Crazy Craic Fitter

Got the opportunity to take a trip home to see Niko and the kitties, so I wanted to try to get at least one Crossfit workout in at Craic.  It’s always fun to go to a workout with Niko as well.  Was a nice to get my sweat on at my gym, and especially nice because the workout was back squats.

Workout was fairly straight forward:

3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 (70% – 75% – 80% – 75% – 80% – 85%)

I got to take my first class with Coach Munch – and he’s a great coach.  I also worked out with Megan and started out doing the weights that she did, but wanted to bump it up a bit more (not a ton) for the last 3 – 2 – 1.  The most exciting part of the workout was that I was able to get into the back squat position for the first time in over a year.  It definitely stretched my shoulder a bit, but not in a bad way – just in a way where I know I need to work on my mobility. The most frustrating part of the workout was that I wanted to do more weight, but opted on being smart – so I talked to Coach Marc about what weight to work to.  He suggested that I do no more than 135#.  So I did the following rep scheme:

95# – 105# – 125# – 115# – 125# – 135#

Overall had no issues with the squats and was just happy to be back squatting again.  After the back squats, we all did an AMRAP:

10- Push Press 115/75 Ring Rows
200m Run
30- DUs Single Unders

Attention to all my readers – has anyone seen my double unders?  I seemingly have lost them completely and it’s super frustrating.  Overall AMRAP was a good quick burner – due to all the running I did this summer – the 200m run was super easy.  I’ll leave you all with these pictures from my visit home!




This would be me...and why I'm terrified of hurdles.

This would be me…and why I’m terrified of hurdles.

Those squats yesterday.  They murdered my legs.  If I’m standing still for a long time (like I do at my desk) or sitting and try to stand up, it’s painful.  But in a good way.  In a way which I know I will get stronger.

I’m going to call out (1) Niko and (2) Will the Intern.

Me (Monday): Wednesday is a running and rowing partner workout.  I wish we could team up.

Niko (Monday): Yea, that would be fun. But I’m going to the 7:30PM class.

Niko (Tuesday night): Sorry I can’t do the partner workout with you tomorrow.  

Me: You “can’t” or don’t want to get up at 6:30AM and go to that class?

Niko: …

Since I knew Niko wasn’t going to be able to do the partner workout, I asked Will to come to the 6:30 class, since he sometimes goes to that…and we could partner. Will said he would show up.

Text, 6:08AM, from Will: Just woke up super late. Sry.


Today was programmed 1RM push jerk and then with a partner 10 minutes run 200 (rest while your partner is running) 5 minutes rest and then 10 minutes row 200 (rest while your partner is rowing).  I did mobility during the push jerk part, as I tried to clean 45# and it gave me a sharp pain in my shoulder.  Will and Niko not showing up actually worked out because I got to partner with Sheila on the run / row workout and it was great.  I felt really good on the rower and the runs felt okay.  While they were pacing workouts, they kind of kicked my ass – a month and a half off doesn’t do wonders for your stamina.  Having said that, it was good to get my heart rate up a bit and moving.

Prior to me coming back to Craic, I spent the weekend in Newport with Niko.  It was a beautiful weekend!

Gorgeous Weekend

Gorgeous Weekend



Date night outfit.

Date night outfit.







Birthday Gym Visit

Went to PT. Progress is happening. Mobility is improving for front movement. Side and back, not so much – but step by step I guess.

Today is Niko’s birthday and instead of going to a fancy dinner, he opted to do this instead:



What a difference a year makes, eh? This time last year I was spinning my wheels convincing him that he should try Crossfit and him basically telling me it wasn’t going to happen… I guess I can be pretty persuasive. 😉

Happy birthday, Niko. I love you.

To Failure!

Drove back from Philly yesterday and then Niko and I went to the 7:30 class.  Pistol Pete was coaching.  Workout was very similar to last Monday’s.  Something tells me that we’re on a strength program for legs and pull-ups. 🙂

A) Back Squats Front Squats
Int:5x (4-6)

B) Pullups 5×10
*RingRows w/ Bicep Curls

Shoulder still isn’t allowing me to go into the back squat position, so I did front squats instead.  Since it was less reps than Monday, I scaled up a bit more weight.  I went 95, 115, 125, 145, 165 x 3.  145 seemed pretty easy, so I decided to do a 20# jump and go to 165.  Failed on my 4th rep.  Actually went to failure and I think that’s a good thing.  Ring rows were pretty straight forward and I did a light weight for the bicep curls.  Pete told me that since I was doing a light weight (due to shoulder stuff) that I should do tempo bicep curls ~3 secs up and ~3 secs down. Made them so much harder, but really felt like i was actually getting a workout in on my biceps.

Worked out next to Joe and Johnny D. and I borrowed space on JD’s board to record my weights.

Can you guess which ones are mine?  JD is an animal.

Can you guess which ones are mine? JD is an animal.

Post workout, I managed to get JD to do some practice rope swings (scaled, of course).  He was tired from the back squats.

Oh, and another sign Niko is getting stronger?  I get this IM from him while I’m at work today:

niko: I think I need to jeans shop before my SD trip.. my legs are getting too big for this one pair 🙂


The Unicorn

Today’s workout was a crazy one.  Dubbed “The Unicorn” by Jarrod, its creator.  I went into Craic with Niko but can’t do that much repetitive motion with my shoulder and such…so I did mobility and worked on some shoulder exercises.  Only reason I’m sharing this post isn’t to tell you about my awesome mobility session, but to share a great shot of Niko I managed to catch of him doing an overhead squat.  So proud of him – he’s really making great progress at Craic.  I remember when he couldn’t OHS 15# and he did the below weight after doing 100 KB swings, 175 single unders, and 25 double unders.


Niko, the Unicorn.  I caught him in a photo in the wilds of a workout.  Never happens.


Yep, that’s me.  Ugh.  Sprained my ankle two weeks ago and then I really sprained my other ankle on Tuesday.  Walking.  On a flat surface.  With slippers on. In my garage.  I done did it pretty damn good.  Went to see Craig (PT) and he *thinks* that it might be fractured.  Bum shoulder, kind of recovered small sprain, now a bad other ankle.  #hotmess is exactly how I’d describe myself.  I went home after getting my ankle wrapped and taken care of by him and looked up the workout for Wednesday.  BACK SQUATS.  My jam.  Was super excited, but texted Craig to make sure it was okay.  He’s our interaction.  #pleaseandthankyou


We then drove to Philly to see Niko’s parents for Thanksgiving and I hadn’t worked out in a couple days, so I was really looking forward to getting a workout in at Crossfit Delaware Valley and see my friend that I made last year  when I did their Black Friday workout, Kristin.  Since my ankle is borked and my shoulder is questionable, the coach suggested that I do wall balls instead of the walking push-ups.  It was an AMRAP 7 – 7 cleans (95#), 7 walking push-ups (I did 14# wall balls), and 7 jumping pull-ups (since I can’t do pull-ups for realsies.  Jumping pull-ups were fine because I was landing lightly on my feet.  I did the Rx weight – 95#.  Tried to do 75#, but it seemed too light.  First set did all movements UB, but moving into the other ones not so much.  Then, on the 2nd to last clean of my last round…I think (well, I know) I was over compensating for my bum ankle and I felt a very sharp and sudden pain in my lower right back.  It wasn’t pretty.  Finished the WOD and I’ve been in pain since.  Texted Craig and basically, it’s rest for me for the next 4-5 days.  Need to let my ankle, back, and shoulder rest as my body is adjusting to working around the pain and it’s hurting me in other places. #balance

Overall, it was kind of cool to go to CFDV and see Kristin – but also have Niko go with me.  Usually, before he started Crossfit, it would be me going by myself.  Awesome that he is able to join me 🙂

photo 2 (8) photo 3 (6)

Stina v Kitty Litter – Day 2

I conquered the kitty litter.  Was much better than yesterday, where one of the cats left a protest poop outside of the litter just to let me know that Niko is the better fur-baby parent.

Worked out today.  Missed the morning class.  A little off kilter with Niko out of town and couldn’t sleep.  Awww.  #lame

Workout was:

A. 3 rounds for time
10 Clean + Jerks
50 Double Unders

rest 3mins

B. 3 rounds for time
Run 200m
10 Pullups / 5 muscle ups

I did 100 single-unders due to the ankle sprain-age (is that a word?) and ran the 200m.  Ankle was tight, but not unmanageable.  Did 65# because shoulder is a bit wonky and didn’t want to push it.  6:34 for part A, 5:48 (I think?) for part B.  I’m not only bad at barbell math, I’m bad at time math too.  Run actually felt really good.  Had a good amount of energy and just came in and did my RR UB.

Tomorrow is a rest-ish day.  Have a wicked early morning dentist appointment and then going to PT in the afternoon.  Might try to do workout at home – but will probably get sidetracked playing Civ V (damn you, Buddy!) #realisticexpectations



The Weekend

photo 1 (6)

I think Wessmann is trying to eat my hair. Will miss Jen and Steve!

Last week was a crazy ass week.  Trip to NYC to the MLG offices, some crazy karaoke in NYC, Jen’s send off party, and a couple days/late nights in the office with a pro-gaming team.  Jen was one of my first friends I made in the 6:30am class and she’s moving to NC with her husband and family this week.  I’ll miss her like crazy.  We had a small send off earlier this week and here’s a pic of some of the gals. (Jen is first row, 2nd in from right).

John posted early Saturday morning that mobility class was Saturday at 8AM.  Was excited to get into mobility after a week of not working out – so I threw my clothes on and drove into the gym.  Got there shortly before 8 and got some funny looks from the advanced class peeps as well as Jarrod.  A couple of other people showed up for mobility, but at 8:10AM and no Coach Ben – I got the sneaking suspicion that mobility class wasn’t happening.  Checked Facebook again and there was a comment that oops, mobility class was 8AM on Sunday.  Definitely irritated as all eff.  I do NOT like going to the gym without a plan (ie. if I go to open gym, I know what workout that I’m going to do before I go.  If I go to class, I know that there will be a class that I’ll have to do – even if i don’t know what the class is).  So I basically did some shoulder exercises and some pull-up work and pissed around for an hour before the 9AM class started.  Didn’t expect to rant this much about it here, but I guess I did.

9AM class was the usual 20 minute burner.  AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 KB swings, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups.  We started the class with some handstand work.  I got myself into a handstand, but my shoulder / bicep were like “fuck you” and decided to be an asshole for about 2 minutes after my handstand.  Also, I sprained my ankle last week (oops, did I forget to mention that?) so while it felt OK – I opted to replace the 400m run with 2min of air dyne and the push-ups with standing dumb bell rows (per the suggestion of Sara).  Great workout and tried to do all the movements UB.  Love Sara Saturdays.  Super happy for Niko, he was able to get himself up into a handstand twice unassisted.

After class, I went and got my hair done did by the lovely Leila Samara (who is a fellow Craic head).  First time I have gone to her (after hearing raves from friends), and now I’m a loyal customer.  If you live the area, I’d suggest going to see this tress dynamo. She added a bit of an ombré and one streak of bright red.  Kind of loving it.  She also blew it out all fancy.

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

Hung out with Niko last night – he left for a biz trip early this morning.  He woke up at 4:30AM and so did I.  Since I’m usually the one who travels, I don’t like it when he leaves me at home.  Blargh.  At least I have this video of Dizzle and Jarrod that makes me giggle to keep me company while he’s away.  I put it on a little loop.

Lots of media in this post.  HA.  Last one if a pic of me.  I’ll start with I miss my husband when he travels.  I love him and love spending time with him.  He’s effing awesome.  But there is ONE major thing that I really, really lucked out with.  And that’s that I’m a crazy cat lady who HATES cleaning the kitty litter (or anything having to do with poop or pee in general).  Niko is AMAZING and is on cat little duty all the time (and does so without complaint).  I mean seriously.  Can he be more perfect?  Since he’s gone this week, I have to clean the litter and the smell makes me gag.  This is how I prepare myself for doing it:

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx

Sunday Funday

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Was planning on going to mobility class and then doing my pull-up homework that John gave me on Sunday early morning, but class got changed to 12:00PM and I had already made plans to go to brunch with a pal.  Was bummed until I checked Facebook around 3:30PM and Jarrod posted that he was going to open up the gym from 4-8 in case we wanted to come in and get our #swole on.  Immediately changed my clothes and headed in.

Did some shoulder mobility work after a quick warm-up on the air dyne.  Then did the homework.

  • 3 x M.E. blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives back down to full hang.  2 minutes rest between
  • 5 x 10 ring-rows – wide grip
  • 3 x 15 bicep curls

I was only able to do 2 blue band pull-ups per round.  But considering I couldn’t do any blue band (or green band) pull-ups when I started – I’ll take it.  The ring rows were good shoulder work.  Jarrod had to correct the positioning of the rings for me as I was originally doing them from a weird angle.  I used a barbell for the bicep curls and went too light.  Need to add more weight next time.

Then I did some clean skill work with Lisa D.  Nice to work with someone and check each other’s form.  We basically have the same issues (not using enough hips).  Jarrod gave us a bunch of pointers.  Some of which were overwhelming to process!  So many things to think about when working on form.  But he gave us a tip about our knee position which seemed to help me a bit.  Callahan also pointed out that I was bending my arms too early.  Definitely good to work on it and nice to get some feedback from the others in Open Gym.

Messed around a bit with OHS.  Just to see if I could do them without pain.  Channeled my inner PT Craig’s voice in my head and really was sure to make sure my scapulae were down and stable.  15# was great.  Went up to 35# and did three of them.  They felt fine.  Not as stable as I would have liked them to be, but it will take work to get there 🙂  As Jarrod says, I have plenty of time – I’m not quitting Crossfit anytime soon.

I think I’m getting sick.  Was chills / hot all last night (maybe it’s menopause!) and also have a sore throat.  So bummed because was looking forward to today’s workout and also some tri-cep work with Nicole M.  BOOOO.  Maybe I’ll rally and head in tonight – but not feeling great right now and hoping to make it through the day at work.



I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to get back to a consistent schedule.  To that end, I started going to the 6:30AM classes again this morning.  To ease Jarrod back into me attending his classes, I was sure to ask A TON of questions.  I might email him a couple of times per day this week just for old times sake.  I’m going to try to make it to only the 6:30AM classes during the work week moving forward.  The 7:30PM class was great, but the option to go hurt my workout schedule.  End of day classes are easy to find an excuse to miss.  So, in my head for now, the 7:30PM class is not an option unless I have an emergency in the morning (which I never do).

Today’s workout:

A. C+J – work to a challenging single – stop when form breaks down
B. 10 sets of 2 unbroken @ Grace Weight for time
C. Annie – 15min Cap
Double Unders

Told myself I wasn’t going to go over 95# today and kept with that.  Jarrod told me that I wasn’t dipping fast enough and was going to low on my jerk.  Once I made my adjustment, it’s amazing how easy the bar went over my head.  🙂 They felt good at 95#.  For the Grace weight, I limited myself to 65# because of the amount of reps.  Ended up going through this fairly quickly – 2:12. My shoulder is bugging me and the swinging movement for sit-ups wasn’t working for me.  So I modified, and per Jarrod’s suggestion did hanging leg raises.  I also modified the amount of double unders because of the amount that we were doing (and I’m not consistently quick at them).  So I just cut the amount of them in half and only counted completed reps.  First round…boom!  25 unbroken (a new PR).  Still slamming my feet into the ground and jumping high.  Need to work on that.  The leg raises SUCKED ASS.  But it was a good stretch for my shoulder.  My forearms were toast as were my legs, hips, and abs by the time all was done.  Final time was 11:30.

Went home and had my new protein shake concoction.  John wants me to get some protein in right after a workout.  So I created this.  Get my caffeine fix and recovering post workout.  Here’s the recipe:

  • 100mL of the cold brew coffee concentrate.
  • 200mL water.
  • 100mL of the Califia Double Expresso with almond milk.
  • One scoop of SFH PURE Vanilla.

photo 1 (17)

I wore a new cat t-shirt to Craic today.  Here it is (plus Hobo being a little creeper in the background).  I’m a hot mess (this is post-workout) in the pic, but I love the t-shirt.  Also, I’m wearing my fave pair of sweatpants because it was quite cold this morning!

photo 2 (17)

And finally, I love how my husband embraces my Crazy Cat Lady.  He’s the best!  He started a new job today – and this was his new view.  Congrats to Niko and his new job!

photo 3