Christmas Eve Team WOD

I was cutting it too close with going to Crossfit Lewiston, so I decided to workout this morning with the Craic crew at the 9AM class before we left for Maine. It ended up being a team WOD, teams of three. Smartly programmed as class was PACKED this morning. I modified the crap out of this team WOD. Partnered with Jayme and Carleen – two tough gals and it was a blast.

It was a AMRAP 20:
partner 1 runs 200 m while
partner 2 does amrap thrusters 105/75
partner 3 does amrap toes to bar
score equals total reps for the whole team

I ended up subbing 12 calories on the airdyne for the run (I tried a warm up run and my ankle was not having it), an on the ground toes to bar type thing for the actual toes to bar, and front squats.

We ended up going at a good clip and got around 351 or so. Jarrod had us think of an interesting name for our team, so I suggested “The Cat’s Meow” and Jayme and Carleen agreed. My knee, during the 2nd round of front squats felt like it slipped out of place. It was really scary. It only hurt after that when I straightened my leg completely and it’s not bothering me now. It scared the crap out of me when it happened. I just need to be more careful and Jarrod suggested getting some knee sleeves to keep them warm.

Short-ish post today as I’m about to leave for Maine. Happy holidays to everyone out there!

DT = Deceivingly Tough!

Had no idea what I was getting myself into this morning. Saw the WOD last night and was excited because it was a lifting WOD. What I didn’t know is that the WOD is actually a Hero WOD and it kicked my ass.

I thought I’d go on the “lighter” side because I’m still easing back into shoulder to overhead. After talking with Jarrod, I decided to go with 75#. With any barbell complex, if you drop the weight, you have to pick it up again and do the progressive lifts to get to the last one. So the WOD (called DT) was as follows:

5 rounds for time with same weight

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 push jerks

So, if you dropped the weight after your 12 deadlifts, you’d end up having to do a 13th deadlift to start your hang cleans.  If you dropped your hang cleans, you’d end up doing 10 cleans instead.  It was rough.  The hang power cleans were the worst part.  I broke up my deadlifts because I knew going into the hang cleans, I’d need a little extra energy to get the first few reps out.  I ended up doing the first set unbroken and then it fell apart after that.  We had a 15 minute time cap and I was really concerned with finishing at that time cap.  Screw my bad shoulder, even if my shoulder was the picture of health, I still would have struggled at anything higher than 75#.  The second set, I think I broke it up in (6,6) (4,3,2) (6) and then it got all jarbled from there.  Final time was 11:38.

The push jerk felt good, didn’t bother my shoulder (just got a bit heavy).  I like doing jerks.  (Take that comment as you will)

Headed up to Maine to spend Christmas with the family and hoping to get a WOD in with Crossfit Lewiston.  Wicked stoked that there’s a box that’s open near-ish to where my family lives 🙂



Swim and Jarrod

Swam on Saturday, definitely a great idea. Was a good recovery workout. Got some metcon in while also stretching and using my arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Loved it. We did triathalon training, after some drills for the warm up did 6 rounds of 4 lengths (1 moderate, 1 fast, 1 easy, 1 fast) and jumped out of the pool, ran to the other end and then dove in and did 1 length sprint. Great workout and I think it definitely helped my back.

Today, I worked out with Jarrod. We used the jerk boxes and did high hang cleans to work on “fast elbows.” I really need to ease up on the death grip that I use sometimes. We did a couple rounds of 2 high hang reps. 90% of the time I did a shitty 1st rep and improved on the 2nd rep. I did those at 75#. The next set of reps we did 85# and on the 2nd rep I did split jerks. I just need to do a bunch of reps at a light weight over and over again practicing my elbows and grip at the top of the clean. We then went inside and worked on some kipping gymnastics.

After, I spent some time working by myself in stretching and mobility. I need to make a habit of this…

Tomorrow’s workout is perfect. Only prob is I don’t know what weight I should use considered I’m just coming off an injury. I hate using light weights.

Push Presses (Again)

I didn’t end up working out yesterday.  Twice on Sunday wrecked me after being away for so long.

Jarrod and I worked on gymnastics in our private session on Sunday.  Mostly worked kipping and pull-ups.  Then we did some overhead squats with 3 second pauses at the bottom. I did a max weight of 75#.

I was so sore when I woke up on Monday and didn’t workout.  I’m not sorry that I didn’t.  It was a 10 minute AMRAP – 10 burpees, 10 wall balls. Blech.  I heard that only three people showed up to the 6:30AM class that day.

Today was a strength workout.  It was similar to last week’s workout. 3×3 push presses.  I worked out with KarMa again.  Looking at my weights last week, I thought that I would go with 95#.  I built up to about 90#, but I couldn’t go any heavier than that.  Overall, I felt meh about today.  My wrist is bothering me for some reason, so I need to work on stretches and mobility.

Weekend Swim, Cleans, and Jerks

Went swimming yesterday again with the Infantry Swimming team in Norwood.  What a great compliment to Crossfit.  I’m definitely going to be making it a regular thing.    Can’t remember exactly what we did, but it was a lot of swimming – distance – with very little rest.  I didn’t use my fins swimming this time.  That was Saturday.

Sunday, did my session with Jarrod.  We used the jerk boxes and practiced cleans.  The two things that I need to focus on at this point are really opening up my hips and then fast elbows.  John McEvoy, the owner and head trainer at Craic was just there by coincidence and I did a clean and he just walked by mumbling “elbows, elbows, elbows…” after one of my clean sets.  I did a 5×2 of cleans off the jerk box at 90#.

After that, we moved to split jerks.  This takes a decent amount of coordination.  It’s like a dance move!  Extend your elbows, push the weight up, split your legs (one in front of the other).  Okay, and then step back with your front foot and then step forward with your back foot.  And do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around… (okay, I added that last part).  I did a couple of these at 65#.  They were a lot of fun and I look forward to working on them in future sessions with Jarrod.

Jarrod is also the morning coach, so he sees what I’m doing during the week.  I think that this is insanely helpful for our 1-1 sessions, as he remembers what I need to work on and is on my ass during the week workouts to remember my form.  He also noticed that pull-ups are my nemesis that I so desperately want to be-friend.  We closed out our session practicing kipping, knees to chest.  He also gave me a bunch of things to work on as progressions to pull-ups.  Ring rows, kipping toes to bar / knees to chest, kipping motions, negatives … hopefully I can work these next couple of months to get myself to at least 1 dead hang pull up and a couple of kipping pull ups.

After we were done, I stayed at the gym and worked on pull-up progressions and did some mobility / stretching while the Kettlebell class was going on.  I hopped in the end of the KB class to do the ab work (which I also need to do more of).  People started migrating in for the open gym section and I ended up staying, socializing a bit and also I got the opportunity to see my friend, Susie, get THREE PR’s in a row for her back squats.  After three hours at the gym, I moseyed on home.  Onwards to tomorrow!

Jarrod and the Magnificent Snatch

Met with Jarrod again for another session.  It’s a very rare time where you appropriately hear “Your snatch is going to to be magnificent by the time we’re done.”  

We used the jerk boxes to practice getting explosive hips and then lifting overhead.  Pretty much a high hang snatch.  We did 7 x 2 sets in the following weight scheme: 65-70-70-70-70-70-70.  We tried to do 75, but I kept failing and getting frustrated.  I am starting to learn the difference between using my hips to push the weight, forcing it up and actually just trying to use only my muscles to get it up.  I tend to lean towards muscling up the lifts and I need to rely on form.  When my form was great, I got the lift up no problem.  It almost seemed effortless.  When I used my muscles, I got it up – but it wasn’t pretty.

We continued on the Snatch work by doing Snatch Drops, which were basically having the barbell resting on your back, hands at snatch depth, and dropping down into a an overhead squat.  They are kind of scary to do for some reason.  I can’t describe.  Maybe it’s dropping down so fast and having weight over your head.  I alternated those with Snatch Pulls, which is starting in the power snatch position and lifting the weight as high as you can without going into the rack position.  We did 5 x 3 of each.  For the snatch drops, the scheme was 45-45-45-50-50.  For the snatch pulls, the weight was 70-70-70-85-85. 

I really liked this session – and know that once I start getting all the different elements together, my snatch…will indeed…be magnificent.


Yesterday, I did my first private OLY lifting session with Coach Jarrod.  I went into it thinking that it was primarily mobility, form, and lifting heavy weights. Boy was I wrong.  In my session, it finally hit me that all the functional movements that we do are related.  And it’s the things that you least expect that affect your movements the most.  My workout with him was like this:

We started with the 500m row, 3 rounds.
The first round, Jarrod had me go as fast as I could and my stats were this:
Watts 204 / 1:59.8 / 38 strokes
The second round, Jarrod coached me the entire way through – concentrating on my form.  This was really hard, and I went significantly slower.  
Watts 160 / 2:09.8 / 27 strokes
The third round, Jarrod had me use the coaching he had just given me to see how I did.  As you can see, not only did I drop almost two seconds from my first round – but I also dropped the amount of rows that I had to use.
Watts 213 / 1:58 / 33 strokes
A significant thing about the times above is that when we did a benchmark 500m row during my intro classes (in February 2012), I thought I was really kicking ass at the row.  My time then? 2:17, and I guarantee you I was NOT as efficient as I was today.

Then we went into specific lifting work.  Our focus was the snatch.

Snatch Work 
Coach B warm up with PVC pipe (down-ups, down-ups-shoulders, down-up-pull, down-up-overhead)
Hang snatch
Power snatch with squat
Then, to end the lovely session, an 8 minute AMRAP
250m row 
10 KB 27# swings
10 knees to elbows
2+ 1 row, 5KB
This was hard and I was zonked.  I ate like crap the previous day and I think that this was a major factor to that.  The more crap I eat, the more I realize that it’s not worth the way it makes me feel.
The session kicked my ass and I’ve already scheduled the next one.