Florian Visit

Saturday was a rest day.  The gym was closed because Craic had their holiday party the night before.  Stopped in to the party on Friday night after a great dinner with Susie Diesel and Johnny D for a bit.  Everyone was well on their way to a hangover when we arrived.  Then I became violently ill and Susie and I headed back to their house.  Not sure what caused it, but it wasn’t fun. #FridayNight

I’ve been promising my pal, Rico, that I’d drop-in to one of his classes at Crossfit Florian in Norwood.  Susie agreed to join me so we went to their Sunday class – which was a partner WOD.  It was teams of four – 200 thrusters and 200 pull-ups.  If you dropped the bar on the floor 5 burpee penalty for each team member – even during the pull-ups.  I knew I was going to do at least 50 reps of thrusters and thought it would be prudent to go light given my shoulder issues.  We paired with Michelle and Noelle – two Florian members.  Michelle also had shoulder issues and Noelle was brand-spanking new so we went with 45# (Rx was 65#).  Broke it up into 10 reps each and switched off.  Towards the end, Susie and I both did a set of 15 reps.  45# was definitely a little too light for us – but it was a good workout in that we just kept moving and our heart rate up.  Did ring rows instead of pull-ups.  We cruised through, finishing in 17:13.  Went and had fun, which was the goal in the workout.

L-R Me, Michelle, Noelle, Susie

L-R Me, Michelle, Noelle, Susie

photo 2 (10)

Look at those guns! Me and Rico

Susie Diesel

So there are two videos of my pal Susie Diesel that I can’t get enough of:

I only posted this one because she was TOTALLY FINE after it happened.  And now that you know that, you can be guilt free about watching it over and over again and laughing your ass off.  She is one of the most bad ass people at Craic – and can totally laugh at herself.  Notice how John kept on filming after she hit herself in the face.  I still can’t watch this without a good chuckle escaping.

And this is the bad ass that is Susie Diesel.  She’s been working really hard about improving her form and had a 15# PR today on her clean.  This is at 170#.  I mean, serious #beastmode.  So proud of my friend.  Her form  looked great.  It’s such a pretty lift.  LOVE.  IT.

She just started blogging, and you can check it out HERE.  She’s a bad ass.


Running Workout and Some Celebrations

In my effort to get back into the swing of things, I’m trying to stick with the 3 days on, one day off regime.  Yesterday was a rest day.  Today’s workout was coached by John and it was a running workout.  The workout was 5 rounds for time per round of run 400m and 15 pull-ups.

Since they post the next day’s workout the night before, I knew it was running and opted to wear my running shoes.  For some reason, it felt really weird to be wearing them.  Might have been my socks.

photo 2 (5)

I decided that since I’m easing back into running, and my ankle was sore from running 2×400 on Saturday – I’d cut the run to 200m and do ring rows at 1 step back.  Overall, the running shoes provided some more cushion to absorb the impact – which was great.  Towards the end of each run I’d start to get a tightness / pain in my shin and achilles, but I’m hoping that this is just because I need to start using my legs again for impact workouts.  I’m not going to rush into it, going to ease back in and hopefully be in tip top shape come late spring.  John told the class the goal was to move at a high intensity, but pace / rest enough so that your rounds are consistent times.  I did pretty well:

  1. 2:02
  2. 1:59
  3. 1:54
  4. 1:59
  5. 2:00

Just doing 1/2 step forward on the ring rows is a game changer!  I had to break them up into sets of 8 and 7.

And onto the celebrations of my friends.   Three of my fellow Lady Craic Heads went down to CT to participate in the Crossfit North Haven Master’s Challenge and killed it!  For Ann (far left), she got 3rd place!  Beth (middle) participated in her first ever competition and PR’d her Snatch!  Susan (far right) is a rock star and got 2nd in her division.  These ladies are so inspiring.  My friend Nicole B. at the gym and I have decided that we’ve set our goal – to participate in the Masters in 5 years, so we can be just like these women!

L-R Ann, Beth, Susan

L-R Ann, Beth, Susan

But that’s not all!  My friend, Susie Diesel (1/2 of the power couple I call the Durochers) was the first woman in our gym to get 30 muscle-ups for time.  This is such a significant achievement.  Here’s a video of her last two muscle-ups.  You can see that Johnny D was there to cheer her on!  Her time?  13:41.  Yes!

And then, my girl, Leila (who, as a side does killer hair at Station 8 in Jamaica Plain) – who has been busting her ass to get her first dead hang pull-up got it!  It happened yesterday (damn it, a rest day for me!) but I was so happy when I saw her little drawing on the achievements white board that she got it!  She drew a little picture because normally she’s SO BAD about celebrating her achievements on the board and knew I would enjoy the picture.  Here’s Leila and her achievement image:

photo 3 (3)

Such a great week to celebrate some amazing women that I have the privilege of knowing and working out with at Craic!

Sick as a mofo

It’s been over a week since I last worked out.  I was felt like shit last week, got a workout in and then rebounded for my trip to SF.  As I wrapped up my trip to SF and headed home, I started to get a stuffed nose – which I thought were allergies.  Turns out I was coming down with a head cold.  While I went to work yesterday, I’m home today.  Here’s my stay at home kit:

Tissues with aloe, blistex (lips are all dried up, can't currently breathe through my nose), and nasal gel (been blowing my nose all the time)

Tissues with aloe, blistex (lips are all dried up, can’t currently breathe through my nose), and nasal gel (been blowing my nose all the time)

Niko is a lucky man, for sure. Nasal gel = sexy…right? I won’t even post a picture of how pathetic I look.

This is also re-test week at Craic and I’m not going to be able to retest my row (I was knocked off the top 5 times board yesterday by two beastly women – Anne D. and Lisa!) and definitely not the Row, Thrusters, Burpees workout.  I might be able to retest my back squat some time this week – but we shall see.  Having not worked out for a week, I’m a bit nervous about how I’m going to do.  I’m especially bummed because this was part of an analysis / training period at Craic and if we don’t have our scores in by this Saturday – our data won’t count towards the analysis.  It’s really tough mentally and physically to not have worked out for a week.  I feel a bit removed from the gym and working out…

I’ll also casually mention in this post that I started Whole 30 yesterday.  Niko is doing it with me, so I’m looking forward to it and will hopefully make things eaiser. I had planned on being pretty strict about it – but I have needed some cough drops occasionally during this sickness.  I got Ricola ones as they seemed to have the most natural ingredients.  I didn’t go with the Sugar Free ones because they have a lot of gross chemicals.  The Ricola ones have sugar listed in the ingredients, but it’s the last ingredient on the list – which means that sugar made up the least amount in the cough drop.  Food wise:

Morning: Bacon, eggs

Lunch: Salad with lots of veggies, two hardboiled eggs, roast beef slices

Dinner: Tuna / Salmon tartare with taro chips, all-beef hot dog (no bun), broccoli with garlic and chili flakes

One more thing before I go – mad props to my pal Susie Diesel who broke the 1:40 barrier on the 500m row with a chart topping time of 1:39.3 … her and Johnny D have re-defined the term “Power Couple.”

That’s about all the energy I can muster for now. Gotta go and blow my nose and cough up a lung.


Craic crushes the row!

It was an epic day of rowing yesterday.  Susie Diesel crushed her #1 spot-worthy 500m row with an amazing 1:42.6 (her previous PR was 1:44).  Keep in mind, she did this with a “boot cast” on – as she injured her foot a bit and practically rowed one-legged-style.  Judy L., who is a freaking amazing athlete, knocked me down to #4 with a time of 1:44.7.  Reggie, who I mentioned yesterday, kept his spot at #5 all day!

However, one of the most impressive shows is our very own Jarrod Dizzle Davis who did the row, thinking that there was no way he was going to PR.  He sat #1 at 1:22.7 and didn’t think that there was any way he was going to be able to even match it.  Well, like me during my 500m row…he surprised himself.  Check out his 1:21.3 PR time yesterday.  Glen coaching him the entire way!

I was supposed to do Friday’s test today, but last night my knee really started bothering me and I didn’t want to poke at it with a workout of thrusters, burpees, and running right before I am about to leave on a business trip.  The last thing I needed was to make it worse!  Tomorrow I’m headed to Las Vegas and then Seattle for a business trip.  Hope to get visits in at Crossfit Las Vegas and Foundation Crossfit.

Called out!

Tomorrow’s WOD:

AMRAP 30, 400m run, 500m row

I immediately texted Jarrod and told him I couldn’t do tomorrow’s workout because of my ankle and he called me out (I deserved it).  I was also in mid-chat with Susie Diesel, telling her the same thing.  She’s in a cast for her foot and did the row one-legged…and was telling me that I should do the same.  Double called out and happened to catch both while screenshotting this.

It’s going to be a shitty 30 minutes tomorrow.  I fucking hate the airdyne.  No excuses, right?

Rest Day and Wreck it Ralph

No Bread Challenge – Day 37

Today was an unplanned rest day, sort of.  I knew that there was potential that my shoulder would still be tight from the MRA yesterday and it surely was this morning when I woke up.  The lidocaine they injected before injecting the die wore off about 30 minutes into seeing Wreck it Ralph with Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s kids…Love having friends that have kids I can borrow as an excuse to see funny kids movies 🙂

Here’s me with the fellas at the showing last night with our fancy 3D glasses.

Wreck it Ralph was a great movie, and anyone that has ever played video games since they were created or loves candy and sweets (I know, not NO BREAD friendly) needs to go and see it.  Surprisingly, the boys (who are 12 and 9), knew a lot more of the video game references than I thought they would!  

Back to the gym tomorrow. Only three more excruciating days until I get my results for the MRA. Ugh.

Halloween and More Raking

No Bread Challenge – Day 28

Lots of pictures today!  This morning, woke up from going to Bonnie’s Birthday Surprise Halloween Party last night with friends and fellow Craic heads.  I went as a Crazy Cat Lady (aka as myself).  

Let the picture time begin:

Me, Susie Diesel, and my cat Feynman before leaving.  Susie’s body was made for Lara Croft, right?

Me and a kettle bell. 1000 poot (aka Katie George).  What you can’t see is that I had legging with cats on them and that bag I was holding had two cats in them as well.  I also had cat socks underneath my boots.

I picked up a cat at the party and Dizzle showed up as Ace Ventura.  His costume was nothing short of amazing.

There are lots of other pictures, but I’ll leave it to people to share them themselves.

This morning I woke up and went to open gym.  I need to start planning what I’m going to do before going to open gym, otherwise, I end up socializing and doing random shit. Which is what I did today.  I got a decent workout in.  

  • 2 minutes on Airdyne
  • 1000m row
  • 5 x 10 sets of knees to elbow-ish
  • 5 x 10 sets of ring rows

Then I went and got my shoulder taped up by my friend Kerstin.  She’s a PT and taped it all up good.

I came home to see our yard filled with leaves…AGAIN.  We just raked yesterday.  Here are some before and afters of our 2nd round vs. leaves.  I have a feeling that they will prevail again after Hurricane Sandy makes her way through New England.

Despite all the leaves and raking, I still love fall.

Food yesterday:

  • chicken taquitos, salsa
  • hotdog, sweet potato fries
  • 1 chicken finger
  • 2 meatballs
  • cake pop (see below…they were spooktacular!)


In my previous post, I mentioned my friend, Susie, getting three PRs in one day on her back squats.  Her original PR was 195#, but she was doing a program that was supposed to boost her 1RM PR by 10#.  She did 200# effortlessly.  Then she decided to try for 205# and I really wanted to get it on film.  Not satisfied with PRs in one day, she went for besting her PR by 15# at 210#.  As you can see from the video, NO PROBLEM.  They don’t call her Susie Diesel for nothing 🙂