Double Ugh-ders

Conversation of the morning.

Coach Dizzle: Yo, Sweeney – have you done a muscle-up yet?

Sweeney: Nope

Coach Dizzle: Why not?

Sweeney: Because I have no coaching.

(awww, snap, son!)

I interrupt this post for a short public service, non-Crossfit announcement / rant. Ladies.  If you’re gonna wear heels – learn how to walk in them.  They’re supposed to make you look sexier, not like a duck or a cowboy. I mean, seriously. <eom>


Today’s workout was straight forward:

A1.5×10 Shoulder Press
A2. 5×10 Wide Grip Ring Rows


7min AMRAP
7 Wallball
7 Pullups
14 Double Unders

I did 45, 50, 55, 55, 55 – the last two sets were ROUGH.  Did the first four sets UB, but I barely got the 10th up on the 4th set.  Had to break up the last set into 5-3-2 reps.  On the bright side, I got to do some clean skill work.  Ring rows were straight forward.  #strictpressbehardyo

The AMRAP sucked ass.  Wall balls weren’t bad, just trying to get into a rhythm with those.  They were worse on the arms than the were on the legs after part A.  And then the double unders.  Initially was going to go for 14 of them – but ended up having to go for attempts as I couldn’t string together more than 3 to save my life.  BLECH.  While I did all the wallballs and RR UB, the double unders held me up big time.  Only managed to get 4 rounds in.

Since I did the ring rows, I decided to do the remainder of my pull-up homework.  Did 3×12 of barbell bi-cep curls at 35#.  They were pretty damn heavy.  Then I did the 3xME of blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives.  The first two sets I managed to get two per set – but the last one, I just missed getting my chin over the bar.




Habits of Happiness and How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps

The lovely Sara McEvoy is not only the co-owner of Craic and a great athlete, she is also a great writer and keeps a pretty nifty blog, which you can find HERE.  Part of her blog has a section that is called Habits of Happiness – and I love this part of her blog.  Definitely filled with a lot that makes you think about your life and how your building it. If you have some time, I’d suggest you go visit her blog…it’s worth the read.

I thought of Sara and her habits of happiness because today, on my adventures on the internet, I came across this – which I initially thought was an advertisement – but it’s actually a great piece on the Huffington post by Kate Bartolotta which starts with this:

The covers of most men’s and women’s magazines have similar headlines: “Get Great Abs” and “Have Amazing Sex.”

From the looks of it, these two issues have been recycled over and over (with some other stereotypically gender-relevant articles thrown in) on every Men’s Health, Maxim,Cosmopolitan and Glamour cover since the dawn of time. In fact, I’d bet that if we could get a better translation of cave drawings, they would read something like “Grok get flat belly. Make girl Grok moan with joy.”

And we keep buying them. We keep buying this lie that these things will make us happy. I’ve had washboard abs (past tense) and I’ve had some pretty phenomenal sex. Neither one made me a better person. Neither one completed me or made my life more fulfilling.

We chase this idea of “I will be happy when… “

I will be happy when I have a new car. I will be happy when I get married. I will be happy when I get a better job. I will be happy when I lose five pounds. What if instead we choose to be happy — right now?

If you can read this, your life is pretty awesome.

Setting aside our first-world problems and pettiness, if you are online reading this, you have both electricity and WiFi or access to them. Odds are you are in a shelter of some sort, or on a smart phone (and then kudos to you for reading this on the go). Life might bump and bruise us, it may not always go the way we plan and I know I get frustrated with mine, but here’s the thing: You are alive.

Because you are alive, everything is possible. So about those eight tips…

Click here to read the entire article.  They are simple and stuff we already know – but sometimes we just need to be reminded of them.





So we had some partners in at work and I’ve spent the last two days with them from early in the morning, into the late hours at night.  One of my colleagues brought in these amazing fresh donuts from some place in Somerville, MA.  I ate one.  I also ate a lot of non-Paleo stuff for lunch (bread, cookies, chips) and continued my terrible food habits trek into dinner on Thursday.  Oh, and that other donut on Friday, and that other lunch with them and into dinner…Ugh.  Good times with some great people, but I’ve got to learn to stay strong with my eating habits in business / social situations where no one else but me is strict about their eating habits.

I worked out on Friday, and that was a total shit show.  The workout was:

AMRAP 2 x 4

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang cleans
  • 6 jerks

Rx weight was 75#, which is an okay weight for me.  But I knew going in, I was going to have grip issues given all the wrist issues I’ve been having.  I didn’t really have a bunch of issues with Grace, so I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was during this workout.  I was wrong.  The first round was 1+19, which was decent.  Jerks were no problem – but my wrist started throbbing and my grip just went.  It was just a bad combo of grip issues (that most people had during this workout) combined with my wrist. The 2nd round I got 1+15. I decided that for my 3rd and 4th sets to bump down to 65# and it still hurt.  Round three, I was only able to get 1+9.  I was able to rally a bit for the 4th round and went to 1+12.  My wrists and forearms still hurt today.  It was just a mess all around.

Went into the gym this morning and was coached by the lovely Sara McEvoy (read her latest Habits of Happiness post here) and it was an AMRAP 15:

  • 10 KB swings @ 35#
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 push-ups

I also ran for the first time in a long time this morning 2x400m as part of the warm-up and it was sluggish, but not horrible.  My ankle started hurting a bit from the impact, but it was nice to be running again.  Even though I hate running, it was just nice to be doing a movement again.  Then we got to the workout.  I did 5 push-ups to an AB Mat and did step-ups for the majority of the workout.  The first two rounds were jumps, but my legs started to get fatigued and the impact on my ankle / knees wasn’t feeling all that great.  About two minutes in, the shit show of Saturday began.  I was DONE.  Toast.  Couldn’t believe that I had 13 minutes left in the AMRAP.  I was sluggish, weak, tired…it was terrible.  Final score was 9+10 (ish?)

What could it have been?  Let’s see.  Did you pay attention to the first paragraph of this post? I ate crap for two straight days.  I didn’t take care of myself for a 48 hour period.  Correlation?  Yes.  Did it punch me in the face?  Yup.  Did I listen to what the world told me today as I lay on the floor post-workout?  Absolutely.

exercise diet

Don’t Be an A**hole

I met with Jarrod earlier this week to go over goals and try to start to develop a plan as to how I’m going to get there.  The goals on my “Goals” page were way too Crossfit-only oriented.  Those are definitely milestones that I’d like to achieve in my Crossfit life, but he also challenged me to think about what kind of life I wanted.  I want a healthy, full life.  Not exactly the lift I was living before Crossfit where I was sedentary and over weight (to be clear, I still have weight loss goals).  To that end, I put together some long, mid, and short term goals.

Long Term Goals (2 years): Live a healthy, full life.

Mid Term Goals (Year): Get to a healthy body weight; Be able to do workouts Rx (or at least all the movements that are thrown at us)

Short Term Goals (3-6 months): Rehab my body, get a handle on my nutrition

So, next three months is to get my body back in fighting shape by rehabilitating it and keeping consistent about my nutrition.  The ways I’m going to do this is:

  • Finish Whole 30
  • Stay No Bread after Whole 30
  • Workout consistently and pay attention to when my body needs rest
  • Work with coaches to modify my workouts to not re-injure myself
  • Strength and mobility private sessions with Jarrod
  • Surround myself with people who support me and use the proper resources I have

And finally, while it seems simple – it’s probably the hardest task given my injuries and the ways that I have to go:

  • Stay positive

And that last task segue ways nicely into what happened today in Open Gym.  Last night I went to dinner with some of the gals from the gym to Fogo de Chao, an amazing Brazilian Churrascaria (steakhouse) in downtown Boston.  Over delicious slabs of meat, one of the topics that came up was my 205# backsquat and how I was contemplating retesting to see if I could get 210# or higher.  I had decided that my legs were a bit shredded from the week and would likely not – but would go to Open Gym to support whomever was re-testing.

I ambled into Open Gym without a plan and found that Susie Diesel and Gienah were going to try to re-test their backsquat.  It didn’t take much arm twisting, and before I knew it, I was working up to my 1RM with the gals.  As we were working up (very similarly to the rep scheme I used a couple of days ago).  We got to 165#x2 round and it felt really heavy.  My hips and glutes felt really tight.  I did not feel confident going into the heavier reps.  I did a squat at 185# and it was so hard to get up.  Then we went up to 200#.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I knew I couldn’t do it.  My legs were toast.  185# was hard.  I thought, “I’m done, I’ll just do this attempt and be happy that I got 205# earlier this week.”  Went to the bar, quickly racked it, went down into my squat, and immediately had Jack (my spotter) help me up.  As Jack went to help me, Jarrod (who was doing some mobility on the floor nearby) looked at me and yelled “Asshole!” and looked pretty irritated with me.  I went over to him and he was giving me “the look” that I’ve seen him give his kid, Leif.  It’s a scary look.  It’s been known to send Leif into tears at just the thought of it.  He said (I’m paraphrasing, as I don’t remember the exact words):

“I knew you were going to fail that rep the moment you walked towards the bar.  You had a shitty attitude.  You told yourself you were going to fail.  You were being an asshole and not respecting the bar.  I want to see you walk to the bar and know that you’re going to lift that shit up.  Also, don’t give up before you even try.  I want to see you screaming as you try to get that weight up.  I want to see that you’ve given it everything you can before you fail.  You don’t decide to fail.  You simply fail.  But you made the decision to fail before you even picked up the bar.  Don’t be an asshole.”  

It was the slap in the face I needed.  Don’t be an asshole.  You don’t decide to fail.  I was determined to make that bar my bitch.  I tried to 200# again and down-up.  No problem.  I decided to skip 205# and jump straight away to 210#.  I approached the bar. I stared at it and mentally called it my bitch.  I knew I was going to make this lift.  I stared straight ahead, racked it on my back, took some quick breaths, then a deep breath and went down into my squat.  I pushed back up and started to falter a little. But I kept on saying “Don’t be an asshole.  Don’t be an asshole!” and pushed really hard to get out of the pocket.  I gave it everything I had and finally stood up. New PR at 210#!  I didn’t choose to fail.  It was awesome.  That’w why I changed my task to “Stay positive.  Don’t be an asshole.”  Don’t be an asshole and sabotage yourself.

In other words, don't be your own Grumpy Cat.

In other words, don’t be your own Grumpy Cat.

Sara McEvoy had some a timely post today in a new feature on her blog called “Habits of Happiness”.  The post was titled “Create Positive Internal Energy” and I’d encourage anyone who reads this blog to check it out.



Saturday Team Workout – Lei-Tina

On Saturday, we did a team workout.  It was an AMRAP 20.

  • 10 power cleans (65#)
  • 30 double unders

Only one partner working at a time.  I worked with Leila. She did double unders, I did 60 single unders.  First time “jumping” again in a workout and it felt great.  Leila worked really hard through a mental game she plays with herself with double unders and totally nailed it.  Was really happy for her.  The cleans got heavy as the rounds progressed, but we focused on maintaining a steady pace and keeping them unbroken.  Team Lei-Tina’s final score was 12+27.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I’m LOVING the team workouts that Craic is programming on Saturdays.  I think Glen is the one who dreams them up, so props to him 🙂



I was really tired when I originally wrote this post and forgot one of the most important parts from the workout.  Sara was coaching and took us through some drills to work on our power clean skills. Sara has AMAZING lifting form (by the way).  She was breaking down the clean when she mentioned an important queue.  When at the high hang position, when you are bending at the knees, the bar is still at the crease of your hip.  So when you power clean, keep your arms straight, slowly bring the bar up past your knee and keep your knees bent and don’t open your hips / jump until you’re moving past your hip crease.  It’s really hard to describe but it was one of those “ah-ha” moments that I’ve mentioned before that will definitely help me with my cleans moving forward.  I’m super excited.


I might not have gotten a PR yesterday, but Sara McEvoy did.  120#!  It was one of her 2012 goals.  Here’s a great post talking about her PR and the journey that led up to it.  Sara is one of the owners of Craic and her form is AMAZING for all the lifts.  

After a really frustrating week, this post really reminded me that things take time and I need to be more patient about getting PRs and lifts.  I need to take the time to work on my form, practice with the PVC pipe, reps with lower weights to perfect my form, Coach B warm-ups, watch videos (like above) of people doing snatches.  Really work on my drills and sessions with Jarrod.  

And check out her PR above.  Simply beautiful form.  So proud to be a member of Craic and have her as one of the owners…Total inspiration.