Seriously, this is one of the best things that has happened to gum in the recent decade. Tastes just like grape Bubbilicious bubble gum. AMAZING.

Day three of getting back at it.

Workout was:

5 Rounds for time
5 Squat Cleans
7 C2B Pullups Ring Rows
14 Double Unders 30 Single Unders

So, I *might* have worn my Lulu shorts inside out today. I *might* not have noticed that they were inside out (attached underpants and all) until I was at the gym for a bit.  Sure they felt like they were on tight and bunching in a weird way.  Yea.  I’m that awesome.


Anyway, workout was pretty much as expected.  Trying to stay light-ish weights this first week or so back.  And the weights felt REALLY heavy today.  I built up to 95# in the warm up and the lift felt like it took everything out of me.  Bumped it down to 75# for the workout.  First two rounds were UB and had to break up the final three.  Ring rows are not coming as easy either.  Trying to focus on keeping my scapulae down and my head in a neutral position.  Single unders were fine.  Hoping to work in some DU next week.  Some of the squat cleans felt good, some I felt like I wasn’t pulling enough and leaning back.  Inconsistent – and glad I opted to go with the lighter weight.

Stayed a bit late and did my ankle and shoulder mobility. So. Much. Fun.


A Bit Behind

Yikes.  This is probably the longest that I’ve gone without blogging.  I’ve been swamped at work and feeling lazy over the weekend.  Lots to catch up on, well, not lots.  But stuffs.

I rested on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I had PT, so I did put some work in rehabbing my shoulders, but no Crossfit work.  Saturday, the gym did Murph and I sat out this year.  Sunday, I went to Rita’s kettlebell class and we did a workout that she called “Double Trouble”.  On paper, it looked like it was a good workout, but not too grueling.  When I think that…it usually spells trouble!


“Double Trouble” KB Complex- all are performed with double bells
:30sec time cap to complete
2 Russian Swings
2 Swinging Cleans
2 Snatch
2 Front Squat
1:00 Rest
repeat in 3’s, :45sec time cap, rest 1:30
repeat in 4’s, 1:00 time cap, rest 2:00
repeat in 5’s, 1:30 time cap, rest 3:00

*then repeat entire thing for time without rest.

I did the first part with the 35# kettle bell and substituted more cleans for the snatches.  Got under the time cap every time.  The 2nd round (the one with no rest) it became a grip game.  I only had to drop the KB once, but after my left wrist was all swollen and while most of the class went another round (for fun) I opted to stop.  Great workout.  Rita is a great KB coach.

Then, Monday (Memorial Day), Niko and I decided to go to the gym for open gym to work on form and mobility.  Some people were organizing a 20 minute EMOM outside and we decided to do it with them.  I did 5 power cleans @85 on the even minutes and 10 KB swings with the 35# on the odd minutes.  About 4 minutes in I regretted the decision (I was feeling a bit lazy) – but plugged through and ended up getting a good workout in.

Tuesday was cleans.  It was 15 minutes to build to a 1RM and then 2 AMRAP 4 (with 4 minute rest in between) of power cleans at 90% of the weight of the 1RM you did.  I told myself that I was only going to do it until my shoulder hurt…turns out…my shoulder didn’t start hurting.  I went 75, 95, 115, 125, 135 (PR!), 140 (PR!), 145 (FAIL).  I only had a chance to try the 145 once because I ran out of time.  I was pleasantly surprised that I got to 140.  Test week next week should be interesting.  The AMRAPs were kind of messy for me.  I only got 6 good reps at 125 the first one and 7 the second one.  I started deadlifting the bar, then putting it back on the ground and then picking it up and cleaning it.  John (who was coaching that day) called me out and told me to stop doing it because I would develop a bad habit.  I was doing it because I just wanted to tell myself that I could lift the weight before I actually did.  But I stopped. Hoping that I don’t do as shitty on the AMRAPs for testing.

Today’s workout I went to the 7:30PM class. I had an all day meeting at work and couldn’t get in this morning.  Last night they posted the workout and it was run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile.  I wanted to skip out so bad, but knew I was destined for the airdyne.  While at work this morning, I checked the workout again to see if other people modified it.  Then I saw Anne D. say something about “snatchy-poos” on the Craic site comments.  I scrolled up and they had changed the workout.  Instead it was 3-3-3-3-3 (sets of three at increasing weight) of hang squat snatches and then an AMRAP 10 of 10 KB swings, 10 OHS, and 20 double unders.  Awesome! I modified the snatch and did hang squat cleans.  For the AMRAP, I did the swings, 10 front squats at 75#, and 40 single unders at an even rate.  I initially took out the 44# KB, but heard Jarrod in my head telling me to do the 53#.  So I grabbed it and decided to use it for my workout.  For the squat cleans, I was able to get up to 125# no problemo – so I was pretty happy with that.  It bothers me to lower the weight under control, so I had to drop it every time, deadlift it, pause, and then hang clean it.  A little extra work – but happy that I was able to string 125# together three times.   The AMRAP started and the first round felt great.  I flew through.  The second round, my lower back started cramping.  The third round I became a hot mess.  I was able to do all the KB swings unbroken but got to the FS and my lower back killed me.  Started seizing up and cramping.  It hurt to even just stand.  I broke up the FS in sets of 5 and 5.  Got to begin the fourth round and the KB swing I had to break up into 4 and 6.  I got to the FS and my back was in terrible shape.  I did 2 FS and I could barely stand.  Pete (today’s coach) called out one minute left and I just stood there for 45 seconds hoping my back would stop cramping.  At the 9:45 mark, I wanted to try to get one to two in before time.  I got one in and then my back was having none of it.  Disappointing, but it happens.  I remembered that Ben had me stretch my hammies after this happened the last time and stretched them out really good.  Overall, great class.  It was my first class in the entire time I’ve been at Craic that Pete coached!  He was awesome.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  I have PT in the morning and then I’m off to the One Fund concert tomorrow night.




Judging and an EMOM

Went into Craic on Sunday, had texted with Jarrod the previous night to figure out a plan.  Plan sort of fell apart.  Was going to go in, do 10 minutes on the airdyne, then do some dumbell work (bicep curls, skull crushers, external rotator), and then end with 10 more minutes on the airdyne.  I socialized for a decent amount and then some people needed judging for 13.1, so I opted to do that in hopes to rack up some judging credit for Regionals.  Spent most of the morning watching my pal Gienah PR her ass off (she PR’d her clean and jerk, clean, and got her first bar muscle up) and judging.  I managed to get 7 minutes on the airdyne, bicep curls (3 sets at increasing weight), skull crushers (3 sets at increasing weight)…and that’s about it.

John McEvoy got some awesome pics that have me in them from Saturday’s judging session.

Susie Diesel and her burpees

Susie Diesel and her burpees

Judging Ed

Judging Ed


I went home and judged a couple of videos.  My cat Hobo decided to help me.  He got really into it 🙂

Judge Hobo

Judge Hobo

My last judging session of the day on Sunday was Johnny D.  He was re-doing 13.1 because he had a really crappy showing of it earlier in the week.  He literally got off an airplane from Chicago and rushed into the gym to do 13.1.  Gee, I wonder why it sucked so hard?  Anyway, I got to judge him for his 2nd attempt on Sunday and was really nervous for my friend.  He has been working so hard training this year and to get the results that he got on Friday…ugh.  My stomach was in knots.  But then the clock counted down and it was all business (while Susie and John and some others cheered / coached him on). He got to 165# and everyone was holding their breath.  He was way in front of pace from his Friday time…and then he snatches it up.  NO PROBLEM.  Yes!  And then another, and another…he managed to get 9 snatches at 165# for a final score of 159.  After the first workout, Johnny D is standing at 16th IN THE WORLD in his age division.  So awesome to see him accomplish that (and I even no-repped him three times!)  Here’s his overview of how that WOD went.

The masters competitors at Craic (and everyone else) did so effing fantastically this weekend. Can’t wait to see what the next four weeks bring for Team Craic.

Okay, and onto today’s workout.  I got up this morning (it SUCKED, daylight savings is a cruel mistress) and went back into Craic for a proper workout.  The first time back for almost a week after being sick is so hard.  It was a 21 minute EMOM:

  • Every 1st minute 3 squat cleans
  • Every 2nd minute 10 ring rows
  • Every 3rd minute 30 seconds air dyne

The Rx workout was 2nd minute muscle-ups or dead hang pull-ups and the 3rd minute was 30 seconds max double unders.  Jarrod wanted me to do the airdyne instead.  Also, I want to recap a conversation that Jarrod and I had this morning about weight.

Christina: What are you thinking I should do for weight?

Jarrod: How about 95?  Lift heavy, yo!

Christina: I was thinking 95 as well, but do you think that will be too much for me considering I’ve been sick?

Jarrod: Yea, that’s a good point.  Hmmmm.  Why don’t you lift…95?

So I’m unclear if that was because he was tired and forgot he originally said 95 (it was early in the morning) or he knew I could do 95# for this workout.  Either way, it was the right decision.  It was definitely heavy, but I could manage it.  I did 1.5 step back ring rows and medium pace on the airdyne.  Not a ton to say about the workout, other than it was a great pace for my first workout back.  Definitely took it easier (I probably would have gone heavier than 95, had I not been sick), one steps on the ring rows, and faster on the airdyne … but I think it was the right way to do it.  I don’t want to relapse!


Re-test, Day 5 – Clean and (No) Jerks

No Bread Challenge – Day 33

Today was the last day of this round of testing.  It was clean and jerks.  I woke up this morning feeling like shit.  Thought I was going to throw up, had the chills…thought I was just a bit dehydrated so I got out of bed and went to Craic.  Felt sick again, but pushed through the workout.  When we did the original test 6 weeks ago, I ended up PRing for my clean and jerk at 130#.  Jarrod kept on asking me this week what I was going to go for for my clean.  I said 135# – he thought I could get 140# at least.  He thought that our training these last months would help.  They probably could have – but I was too much in my head and really lived up to “You are as good as you think you are.”  I thought I could only do 135# and that’s exactly what I did.  If I were outside of my head a bit more and really used the training I’ve been doing on my form – I probably could have gotten more.  I was really pissed that I missed at 140# and someone said “Congrats on your PR” and I said “It’s a PR, but I’m not happy about it.”  Then I remembered what I commented to my friend, Johnny D, in response to one of his recent blog posts.  

“You’re way too hard on yourself, Johnny D.  Take your PRs and celebrate them.  Stop saying “I wasn’t happy with that”…you bust your ass and are getting better every day.  Sheesh.”

Johnny D. was actually in the gym today when I said that about my PR and got to see that I wasn’t practicing what I preach.  Easier said than done, eh?  Here’s a video of me getting the PR at 135# and the subsequent fails at 140#.  Each fail had something different wrong with the form.  Props to my girl Nicole for filming.  

Rep Scheme:

  • 3x 75#
  • 3 x 95#
  • 2 x 115#
  • 125#
  • 130#
  • 135#

After that, went home, got ready for work and still couldn’t get the chills and the stomach ache out of my system.  Headed in and felt progressively worse.  I ended up leaving work and am at home right now trying to get healthy.  I went and got a Craic Cobb salad at Salem Foods and am now home, trying to rest and warm up.  Notice my awesome cat socks.  Time to rest up.  Sorry this post is so disjointed.  

Squat Cleans

Today’s WoD was similar to one we did a week ago.  Focused on squat cleans.

I’m not digging the WoDs where you only have 10 minutes to get to … wow.  As I was typing that last sentence, I realized why they (the Craic coaches) are doing it in this format.  Alright, sorry for that stream of consciousness. To explain: the sentence that I was going to type was that I’m not digging the WoDs where you only have 10 minutes to get to a max weight because I always run out of time and don’t get to where I want to be.  But as I was typing it I had an Oprah-esque “A-Ha Moment”, I realized the reasoning and why the Craic programming is brilliant.  If you compete, there are parts of the WoDs where you have a time limit to get to your 1RM.  It’s a fixed amount of time and you need to learn where you should start and to move quickly up to your 1RM as your scoring depends on it.

So, today’s WoD was:

A) 10min to work to a heavy 1rep Squat Clean (not a 1RM)

B) 5×5 Squat Clean – you pick the weight (does not have to be touch n go)

I only managed to get up to 90# before I ran out of time. Similar to what happened to me last week.  For the 5×5 portion, I went pretty light (75#) and it ended up being easier to manage.  The good news from it is that I really got the opportunity to work on my form. I’m definitely leaning forward at times too much and I really need to work on having faster elbows.  I’m not feeling terrible about going to light, as I think my body is a bit on the tired side.  Tomorrow will be active recovery by swimming.

Score: 90#/75#


This WoD played tricksies with me.  It’s the ones that surprise you that are the hardest.

On paper, looked like a simple strength workout. Turned out to be an endurance workout.  

A) Squat clean – 10min working to a heavy single


B) 10 min AMRAP
5 Squat Cleans 135/95
7 pullups
12 Double unders

For the first part, I went at my own pace, I think a bit too slow.  I started out doing a couple reps at 65# to warm up then went 75#, 85#, 90#, 95#, 100#, 105# and didn’t get a chance to get up to 110#.  Then we switched plates and went to the 2nd part of the workout.  I had initially thought 75# for the WoD, but Jarrod encouraged me to go heavier.  So I did the WoD at 85#.

Going in, I was worried about the cleans and since I have really strong legs, I was surprised that the squats were the most difficult part of the movement. Once I cleaned and got into the squat position, it took all my energy to stand back up again.  I had to take 10-15 second breaks in between each list for the last sets of clean squats.  I used a green and blue band for the pull-ups.  They were fairly easy and the double-unders were fine.

Swimming tomorrow.  Private session with Jarrod on Sunday.  Working on clean and jerks.