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Long post, this one will be considerably shorter than yesterday.  See if you get my cat humor below.  The top pic, as a side note is my kitty, Feynman.  The other one is something I found doing a random google search.

Today's Post

Today’s Post

Yesterday's Post

Yesterday’s Post

Spent the day cleaning out my inbox and since it’s the tail end of a short winter “break” emails were considerably less frequent than they normally are.  So it was a good way to try to move through the Inbox Zero approach.  It wasn’t really any struggle – but once work and all the emails are back in full swing, we shall see how it all works out.

Slowly weaning myself off eating crap.  Well, not that slowly – because it wasn’t really a terrible issue to start this time.  Just removing little things day by day.  Luckily, Niko is all on board for this – so it makes things a ton easier.

Amended the television / social media rules because going full out cold turkey isn’t something that I can do.  Simply because I don’t want to.  I did do a major one – which is charge my phone downstairs and read a book before bed instead of surfing social media.  I still surf a bit of social media while I’m watching television and there is still television that I’m watching that I haven’t necessarily DVR’d.

Went to workout today – we had a big snowstorm here in New England – so we didn’t end up going until the 6PM class.  Workout was DT, which is a hero WOD.  I’ve been pushing it a bit with my shoulder and paid for it a little earlier this week, so I wanted to keep the weight light-ish for the workout.  As I type this, I laugh to myself because DT would have been a DNF had I gone with any heavier of a weight, let alone the Rx weight which was 105#.  I went with the INT suggested weight which was 75# – and wow. Workout was:

5 Rounds For Time
9-Hang Power Cleans
6-Shoulder to Overhead

I was thinking sub-10 in my head, but it ended up being 10:18.  I think I took too long of rests during the HPCs.  And holy shit, that was a grip workout.  I practically dropped the bar on every set for the last set. All five rounds, I went (11-1) (4-4-1)(6) for my rep scheme.  With the exception of the last round, I broke my HPC into 6-2-1.

Prior to DT, we worked to a heavy triple power cleans (from the floor).  75, 95, 115, 125.  I didn’t go for heavier than 125 because my form felt like it wasn’t the way I wanted it and I didn’t want to be stupid.  But I’m really happy with 125.  Like I said in a post earlier this week, it’s kind of cool to do a “working” weight of 125 – as that would have been FAIL FAIL FAIL a couple of months ago.

Christmas Break

Went up to Maine to see my family for the holidays.  Was great to see everyone, got great and thoughtful gifts from all – but my favorite was the one from my brother, Doug.  He’s been getting into woodworking and made me and Niko this awesome bench (he even cut down the tree himself!)  This post is going to be heavy in photos (Christmas and other stuff) – so feel free to scroll through the pics vs. read about my workouts.

Bench from my brother

Bench from my brother

The road to my mom's house

The road to my mom’s house

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home.  Antifreeze for smiles.

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home. Antifreeze for smiles.

Made it back a little earlier than expected so Niko and I went to Smith & Wollenskys for a late dinner.  I knew that the John, Susie, and family were going (earlier than we were) – but there dinner ended up going long and we got to see them on Christmas.  Always good to see them

The Durochers

The Durochers

Look at this beautiful piece of meat.  It went in my belly.

Look at this beautiful piece of meat. It went in my belly.

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl


Thursday (December 26th)

Went to PT to get my hip, ankle, and shoulder worked on.  Shoulder is feeling a ton better, just mobility wise it’s a bit effed.  Need to work on stretching it regularly and getting the muscles back to where they should be.  Means a bit less chest work until I strengthen my back (as I have a tendency to pull my shoulders forward).  Gave Izzy the PT dog her Christmas present, she loved it.

photo 3 (10)

(Top) Devouring her Christmas gift
(Bottom) Exhausted from chomping at her gift

Wasn’t sure if I was going to work out.  Was leaning more towards the not going to work out camp, but Niko came home and I wanted to go and workout with him.  We went to the 6:30, which was being coached by the lovely Sara McEvoy.  She’s such a great coach, wish she coached more classes!  The workout itself was definitely a big slap in the face.

20min AMRAP
5 Chest to Bar Green band strict pull-ups (and switch to ring rows if need be)
10 Thrusters
20 Double Unders

Decided to go conservative and go with 45#.  Since I was doing light-ish weight, I knew I would do all the thrusters UB.  While I was successful at this, it was really hard as it got to the later rounds.  After chatting with Sara and John about what I should do for pull-ups, decided to go with strict banded pull-ups.  I had to switch to ring rows at the end, as my shoulders were toast (in a good way).  After round one, I looked at the clock and had well over 18 minutes to go.  Definitely was a tough go.  Did 40 single unders – need to really start working double unders back into my workout.  I just suck at them right now.  #homework Final score: 8+8

Friday (December 27th)

Went to the noon class today.  Classes during holiday breaks are fun because you never know who is going to show up!  Kayla, Anthony, LoriBro, Denise, and some other fun people were in class today and it was a ton of fun.  Did some clean and jerk skill work (power clean) – partnered with Kayla and we just worked at 95#, concentrating on form.  I decided to do 95# for the workout.

A. Power Clean + Jerk Skill
B. For Time:
Power Clean
Skull Crushers

I did 15# skull crushers, and probably should have gone 2.5# – 5# heavier.  They were relatively easy (I was using them as rest).  Skull crushers were the modified version of the dips that most people did.  95# got heavy, but not unmanageable.  I still have some trouble cycling them (shoulder).  Also, when I got tired, I started my trademark one-step out.  Ugh.  Final time 5:36 (I think).

Wicked excited about tonight.  Jarrod is having a OLY Lifting class at Craic (limited to 10 people) which will be a bunch of drills and stuff.  More about that tomorrow.

photo 5 (1)



Sunday and Monday

Today was a rest day. But here’s Sunday and Monday’s workouts.

Sunday I went to mobility and the kettle bell class.  It kicked my ass (the KB class).  I was able to do all of the movements, at lower weight for some of them.  Each movement was with two bells.

OTM 10 min: Even: 15 Deadlift (24#)  Odd: 10 Racked Squats (24#) – this one hurt my knees at first, so I put on my knee sleeves and all was well with the world 🙂
rest 2min
OTM 10 min: Even: 10 Pushup on Bells (5 ABMAT pushups) Odd: 10 Guerilla Cleans (24#)
rest 2 min
OTM 10 min: Even: 10 Seasaw Press (13# / 18#) Odd: 10 Russian Swings (24#) – I didn’t want to push too heavy on the press, but I got laughed at when I was doing 13#, so I bumped to 18#.  It was a good decision.

Monday started out crap-tastic and it continued for most of the morning.  Set the tone for my day and I wasn’t really looking forward to working out that night (I had planned to go to the 7:30PM class with Niko).  I ended up going, and it was a good thing.  Helped me clear my head and the workout just felt good.

A. 3 Hang Power Clean + 3 Push Press – work to a max of the complex in 15mins

B. 10min AMRAP
7 Deadlifts
7 Push Press
7 Box Jumps

I am still on restriction weight wise but not movement.  Another workout where I didn’t have to modify anything!  The highest weight that I was allowed to do was like 70% of what I think my max was.  I used 120# as a base and didn’t go higher than 85#.  My form felt amazing on both the hang cleans and the push press. I was really happy with it.  No pain.  Plan is to continue to work on perfecting my form before I go for the heavy maxes.

For part B, I opted to go with the BEG weight, which was 45#.  Cycling that many dead lifts and push-presses has been problematic for me and I wanted to be safe.  But the BIG news is that I actually did real box jumps and my ankle felt fine.  I jumped up and stepped down.  It was awesome and the workout was tiring, but it felt great.  Total score is 7+9.  Hip got a little tight on the deadlifts.  They are my least favorite weight lifting movement, hands down.






No Bread 5.0, Retest – Test 1

Today was the retest of our first test for No Bread 5.0.  The first time I did this test, my 1RM was 130# and I did a whopping 5 reps for the AMRAP 8.   I had just PR’d at 140 last week, so I didn’t know what to expect today.  I also didn’t really get a ton of sleep, as I got home late from the New Kids on the Block concert.  Oh, and I’m also developing a chest cold.  Waahhh.  My life is so horrible.

Jarrod was coaching this morning, and while usually I’m all for any of the coaches (because they all offer something awesome) I was relieved.  We’ve been working together on my cleans a lot and I just needed him to coach me through stuff.  Long story short, I got to 135# relatively easy.  I decided that since I got 140 last week, I was just going to go to 145 and make some attempts.  I tried about six times and failed each time.  Meh.  My PR is 10# more than test week a couple of weeks ago, but today, I only did 5# more.  I could get the weight up, I just couldn’t get under the bar fast enough or let go of the bar at the top.  I’ll get there.  Need more work.  Overall improvement over the last 50 days so I can’t really complain.

Then onto the AMRAP 8.  I really just wanted more than 5.  Also, for last week’s AMRAP 4 x 2 I was only able to do 6 and 7 for each round.  Ugh.  Jarrod and I talked about a plan for today, knowing that I fall apart during these things.  I would do a lift every 20-25 seconds or so, really thinking about getting under the bar and fast hips.  Jarrod also got me to not use wrist bands for cleans, and I think it is helping for wrist flexibility as I bring the bar onto my chest in the front rack position.  Even though I did 135# today and not 140, I decided to do the AMRAP at 125 and they actually felt pretty strong.  I was confident going into my set-up and only failed once.  Stuck to my plan and ended up getting 16 or 17 reps.  Much improvement from last time.

I’m officially out of the No Bread challenge (long story about medications and such).  Then since I can’t do burpees or shoulder to overhead right now, I can’t retest Jackie. I’d retest the airdyne, but that’s going to be completely dependent if I can shake this cold.



“I know how some of you smell…”

Quote of the day from Jarrod Dizzle Davis.  I will provide no further context.


My coach

This morning, I woke up and felt like bubbles were in my chest when I breathed.  I didn’t really want to go and workout, but knew that I needed to get some good work in with Jarrod before the re-test of tomorrow’s 1RM power clean and AMRAP 8.  We stayed away from airdyne / running / rowing conditioning because breathing was a bit of an issue.  We did sets of 3 deadlift / clean pulls with the barbell and tension from the blue bands holding it down and 3 ring rows, increasing steps forward every round.  I managed to get to 4 steps (about 8 rounds) before I started failing the pulls and ring rows.  The pulls were to work on having more explosiveness above the knee and staying back on my heels.  The ring rows were to find a place where they were a bit more challenging.

Then we just worked on power cleans and having fast elbows and getting under the bar.  Used a light-ish weight 75 / 95.  Overall, what I needed before the retest tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon.


A Bit Behind

Yikes.  This is probably the longest that I’ve gone without blogging.  I’ve been swamped at work and feeling lazy over the weekend.  Lots to catch up on, well, not lots.  But stuffs.

I rested on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I had PT, so I did put some work in rehabbing my shoulders, but no Crossfit work.  Saturday, the gym did Murph and I sat out this year.  Sunday, I went to Rita’s kettlebell class and we did a workout that she called “Double Trouble”.  On paper, it looked like it was a good workout, but not too grueling.  When I think that…it usually spells trouble!


“Double Trouble” KB Complex- all are performed with double bells
:30sec time cap to complete
2 Russian Swings
2 Swinging Cleans
2 Snatch
2 Front Squat
1:00 Rest
repeat in 3’s, :45sec time cap, rest 1:30
repeat in 4’s, 1:00 time cap, rest 2:00
repeat in 5’s, 1:30 time cap, rest 3:00

*then repeat entire thing for time without rest.

I did the first part with the 35# kettle bell and substituted more cleans for the snatches.  Got under the time cap every time.  The 2nd round (the one with no rest) it became a grip game.  I only had to drop the KB once, but after my left wrist was all swollen and while most of the class went another round (for fun) I opted to stop.  Great workout.  Rita is a great KB coach.

Then, Monday (Memorial Day), Niko and I decided to go to the gym for open gym to work on form and mobility.  Some people were organizing a 20 minute EMOM outside and we decided to do it with them.  I did 5 power cleans @85 on the even minutes and 10 KB swings with the 35# on the odd minutes.  About 4 minutes in I regretted the decision (I was feeling a bit lazy) – but plugged through and ended up getting a good workout in.

Tuesday was cleans.  It was 15 minutes to build to a 1RM and then 2 AMRAP 4 (with 4 minute rest in between) of power cleans at 90% of the weight of the 1RM you did.  I told myself that I was only going to do it until my shoulder hurt…turns out…my shoulder didn’t start hurting.  I went 75, 95, 115, 125, 135 (PR!), 140 (PR!), 145 (FAIL).  I only had a chance to try the 145 once because I ran out of time.  I was pleasantly surprised that I got to 140.  Test week next week should be interesting.  The AMRAPs were kind of messy for me.  I only got 6 good reps at 125 the first one and 7 the second one.  I started deadlifting the bar, then putting it back on the ground and then picking it up and cleaning it.  John (who was coaching that day) called me out and told me to stop doing it because I would develop a bad habit.  I was doing it because I just wanted to tell myself that I could lift the weight before I actually did.  But I stopped. Hoping that I don’t do as shitty on the AMRAPs for testing.

Today’s workout I went to the 7:30PM class. I had an all day meeting at work and couldn’t get in this morning.  Last night they posted the workout and it was run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile.  I wanted to skip out so bad, but knew I was destined for the airdyne.  While at work this morning, I checked the workout again to see if other people modified it.  Then I saw Anne D. say something about “snatchy-poos” on the Craic site comments.  I scrolled up and they had changed the workout.  Instead it was 3-3-3-3-3 (sets of three at increasing weight) of hang squat snatches and then an AMRAP 10 of 10 KB swings, 10 OHS, and 20 double unders.  Awesome! I modified the snatch and did hang squat cleans.  For the AMRAP, I did the swings, 10 front squats at 75#, and 40 single unders at an even rate.  I initially took out the 44# KB, but heard Jarrod in my head telling me to do the 53#.  So I grabbed it and decided to use it for my workout.  For the squat cleans, I was able to get up to 125# no problemo – so I was pretty happy with that.  It bothers me to lower the weight under control, so I had to drop it every time, deadlift it, pause, and then hang clean it.  A little extra work – but happy that I was able to string 125# together three times.   The AMRAP started and the first round felt great.  I flew through.  The second round, my lower back started cramping.  The third round I became a hot mess.  I was able to do all the KB swings unbroken but got to the FS and my lower back killed me.  Started seizing up and cramping.  It hurt to even just stand.  I broke up the FS in sets of 5 and 5.  Got to begin the fourth round and the KB swing I had to break up into 4 and 6.  I got to the FS and my back was in terrible shape.  I did 2 FS and I could barely stand.  Pete (today’s coach) called out one minute left and I just stood there for 45 seconds hoping my back would stop cramping.  At the 9:45 mark, I wanted to try to get one to two in before time.  I got one in and then my back was having none of it.  Disappointing, but it happens.  I remembered that Ben had me stretch my hammies after this happened the last time and stretched them out really good.  Overall, great class.  It was my first class in the entire time I’ve been at Craic that Pete coached!  He was awesome.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  I have PT in the morning and then I’m off to the One Fund concert tomorrow night.




Cleaning, lots of cleaning!

Yesterday, I wanted to use Open Gym to do some of the skill work that John suggested I do.  I also ended up meeting with Ben (one of the latest editions to the Craic staff, and resident mobility expert!) to talk about some things I could do for my wrist, ankle, and shoulder mobility.

I ended up doing a mini-workout – 3 rounds, at increasing weight:

  • 3 hang cleans
  • 3 power cleans
  • 3 front squats

I did 75, 95, 105.  Form felt better and then I did mobility work.

I should have known that Mondays were going to be clean workouts.  Today’s workout was:

  • (A) 20 minutes to work to a heavy 5RM
  • (B) AMRAP 8 – 5 hang cleans, 7 no push-up burpee box jumps

I ended up working up to 115#, but my footwork started to fall apart and I decided to stop at 115# because I didn’t want to lift any heavier with shitty form.  My right foot just likes to step away.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I’ve caught the bar at my chest.  Need to just drill, drill, drill that into my head.

Then, I did the AMRAP and for some reason decided to do the Rx weight to challenge myself.  The first and second rounds went well, and then it fell apart during the hang cleans.  The last two rounds I did, I ended up having to break up the cleans.  I ended up with 5+1 as my final score.

This below, is how I felt during my box jumps:

gifjumpI’m still sticking with No Bread, strictly – but I’m not seeing any number movement on the scale, and even though I know I’m building muscle, I know that there is a decent amount of pounds that I need to lose.  It’s a bit frustrating at the moment, I’m not going to lie.




Cleaning on a Saturday

Went in this morning to get a 1-1 session with John to work on lifting, specifically my clean.  He started evaluating my form and then we talked about what I thought I was doing wrong.

We did a couple sets at increasing weight 3x high hang cleans, 3x hang cleans, 3x power cleans.  And then we did some squat cleans, working on footwork.  My biggest problem is getting under the bar.  I don’t really have any issues with the strength part of it, it’s just getting under the bar.  We dissected that part and there were some things that really clicked today.  He gave me some good drills to work on so that the movements essentially become muscle memory.  Towards the end, he had me do 3x power cleans and built up to a heavy weight.  In between, he had me doing increasing weight of front squats.  My legs are toast from Jackie yesterday, but the squats felt pretty good.  I also need to work on my footwork, as I tend to “starfish” out a bit with my right leg.  Okay, a lot.  Especially when it gets heavy.  Getting my elbows through when it becomes heavy is also a problem, it almost seems like an after thought.  Like I lift the weight and then I’m like “fast elbows.”  And by that time it’s too late.

One thing that I know is true of myself is that I tend to over-think things – especially before I lift.  When I went into the set-up, I would tend to be down there and think about the lift too much.  He suggested that I think about the lift before I go into the set-up and just get down there, set-up and go.  It worked.  I ended up PR’ing my power clean today at 135# 🙂 and did two reps at that weight. I got two lifts at 135#, and then got in my head too much.

I’m excited that I had this session with John and hope to do some more sessions with him.  He had me do some dumb bell work and then I was done for this week.

Getting warmer and using the butt coolers in Niko's car after a workout

Getting warmer and using the butt coolers in Niko’s car after a workout

Getting some No Bread breakfast time from Salem Foods.  Yummy!

Getting some No Bread breakfast time from Salem Foods. Yummy!

NB 5.0 Test Workout #1

So we are going to have a series of three benchmark / test workouts for the No Bread Challenge.  Today’s was the first workout was, what I thought, a nice re-entry into Crossfit given I had just taken the week off.

The test was:

A) 20 Minutes to get 1RM power clean

B) AMRAP 8 90% of part A weight power cleans

My squat clean 1RM is 135# and my power clean is 125#, so I went in hoping to get at least 125#.  I was, and still am, a bit jetlagged, so this post will be short as my capacity to put thoughts down coherently is diminishing by each letter I type.  It went like this:

95, 115, 125, 130 (my fifth attempt), 135 FAIL

I was happy with 130, and even though it took me 5 attempts, I was oddly calm.  While it was frustrating in the moment to fail, I knew that I could only get better over the next 50 days.

I did the maths wrong and ended up doing 120 for part B.  I was aiming for 16-20 reps.  Turns out, this was not in the cards today.  I got the first two reps and then failed and failed and failed.  In the entire 8 minutes, I got 5 reps and even on them, my form was crap.

I scheduled a session with John for this weekend to do a little more direct work on my form.

Yesterday’s NO BREAD Eats:

AM – Egg scramble with kebab leftovers and avocado

MID – Vegetable mix from salad bar at Whole Foods

PM – Chartucerie plate (sans bread), pork loin wrapped in pork belly, ramps

Today, I started breakfast off with some good ol’ bacon!

photo (3)



I heart Jerks, but I don’t do them…

Last night I read the workout and I was so pumped! Clean and jerks! I haven’t done those in a workout in so long.

The workout, as written was:

Power Clean + Jerk
15min to work to a tough single

and then

10 C+J
20 DU’s

Then, I got to Craic and it was an old school 6:30AM crew, including long-term absentees Anthony, Laura, and Elizabeth! We did a mobility warm up and then skill work. And then the workout. I even wore my I ❤ Jerk t-shirt. And then reality hit me and I said to Jarrod “So, for weight for the jerks… I should just go until it hurts, right?” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew how absurd that proposition was and the look on Jarrod’s face confirmed this. As much as I wanted to do jerks, until I’m done rehabbing my shoulder – there is no way I should be throwing that much weight over my head. No jerks for me. This made me sad. Or as Jarrod says “It Tastes Like Sad.”


But I rebounded quickly from this disappointment and we devised a plan. I would build to a heavy 2 rep power clean for the first part and then do the following modified workout for the AMRAP:

  • 10 power cleans
  • 10 dumb bell push press
  • 20 single unders

I managed to work up to 130# for 2 reps and then I did the power cleans in the AMRAP at the Rx weight of 105# and used 15# dumb bells for the push press. Overall great workout. I was toast by the time it was done. Jarrod kept on trying to coach me on my cleans, I’m leaning too far back too early and jumping back … and doing all sorts of things wrong. Added it to the list of things to work on during our weekend sessions.

Final score: 4+2