Tuesdays with Izzy

I am so sore today.  Those knee / leg raises did a number on my abs, hip flexors, and lats.  Yikes!  Alarm went off at 6:00AM and I immediately turned it off, set it to 7:00AM and rolled back over.  That lasted a whole 60 seconds when I rolled back over again and turned off the alarm and got out of bed.  I was so sleepy this morning – I grabbed my keys, water, phone, wallet and headed down to put my sneakers on and to my car.  I got to my car and realized I didn’t have my keys.  Ran back into the house, thoroughly went through my purse, searched my whole kitchen and realized that I left them downstairs when I was putting my sneakers on.  I thought I was losing my mind. #coolstorybro

Got into Craic and after asking Jarrod some unnecessary questions, modified the following workout:

A. OTM 10 min
even – 10 Strict Dips (10 strict dumb bell press – 15#)
odd – 10 Strict Pullups (10 wide-grip ring rows)
15min AMRAP
10 Ring Rows
7 Burpees (7 box jumps/step-ups)
Run 200m

Jarrod told me to do wide-grip ring rows if I wanted to work on strength getting that initial pull for a pull-up.  So whenever I have the opportunity to do that, I will. Ran during the AMRAP – shin, ankle, and foot started hurting at the end.  I started with box jumps (first round) but the swinging of my arms to jump up started bugging my shoulder so I did step-ups.  The last run of the workout – I managed to get the 200m done in a little over a minute.  But it was nice to be able to have that final push at the end.  Definitely feel like I’m not quite ready to get to that dark place from a metcon perspective – but getting closer to pushing a bit harder.  Final score was 7 rounds even at 15:07.

Still trying to work out my workout schedule (how many days on, how many off).  Definitely need to fall back into a routine.

Went to PT after and hung out with Izzy the PT dog.  She jumped right up with me and then tried to follow me out when I left.  I had to walk her back to Craig (my PT) so she didn’t sit by the door staring at me out the window and potentially dash out whenever the next person came in.  Definitely think we’re seeing progress and I’m in the weird state where it has to get worse before it gets better.  Need to work on scapula stability and also getting the inflammation in my bicep down.  Him, combined with Nichole will do a body good 🙂

Telling me all her secrets. <3

Telling me all her secrets. ❤


Hanging out on the table with me.

Hanging out on the table with me.

This was right before she came running down the hall to the door.  I wanted to take her home ;)

This was right before she came running down the hall to the door. I wanted to take her home 😉


Mod Tue Wod

Still feeling a bit under the weather, but wanted to get a workout in.  Emailed Jarrod because the WOD as written was:

A) weighted pullups – 5×3
B) Push Press 5×10 – increasing
for time:
50 pushups
50 KBS 53/35

Didn’t know how or what to sub for the first part of the workout.  Jarrod had me do step-in ring rows and deadlifts.  For the pull-ups I did 5 pull-ups instead of 3.

Steps-in: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5,  and deadlifts: 95, 125, 135, 145, 150 I might have gone a bit light on the deads, but since my low back has been bothering me off and on the last couple of weeks, I wanted to focus on some good form.  95, 125, and 135 felt really heavy, but I started to get into my stride at 145 and 150.  The ring rows were a bit challenging as I stepped in more, but I managed to get all five for all the sets.

Was really nervous about the push-up part.  I just got the go ahead to do bench push-ups a couple of days ago and 50 of them seemed daunting.  Got through the first 10 unbroken, then 5, and then it fell apart.  I got to 31 and I just couldn’t do anymore, so I moved onto the kettle bells.  I did Russians and used the 44# bell.  I’m getting comfortable using that weight now for Russians.  I did the first 25 unbroken, then 10, then 8, then 7.  I think my final time was 6:17.  I had a really, really hard time breathing towards the end of the workout and couldn’t seem to catch my breath for a solid 30 minutes after.  My pulse was racing like crazy as well.  I think it’s because I’m sick and not hydrating as much as I should.  I still don’t feel great today, so I’m taking today off.



Night Time Classes

This week, I have been going to the 7:30PM classes so I could go to a couple of classes with Niko.  It’s nice to go to classes with him and also see people that I don’t normally see.  But I miss my 6:30AM class and will go back next week. It’s nice to start the day with a workout.  Also, as we go into summer, the earlier classes are literally the “cooler” classes.

Monday was a clean workout.  20 minutes to build to the following complex: 2 deadlifts (with clean grip), 2 power cleans, 2 hang power cleans and then an AMRAP 10 of 3 power cleans and 6 burpees.  I had an MRI / MRA earlier in the day and my shoulder was a tad bit tender, so I did sit-ups instead of the burpees.  I wanted to take it easy because of the MRA in the morning (the injection wasn’t fun) I told myself I would only go to a weight that felt “right” instead of heavy.  Ended up going to 115.  Tried for 125, but after the first hang clean, it didn’t feel great – so I just dropped the weight and worked on form for the rest of the 20 minutes.  I also helped Niko learn the clean a bit as well, as he was new to the movement.  The AMRAP was relatively straight forward and I went with 95# for the workout.  The cleans were the easy part and the sit-ups sucked.  I forget how hard it is to catch your breath with sit-ups because you’re constantly collapsing your body.  Final score was 13+2.  It was awesome to workout with Niko for the first time at Craic.

We were going to go back on Tuesday together, but Niko ended up having a work emergency right before we were about to leave and couldn’t go.  It was a 20 minute EMOM.  Even minutes ring rows, odd minutes front squats.  I need to find something other than ring rows to work on  because they are getting a bit monotonous and not as challenging as I’d like them.  Watching Gienah, Katie, and Callahan do muscle-ups during the workout made me want to try to make my workout a bit more challenging.  I need to talk to Jarrod about that this weekend.  I also started with 95#, which I think was a bit too conservative.  I ended up bumping it up to 105# for the last 6 rounds of the front squats and probably could have gone heavier.  Overall, it was a good workout.  Definitely got a good sweat on (but that could be because it was close to 80 degrees yesterday).

On another note, I saw this kitty on the internet and I want it so bad.  It’s a wild cat called a sand cat and it lives in the desert.  So prosh!  It’s on the Near Threatened list, and has been since 2002.  Would be a shame if this type of kitty because extinct.



Also, I came across this AMAZING Tumblr on the internet and it kind of made my day.  I will be following it religiously.  Meow.




My knee started bothering me yesterday.  Like…a lot.  Not sure why and I’m pretty frustrated.  The only thing I could possibly link it to is on Saturday during the team work out when I was doing a lateral bar burpee, I extended my leg back, it caught a bumper and I slammed my knee into the ground.  But I’m not sure why it didn’t bug me until yesterday.  It hurts whenever I bend my leg, so that’s awesome.

Ended up almost completely doing a separate workout from everyone else today because of said knee and shoulder issues.  The first part of the workout was to do assisted pull-ups but after doing two of them with my partner, my shoulder started to get all cranky so I did negative ring rows instead.  I then did 20# bi-cep curls.

Workout, as written was 5 rounds for time:

  • 7 thrusters
  • 7 pull-ups
  • 7 box jumps

I ended up doing 5 rounds for time:

  • 5 cals on AirDyne
  • 7 ring rows
  • 7 knees raises hanging from the bar


Speeded through the workout and finished in 5:17 .  The Air Dyne crapped out on me mid-way through so I lost about 15 seconds trying to fix it – so my “real time” was around 5 minutes.  Didn’t really feel like I got a good workout today, feeling really meh about it.  Oh well, we all have those days.  Let’s hope tomorrow is better.