Went to the Crash B Indoor Rowing Championships this weekend, there were 8 ladies from Craic competing – Barb, Kerstin, Denise, Beth, Chanel, Carleen, Nicole, Jackie, and Kelly.  Was awesome to see.  Everyone did great.  I got to coxswain for Denise and Chanel in their heats and it was a ton of fun.  We worked out strategy and approach beforehand and I was half-cheerleader, half-coaching.  They both PR’d their times (almost all the ladies did) – great to see their hard work pay off.  And kudos to them for putting themselves out there and competing like bosses.

Dude was 96 years old and finished in less than 12 minutes #whatsyourexcuse

Dude was 96 years old and finished in less than 12 minutes #whatsyourexcuse

Ladies of Craic!

Ladies of Craic!

Chanel, me, Kerstin, Denise

Chanel, me, Kerstin, Denise

Was going to go to yoga with G. tonight, but she ended up working late and couldn’t make it.  I’m a big bebe and didn’t want to go by myself, so I went into the gym to get a workout in.


Pull up Strength Work
4x (3-5 reps) hardest variation possible (I did parallel ring rows – think I might try with my feet on a box / bench next time)
10 Back Squats Front Squats (increasing)
350m Row Airdyne @90%
rest 2-3mins

I did the strength work and then went into the workout.  Wasn’t sure what to do with weight, as hip is feeling kind of tight.  Did some mobility to warm up and that helped a bit.  I did 75, 80, 85, 90, 105 and did between 1:20 and 1:30 on the airdyne.  This was a sneaky workout.  Crept up on you after you were done with the round.  About 10 seconds after each round was over, you felt wrecked.  I took about 4 minutes rest in between.  Probably could have gone heavier with the front squats, but it’s easy to say looking back.  Have to go and get a workout in tomorrow morning.


It’s definitely winter here in New England.  Yesterday was a programmed rest day – so I went to PT and had my shoulder worked on and hung out with Izzy the PT dog.

The night before (Tuesday) I hung with some of my Turbine peeps and we tried to play the first round of Mage Knight – a super nerdy table top board game.  SO MUCH FUN.  Since we were all learning, and it’s a long game in general, we only got through one round (day time).  I won that round (just saying…) and therefore am awesome.  I played as Arythea.I won by going all YOLO in a cave in the desert and defeated a monster with my ranged fiery attacks.  I’m telling you because it was the type of deed of which I gained no reputation – and I want everyone to know I murdered that beast! Anyway, this allowed me to get the most points in the round, and I take it as a WIN.

photo 1 (15)


Thanks for the nerdy break.  So, anyway … it’s WINter here and stormy.  And we had a big storm come in called Pax.  Yea, serious, PAX.  Like the convention. Only not as fun and not something that I’m tasked with planning for work.  Anywho…

Niko and I were both working from home because of Pax and decided that we would do the workout at home because it was a rowing workout and we own an erg.  It was 6 x 500m row – negative splits.  Little leery about rowing as of late because my hip gets really tight, but wanted to see how it went.  I only ended up getting 2.5 rounds in because my hip got SUPER tight and I also felt like I was going to puke.  Good news is that I learned that I am much more of an efficient rower at the 6 setting on the dampener.  Shoulder and arm felt great when rowing.  My times were 2:06.7 and 2:01.1.  Right as I was beginning the third round, the power went out!  I started my third round in the dark and about 1/2 way through I thought I was going to vomit. Not sure if it was because of the motion and the darkness (I’ve been prone to motion sickness, historically).  Stopped the workout – didn’t feel super broken up about it because John has it listed for me as an optional one anyway. Nice to get a little cardio in.  Niko did the rest of his sets in the dark.  He still ended up getting negative splits and putting up a good final time.

How I started my day.  Too bad I had to do work.  This seemed like a good way to spend it!

How I started my day. Too bad I had to do work. This seemed like a good way to spend a snow day!

Flashlight and a rower!

Flashlight and a rower!

Being at home all day is REALLY hard on the nutrition front, but I stayed strong.  Been a good week (food-wise) for me – trying to do a sugar detox of sorts (no candy or sweets – even for cheat days) for two full weeks.  I wish I could say it was easy.  I JUST WANT SOME REESE’S PIECES!

The body I want  immersed in the candy I crave! #conflicted

The body I want immersed in the candy I crave! #conflicted





Boat Race

Last night the WoD was posted and Niko was super excited about the workout.  Me, not so much.  It was a benchmark workout called “Boat Race” which is an AMRAP 20 of 500m row and 400 run.  I looked at Niko and said “Yea, I’m not working out tomorrow.”   I have no idea why those words came out of my mouth, as I have not really cherry picked in a long time.  Needless to say, I put out my workout clothes before I went to bed and went into the gym.  I was still a bit worried about my wrist during the row, but knew I could airdyne if the row wasn’t working out. I worked on maintaining a steady pace and got 3+row+100m run in under the time cap.  I hate these types of workouts, but today felt decent, and I was really happy that I managed to get through the entire run / row workout without having to modify.  My wrist was a bit swollen at the end, but it recovered quickly. While I definitely wasn’t the fastest, I did it – and it’s kind of a big milestone for me.

Before the workout, Jarrod had us do a mobility test – 10 minute squat.  Yep.  That’s 10 minutes sitting in the squat position.  Then, we were to stand up and figure out what hurt the most.  It was fairly easy for me to do, and when I stood up – the only part that really bothered me were my ankles – but I managed to shake that off in about 2 minutes 😀

Also, since I was away last week, I wasn’t able to give some shout-outs to my pals, Katie and G, for their recent kick-ass accomplishments.  G won our No Bread Challenge AND placed 8th in a recent competition, making it into the finals.  Here’s a shot of her transformation and a link to her story:


And phases after. HAWT. (And she has awesome hair…)

And Katie, who’s squat has been haunting her and has been cutting out sugars and such from her diet in the effort to get a six-pack – her work has paid off.  Take a look at her below:

Squat Progression


Before and After. Ab-ulous!

#inspiration #abtastic



Recovery-ish Day

Normally, if I was cherry picking, last night’s workout would have been one that I skipped.  But Niko missed Tuesday, so I wanted to go to one more class with him last night.  I was going to use it as a recovery workout and substitute a bunch of stuff.  It was a 36 minute workout.  1 minute row, 1 minute run, 1 minute jump rope. I was going to airdyne instead of row and box step-ups instead of jumping rope.  My wrist was feeling a bit better, so I decided to try to see how rowing felt on my wrist and it actually felt good.

I’ve been experimenting with my wrist issues by not wearing my heavy metal watches anymore and seeing if that alleviates any of my symptoms.  My wrist is still not 100% better, but it’s starting to feel a little more stable.  So I decided to do the workout as prescribed and had back-ups just in case my ankle or wrist started bothering me.

I hate these types of workouts and 12 minutes in, I thought “Fuck!  Only 1/3 of the way through.”  It was brutal for me, but the exactly the workout I needed to do.  Coach Ben is our resident double under king, so he was giving me pointers for them as I tend to jump up really high and slam my feet into the ground – which hurts my ankle.  During the jump rope section, I just focused on keeping a steady single under jump (and jumping high).   Niko, on the other hand, loved the workout.  He and I are complete opposite when it comes to workouts we think are “fun.”

By the end of the workout, my calves were toast and when I went home, I decided to try to use my compression sleeves for my leg and they are magic.  My legs are so much less ache-y than they normally would be.  In fact, I’m wearing them under my jeans at work today.  I don’t think I’ll ever take them off.  Plus they are a fun fashion statement.


I am super excited that I got through a workout where I got to row and run. No more airdyne exclusively.  I’m going to ease into the distances (I’m not going to just go and bust out 2000m on the rower right away) – but it’s progress and that makes me happy 🙂

Team Clean

I hardly have the energy to type this.  I am not sure if it’s because yesterday and this morning’s WOD kicked my ass so hard or that I might be coming down with the plague that has hit my company pretty hard.  Fuck.

I love sprint / interval WODs and I was really looking forward to today’s.  It was:

4 rounds of

:20 burpees / :20 row for total meters, three minute rest in between

Rest 7 minutes and then repeat the above.

Three minutes rest in between after :40 seconds of hard work?  Looked like my kind of workout.  I partnered with Kevin, who is usually an afternoon / evening class guy – but he made a guest appearance in our class.  Jarrod dubbed us “Team Clean” because Kevin has one of the fastest cleans in the gym and we’re both suffering from shoulder stuff – so all we can both do is clean.  Kevin’s metcon is amazing.  He banged out on average 12 burpees per round and around 100m per round for the row.  I screwed him on two rounds – one of them I didn’t hit the row button hard enough and he had to row for an extra 5 seconds (blargh!) and then I counted 6 twice on his burpees in another round.

This workout was BRUTAL.  I thought I was going to pass out with the 7 minute break in between.  I was dizzy, I had stitch in my side – I literally gave this workout everything that I had in the tank.  I averaged about 8-9 burpees per round and 95m per round for the row.   My last burpee of my last set I was so determined to get my hands above my head, I almost fell face first onto the floor.  I think today, I realized the true meaning of digging deep.   I had trouble getting into my car, putting the key into the ignition (I think I tried and failed like three times), and just driving to my house.  When I got home, I went upstairs and laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes.  Then I realized that I forgot my phone at Craic and had to get back into the car.  Niko wouldn’t let me drive for a bit because I was a little loopy (which is probably a good idea).  This was probably the closest that I’ve gotten to vomiting after a workout (and/or passing out!) Some of this is probably due to the fact that I’m not hydrating as much as I should (colder weather makes me forget that I’m thirsty!) but mostly because I pushed myself as much as I could today.

Here’s a breakdown of the scores.  The totals might be a bit messed up because I was doing the math in my head while being completely out of my mind.

photo (3)



Craic crushes the row!

It was an epic day of rowing yesterday.  Susie Diesel crushed her #1 spot-worthy 500m row with an amazing 1:42.6 (her previous PR was 1:44).  Keep in mind, she did this with a “boot cast” on – as she injured her foot a bit and practically rowed one-legged-style.  Judy L., who is a freaking amazing athlete, knocked me down to #4 with a time of 1:44.7.  Reggie, who I mentioned yesterday, kept his spot at #5 all day!

However, one of the most impressive shows is our very own Jarrod Dizzle Davis who did the row, thinking that there was no way he was going to PR.  He sat #1 at 1:22.7 and didn’t think that there was any way he was going to be able to even match it.  Well, like me during my 500m row…he surprised himself.  Check out his 1:21.3 PR time yesterday.  Glen coaching him the entire way!

I was supposed to do Friday’s test today, but last night my knee really started bothering me and I didn’t want to poke at it with a workout of thrusters, burpees, and running right before I am about to leave on a business trip.  The last thing I needed was to make it worse!  Tomorrow I’m headed to Las Vegas and then Seattle for a business trip.  Hope to get visits in at Crossfit Las Vegas and Foundation Crossfit.

Testing, Day 2 – 500m Row

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened this morning.  I’ve been working on rowing a lot, we even bought a rower!  Jarrod has been coaching the shit out of rowing classes and I’ve been trying really hard to get my form more efficient.  The last time I tested with Jarrod, my time was 1:58.  I did a semi-speed row a couple of weeks ago as a warm-up at got 1:56.  Today, for the testing day – I wanted to get sub 1:55 – that’s been my goal for quite some time now.

Jarrod, again, gave some really good pointers and a great talk before we did the trial.  He said that he hoped that at least one of the following three things happen to us as we finish the 500m trial – it would be a mark of some hard work:

  1. Our face goes numb.  We can’t feel our mouth, nose, or cheeks.
  2. Our quads and legs are screaming – like our hamstrings are trying to remove themselves from your ass.
  3. T-Rex arms from all the effort (likely caused from in-efficient form, but will prove max effort!)

Jarrod coaching, looking fashionable with his cap

I knew it was less than 2:00 minutes of my life…Kendyl (with whom I was sharing a rower) went in the first round.  Everyone finished and they looked completely wasted.  COMPLETELY.  I think they took Jarrod’s criteria to heart.  I looked at my friend Leila and said we both said to each other with our eyes “Holy shit, this is gonna suck.  Look at the round 1 group.”

Now it was my turn.  I decided that I wasn’t going to look at the time, but instead I knew that I could finish the 500m in less than 60 strokes, so I just counted down strokes.  For some reason, I found this easier to do – and sometimes looking at the clock slows me down.  I occasionally glanced at the pace part of the clock to make sure I was maintaining a quick pace.  The last 100m were brutal.  I just wanted the meters tick down, counted down my strokes and gave it all I had.  I knew that I had definitely broken 1:55, but had no idea how I’d done.  I didn’t look at my time immediately, and that was only after Jarrod said “I’d say that time just put you at #3 on the board…” Wait, what?  I looked at my time:

That’s right!  1:46.6!  Holy shit.  Like I said in the beginning of the post, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  It put me on the board for the 500m row at #3. I know that this is bragging, but I pretty much killed my goal and the time trial on the rower. I’m not sure if that will stay as the day progresses, but I’ll take it for the morning.  My friend, Reggie, also made the men’s board today with a time of 1:25.  He’s an animal.  I love him!  I not only surprised myself, but I think I surprised Jarrod too with my time.  He called me a ninja, and was quick to clarify that it’s not because I’m Asian…so I think it’s because I ninja’d my way onto the board? 🙂

Here we are feeling pretty good about our times today and showing the rower who the boss is:

It took me FOREVER to recover.  My face felt numb, my quads were on fire so much that it was hard even walking around without feeling all wobbly.  The second part of the workout was supposed to be four rounds at 80% effort of your row trial.  I think I did about 60% of my row effort for the four rounds, but it was the best way to recover from that all out effort.

Overall a great way to kick off the day.  Couldn’t have done it without my pals cheering me on and the excellent rowing coaching of Jarrod Dizzle Davis.  Love me some Craic.

Push and Row

Today was a really tough, but fun, workout.  Again it was a strength workout combined with interval training.  Loved it.  I don’t envy the coaches, as organizationally, they seem a bit hard to coach in the span of an hour – but Jarrod did a great job today.

Push Press 4-6 reps x5
3 sec hold at the top

Rep Ranges: Moving forward when you see a rep range like above (4-6) it means that every set the min number you can do is 4, max 6. If you achieve 6 you increase the weight for the next set
10 min partner row for max meters – partners switch every minute so it’s basically 1min on 1min off for 10min

Jarrod paired me with my pal Nicole and wanted met to keep in the same weight range and didn’t push too heavy, given my shoulder issues.  I need to just keep on doing the bullet proof shoulders and gradually go up in weight.  She’s pregnant and wasn’t going to go all beast mode on the weight.  We ended up building to 75# and did three sets at that weight.  My shoulder didn’t give me any pain and I did 6 reps for each set. Felt good and comforting that there was no pain.

Then we went onto the row.  I love interval training.  Nicole hates rowing (even though she is pretty good at it!) and is super pregnant, so my goal was to get us over 2000 meters together.  I went out pretty hard in the first interval – at about a 1:40 / 500m pace.  I can’t wait to do a 500m time trial.  Hoping to get sub 1:50.  Anyway, the transition part (as Jarrod told us) was the most time consuming part, but we got through it.  The last 1:00 was BRUTAL – but left the rower feeling like I got a really good workout in.  Our final time was 2167m.  Here’s a pic of our final scores (aren’t we adorable!)

Here’s a panoramic shot of the Craic O’Dawn crew doing the same workout.  It’s an action shot, which is why all the people rowing  look all distorted and/or are missing.

I’m feeling pretty sore (in a good way) from the last week’s worth of workouts.  I’m going to go in tomorrow, as Jarrod let us know he programmed tomorrow.  I don’t know if this is a mistake, because one time he programmed a workout in celebration of his son (Leif’s) 2nd birthday called “The Terrible Twos” and it was very, very terrible indeed.  So terrible that the name and the WoD is forever etched into my brain.  I paired with Jamie and during the wall ball portion, I believe that I had a full fledged temper tantrum and threw the medicine ball down and kicked it repeatedly.