Sunday Runday

Back in Los Angeles and after a hectic week, found out that Angelino had Sunday classes.  I had a brunch scheduled for later in the day, but wanted to make the class.  I had no excuse as to why I shouldn’t workout other than pure laziness and fear of what looked like a very hard workout – so I went.  I definitely need to get into a routine.

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

We started with a 700m run and for the last 200m we sprinted.  Then, as we all wandered back into the box, Karlos presented us with a small box filled with folded pieces of paper.  Once everyone was back from the warm up, we were informed that we were doing 2 tabatas prior to the workout using the 8 movements that we picked (4 per tabata).  I can’t quite remember all of the ones we did, but man, tabatas are terrible 🙂

Then we went into the workout, which was called Cerebrus.  I modified the crap out of this one:

3 Rounds for Time:

300m Run12x Single Arm KB Press (Rx 40+/30+) 10# bicep curls (6 per arm)
15x Box Jumps (Rx 24+/20+) step-ups
12x KB Swings 24#
10x Goblet Squats 10#
300m Run
6x Strict Pull-Ups ring rows
12x Knees-to-Elbow did these on the ground
15x Hand Release Push-Ups wall push-ups
5x Wall Balls (Rx 20/14) 10#

Final time: 26:10

This one was tough, but I got to break in my brand new Nike Metcons.  Short review: Awesome.  Better for varied workouts than the Nanos.    The runs felt really slow (and were actually slow) for me.  I am also having a hard time figuring out what weights to do.  I can’t tell if I’m choosing lower weights because I’m scared of not being able to do the workout (failing) or if I’m choosing them because (and this is what I tell myself) I want to ease back into Crossfit and not go to heavy too fast and injure myself all over again.  Most likely, it’s a combination of them both – but it’s something that I know that I’ll be constantly evaluating as I venture forth back into Crossfit.  Stay tuned, friends.

Running in the Cold

Busy day on Tuesday – couldn’t get a workout in. I didn’t even stay home and play Civ V, I actually had a business dinner I had to attend that evening.

Last night (Wednesday) went to the 7:30PM class coached by Ben.  I almost didn’t go, but since I was a lazy ass and slept in on Wednesday morning – I didn’t really have an excuse not to go.  In my defense, I am still having trouble falling asleep.  Any way, workout was AMRAP 20: Run 400, 10 DB squat, 10 DB push press, 10 sit-ups.  No idea what weight to do, so I looked on the board and saw Dickson had done 22.5 – so I went with that.  I was going to puss out on the run (1) because of my ankle and (2) because it was effing cold.  Ben challenged me a bit on the running, so I decided to go and see how it felt (since the 200m runs felt good last week) and if it was terrible, I would do air dyne.

Speaking of air dyne, Jarrod is haunting me from his class because he gave Ben the awesome idea to make us all do air dyne sprints as a warm up.  They were terrible.  Then, we had to do couch stretch and I couldn’t even stay in the position.  I opted to stretch my calf / ankle muscles instead.

Happy to say, I’m glad Ben challenged me a bit because I ended up doing the whole workout with the run.  I managed to squeak out 4+200m run in the 20 minutes.  Transitions were a bit slow because i was putting on my sweatshirt in between running outside and the inside movements.  Running was slow and steady (and cold!) – it’s just going to take conditioning and I also have to come to terms with, for the time being, for running workouts, I’m likely going to be one of the last to finish (or get the lowest score).  But all we are is competing with ourselves, right?  I mean, that’s what all those internet memes say and I believe everything I read on the internet.



Stina v Kitty Litter – Day 2

I conquered the kitty litter.  Was much better than yesterday, where one of the cats left a protest poop outside of the litter just to let me know that Niko is the better fur-baby parent.

Worked out today.  Missed the morning class.  A little off kilter with Niko out of town and couldn’t sleep.  Awww.  #lame

Workout was:

A. 3 rounds for time
10 Clean + Jerks
50 Double Unders

rest 3mins

B. 3 rounds for time
Run 200m
10 Pullups / 5 muscle ups

I did 100 single-unders due to the ankle sprain-age (is that a word?) and ran the 200m.  Ankle was tight, but not unmanageable.  Did 65# because shoulder is a bit wonky and didn’t want to push it.  6:34 for part A, 5:48 (I think?) for part B.  I’m not only bad at barbell math, I’m bad at time math too.  Run actually felt really good.  Had a good amount of energy and just came in and did my RR UB.

Tomorrow is a rest-ish day.  Have a wicked early morning dentist appointment and then going to PT in the afternoon.  Might try to do workout at home – but will probably get sidetracked playing Civ V (damn you, Buddy!) #realisticexpectations



No Cleaning

reasonIn a turn of events, I can’t do cleans for a bit.  My favorite and go-to lift.  But I can do shoulder to overhead (albeit at a light weight – no more than 45 pounds)!  It’s time to let my bicep become less inflamed and the dynamic movement of cleans is a no-no and I have to rest it for at least a week.  But I can do light weight shoulder to overhead which is kind of cool.  So my restrictions flip flopped so to speak.  Workout was:

A1. 5 TnG Power Cleans
A2. 5 Push Press
Build to a max for the above complex

B. 15min AMRAP
Run 400m
10 Deadlifts – you pick the weight
10 Pushups

I subbed 10 from the rack front squats and did 5 45# push presses (instead of cleans and building to a max).  At first, I was just doing 10 45# FS, but the last two sets I went up to 65, then 75.  Push press felt good, nice to start working those movements again.

Then it was the AMRAP.  I told myself that I was only going to do 200m run because I was afraid of my ankles hurting.  But once I started running, I just thought “Just keep running the entire 400 and see how it goes.”  I kept a good pace and even though I knew I’d be the slowest one, I was just happy to be running again.  I ended up being able to do 3+run+9 and ran 400m each time.

Tomorrow night, I’m headed out to see the Acro-Cats.  It’s a cat circus.  I’m not kidding.

Kinda Sorta Workout

So, not really a workout at all.  The workout was run 1 mile spend 20 minutes doing Turkish get-ups and then 1 mile.  I emailed my PT to see if I could practice them at 5 pounds, and he said so long as there is no pain in my right shoulder.

I did 8 minutes on the air dyne instead of the run (ankle sprain) and didn’t go very hard.  Then I tried the Turkish get-ups and it hurt immediately.  I used the 20 minutes to work on shoulder mobility, and then I did 8 more minutes on the air dyne.  Feeling meh about my workout.  But sometimes you just have those days!

Niko, on the other hand, did 2 sub-7 minute miles.  IT WAS AWESOME to see him make those gains.  I am really proud of him.  His last 1 mile was 7:24.  He shaved off 30 seconds from his previous time and did a time of 6:54 and the second mile he did was 6:58.  That was on tired legs from doing the weighted lunges earlier in the week.  Can’t imagine how fast he’ll go when he has rested legs.  #myhusbandisawesome

This is the cutest story ever, by the way.

kitten1 kitten2


Humid Summer Haze

It’s summer.  And it’s summer in New England.  While I know the humidity doesn’t compare to that in the South, it’s still something I detest and makes me miss living in the dry heat of Los Angeles just a little bit.  Begrudgingly went to workout on Saturday, it was a typical Saturday workout. It was an AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 burpees, 10 KB swings, 10 sit-ups.  It was a hot day and a bit humid.  I had PT in the morning, so we went to the 10AM class.  While I generally hate running, I’m glad to be doing running workouts again.  My goal was to get at least 3 rounds in and I managed to squeak out 4 rounds + 100m run.  The running is feeling stronger (albeit slow). Sara had us warm up with a small 5 minute EMOM  – 3-5 burpees as fast as possible.  My PT had just given me the clear to do burpees again, so I went for is.  Going all the way down to the ground started making my shoulder pinch, so I switched to no push-up burpees. I did Russian swings at 44#.

Sunday was a rest day, and because of this, I give you this video – which is kind of amazing.

Went into Craic today and it was humid as all get out, even at 6:30am this morning. It was 80 degrees by the time I got into the gym. Blech. It was 2 AMRAP 10 (with 5 minutes rest between them) of 200m run, 10 hang power snatches, 10 burpees.  I wore my Nanos today, which I thought would be okay for a 200m run.  Turns out my ankles and legs need more stability for the run.  I had to switch to 10 cals on the airdyne, substitute hang power cleans, and no push-up burpees.  I originally thought that I would do 75# for the hang power cleans, but I tried a few and felt a pinching in my shoulder.  I bumped down the weight to 65# and it felt okay.  I need to work on letting go of the bar at the top, but when cycling, it’s a bit challenging if you want to get reps done quickly.  Managed to get the same score for both rounds – 3 + 10 cals on the AD.  I was dripping like crazy by the end of the workout.  It was HAWT!


Boat Race

Last night the WoD was posted and Niko was super excited about the workout.  Me, not so much.  It was a benchmark workout called “Boat Race” which is an AMRAP 20 of 500m row and 400 run.  I looked at Niko and said “Yea, I’m not working out tomorrow.”   I have no idea why those words came out of my mouth, as I have not really cherry picked in a long time.  Needless to say, I put out my workout clothes before I went to bed and went into the gym.  I was still a bit worried about my wrist during the row, but knew I could airdyne if the row wasn’t working out. I worked on maintaining a steady pace and got 3+row+100m run in under the time cap.  I hate these types of workouts, but today felt decent, and I was really happy that I managed to get through the entire run / row workout without having to modify.  My wrist was a bit swollen at the end, but it recovered quickly. While I definitely wasn’t the fastest, I did it – and it’s kind of a big milestone for me.

Before the workout, Jarrod had us do a mobility test – 10 minute squat.  Yep.  That’s 10 minutes sitting in the squat position.  Then, we were to stand up and figure out what hurt the most.  It was fairly easy for me to do, and when I stood up – the only part that really bothered me were my ankles – but I managed to shake that off in about 2 minutes 😀

Also, since I was away last week, I wasn’t able to give some shout-outs to my pals, Katie and G, for their recent kick-ass accomplishments.  G won our No Bread Challenge AND placed 8th in a recent competition, making it into the finals.  Here’s a shot of her transformation and a link to her story:


And phases after. HAWT. (And she has awesome hair…)

And Katie, who’s squat has been haunting her and has been cutting out sugars and such from her diet in the effort to get a six-pack – her work has paid off.  Take a look at her below:

Squat Progression


Before and After. Ab-ulous!

#inspiration #abtastic



One Fund and a Saturday Run

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to the One Fund Concert on Friday night with fellow Craichead Karen, her boyfriend, and my friend Meg.  It was awesome!  A couple of the comedians were a little border-line…well, downright racist…and I have no idea why Jason Aldean was there…but other than that…incredible show that included Boston, Extreme, NKOTB with special guests Bell Biv Devoe (yea!) and Boyz II Men, J. Geils Band, Dropkick Murphys, James Taylor, Carole King, Jimmy Buffett, and Aerosmith.  My teenage-self almost died when Bell Biv Devoe came on stage with NKOTB and started singing Poison.  Then it really died when Joey McIntyre started talking.  I didn’t know this, but he actually ran the Boston Marathon and finished about 10 minutes before the bombing.  After he spoke, he started singing Please Don’t Go Girl.  I think he was singing it directly to me, but I can’t be sure.  I mean, we are destined to be married and all.

Here are some pics from the evening and clip of Joey singing to me:

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)


This morning, I ended up going in to workout. It was a running workout and today was a hot one!  Niko and I went in together.  Since I still can’t do burpees per my PT for another couple of weeks, I opted to do sit-ups instead.  The Rx weight for women was a 35# KB, but since I was doing Russians, I went with the 44#.  The workout was an AMRAP 20: Run 400m, 15 KB swings, 15 burpees.  I’m trying to start doing running workouts again and have been scaling the runs, but today I decided to go for it and try to do the 400m runs – no matter how slow I went.  As long it was an intense workout, I was set.  If they felt terrible on my ankle / shins / calves I was going to scale it down to 200.  The runs were slower than I would have liked, but not as bad as I thought they were going to be.  I think that if we are doing running workouts, no matter how short the distance, it makes a huge difference when I wear my running shoes vs. running in my Nanos.  Running in my Nanos seem to just make my ankle issues worse, which in turn causes massive foot, calf, and shin cramping.  It was hot as f*** today, pushing 90 and humid at the 9AM class.  I ended up being able to run all my rounds with the 400m, which I was happy about.  44# felt great for the KB and the sit-ups were decent.  Just had to remind myself to hydrate today.  Final score was 3+ run + 26.  Not too horrible.  Sara coached today, she’s an awesome coach.  I like Saturday classes with her.

Tomorrow is a session with Jarrod.  Hoping for not a lot of cardio-centric stuff as I’ve developed a cough over the last 24 hours and it seems to be getting worse.  Hopefully he’ll be nice to me. Gotta be healthy as I’m traveling at the end of the week to LA for business and also headed out to see the NKOTB / Backstreet Boys / Boyz II Men concert tomorrow night (yes, be jealous).


Recovery-ish Day

Normally, if I was cherry picking, last night’s workout would have been one that I skipped.  But Niko missed Tuesday, so I wanted to go to one more class with him last night.  I was going to use it as a recovery workout and substitute a bunch of stuff.  It was a 36 minute workout.  1 minute row, 1 minute run, 1 minute jump rope. I was going to airdyne instead of row and box step-ups instead of jumping rope.  My wrist was feeling a bit better, so I decided to try to see how rowing felt on my wrist and it actually felt good.

I’ve been experimenting with my wrist issues by not wearing my heavy metal watches anymore and seeing if that alleviates any of my symptoms.  My wrist is still not 100% better, but it’s starting to feel a little more stable.  So I decided to do the workout as prescribed and had back-ups just in case my ankle or wrist started bothering me.

I hate these types of workouts and 12 minutes in, I thought “Fuck!  Only 1/3 of the way through.”  It was brutal for me, but the exactly the workout I needed to do.  Coach Ben is our resident double under king, so he was giving me pointers for them as I tend to jump up really high and slam my feet into the ground – which hurts my ankle.  During the jump rope section, I just focused on keeping a steady single under jump (and jumping high).   Niko, on the other hand, loved the workout.  He and I are complete opposite when it comes to workouts we think are “fun.”

By the end of the workout, my calves were toast and when I went home, I decided to try to use my compression sleeves for my leg and they are magic.  My legs are so much less ache-y than they normally would be.  In fact, I’m wearing them under my jeans at work today.  I don’t think I’ll ever take them off.  Plus they are a fun fashion statement.


I am super excited that I got through a workout where I got to row and run. No more airdyne exclusively.  I’m going to ease into the distances (I’m not going to just go and bust out 2000m on the rower right away) – but it’s progress and that makes me happy 🙂

Spring means running!

Set my alarm as soon as I got up into the bedroom in order to ensure that I would make it into Craic this morning. Been feeling a bit rundown and lackluster these last couple of days, and just correlated it to my dumping coffee from my diet (I know, sacrilegious!)  I’m trying to cut out food that could exacerbate heartburn / acid reflux and coffee is a huge culprit. We’ll see if this lasts while I’m in Italy 🙂

Anyway, alarm went off as predicted and got up and headed into the gym. The workout, as written was:

5 Rounds for Time

  • Run 400m
  • 15 dumb bell push press (you pick the weight)
  • 15 KB swings (35#)

I talked to John and asked him if I could run 200m instead of 400m, as since my ankle sprain and issues, I thought I’d try running, but thought that 400m might be too much impact.  He said that was fine.

Ran the first 200m and the run felt decent.  Had a bit of pain in my ankle and foot, but kept on pushing.  Got back and broke up the push press into 10 reps and 5 reps (and 8/7 for the last set).  Did this for all five sets.  Did the first two rounds of KB unbroken, but had to break them up in 10 and 5 at the end.  My upper arms were getting fatigued fast on the KB swings.

Overall, good workout.  I should have potentially done an extra round because I cut the run in half.  Final time: 13:59.