rounds even each time.  It was so hot and so hard to get through.  I was a hot mess, literally.  And today, Tuesday, as I write this…I can barely walk.  It kills my legs just to stand up and sit down.  I’ve not been in this much pain in awhile.  Then, to top it off, last night when I was walking…my ankle gave out on me and I lightly sprained it.  Today’s workout was out.  Argh!  Definitely starting from scratch…

Went to PT this morning and my shoulders were a mess, likely from the swimming I did.  While I had the sneaking suspicion that I would have to drop out of the SAA swim this weekend, he confirmed it when I got there.  My shoulder is in serious pain and even if it didn’t hurt while I was swimming, there is a good chance that if I did the swim, I might do damage that would drop me way back in my recovery process.  So I’m going to volunteer instead and all the monies that people donated will still go to a good cause and an event that I’m still involved in. I’m pretty bummed about it, but I’m trying to be smart in my recovery and this has the almost absolute chance of a massive set back in doing so.

Izzy the PT dog was there this morning, looking as adorable as ever.

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

She has a perfect rectangle marking!

She has a perfect rectangle marking!

And on a side note, if you’re reading this blog from the New England area, I got the chance to spend time with this adorable little kitten.  She is a black kitten and is up for adoption at the Neoponset Valley Humane Society.  Black cats are notoriously hard to adopt out – so if you know anyone spread the word.  I mean, how can you say no to this adorable little creature?  I really wanted to take her home, but three cats are definitely enough…but I sure hope she finds a home soon! ❤

photo 1 (9) photo 2 (9)



Rest Day

My good-ish shoulder was bugging me yesterday after the workout and all throughout the day.  I’m not exactly sure why, as I didn’t do any shoulder heavy work yesterday.  Had PT this morning, so opted to take today as a rest day to try to get a bit better before I hop on a plane cross country tomorrow morning. My friend Susie referred me to Craig (the PT) and he is awesome.  I’ve posted a picture of his dog, Izzy, before on this blog which makes him even better.  Also, when I told him that I wish I had a stim machine to take with me on my trip…he gave me a portable one to borrow.  Made my morning!

Looking like a football player

Looking like a football player

Izzy working hard during PT

Izzy working hard during PT

Went home to get ready for work and was having a good hair day, so I thought I’d get a #selfie in…but Hobo had other plans.  He was being super cute.

Me and little Hobo.  I look super Asian in this pic.

Me and little Hobo. I look super Asian in this pic.