Swim and Jarrod

Swam on Saturday, definitely a great idea. Was a good recovery workout. Got some metcon in while also stretching and using my arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Loved it. We did triathalon training, after some drills for the warm up did 6 rounds of 4 lengths (1 moderate, 1 fast, 1 easy, 1 fast) and jumped out of the pool, ran to the other end and then dove in and did 1 length sprint. Great workout and I think it definitely helped my back.

Today, I worked out with Jarrod. We used the jerk boxes and did high hang cleans to work on “fast elbows.” I really need to ease up on the death grip that I use sometimes. We did a couple rounds of 2 high hang reps. 90% of the time I did a shitty 1st rep and improved on the 2nd rep. I did those at 75#. The next set of reps we did 85# and on the 2nd rep I did split jerks. I just need to do a bunch of reps at a light weight over and over again practicing my elbows and grip at the top of the clean. We then went inside and worked on some kipping gymnastics.

After, I spent some time working by myself in stretching and mobility. I need to make a habit of this…

Tomorrow’s workout is perfect. Only prob is I don’t know what weight I should use considered I’m just coming off an injury. I hate using light weights.

Working on the Weekend

I swam yesterday.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed and into the water, but once I was there, I got a solid workout.  I like having swimming as a Sunday routine.  I’m not sure what I am going to do next week prior to me leaving for Cologne.  I might go to Craic on Saturday instead, as I will be out of CF world for most of the week while I’m in Germany.  I’m very excited to visit Crossfit Cologne on Monday (8/13).  Should be a fun time!

Today was 5×5 deadlifts at a pretty heavy weight.  Rita (today’s coach) said that we should be pretty maxed out by the time we get to five.  I did 1 round at 175# and 4 rounds at 185#.  It was hard and I really need to work on opening up my hips at the top of the deadlift.  And also avoid rounding out my back.  I then hung around the gym for an hour to wait for the team training. I’m getting my certification as a judge for the Garage Games and I wanted to practice judging and counting and holding people to standards.  Their workout was super difficult and I’m hoping to be that athlete next year.  For now, I’ll judge and coach.

It’s the weekend I I want to relax. Short post today.  

Master’s Swim Practice

On Saturday, I went to a master’s swim practice with my friend Kendyl.  She is a triathlete and does this regularly to work on her swimming.  I haven’t done a structured swim workout in well over a decade, but was looking for something to supplement my Crossfit and this seemed like a really good fit.

The workout started with 6x25m warm up lengths.  Then we did “snakes” which consisted of swimming a length in one lap and “snaking” your way through the pool in all seven lanes.  We did this twice.  If you’re keeping track, add 2x7x25 to your count.

After that, we put on fins and did some kick drills. On her whistle, moderate kick then hard kick.  We did this for about 8×25.  After that, we did 3×100 – 2 lengths drill, 2 lengths swim.  (Also with the fins).

Then it was the real workout in the following scheme:

  • 5×25 moderate, rest :10, 1×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 4×25 moderate, rest :10, 2×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 3×25 moderate, rest :10, 3×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 2×25 moderate, rest :10, 4×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 1×25 moderate, rest :10, 5×25 fast, rest 1:00

After that was complete, we did some triathlon practice. Since most of the races are in open water, we swam two lengths of the pool with our eyes closed to see if we could maintain a steady and even direction (I failed miserably!) We then closed the workout down with two lengths cool down.

What a great workout.  It was fab to be swimming again and I will definitely be making this a new part of my fitness regime.

Total distance: 1250 meters plus warm up

July 5th – Cherry picking WoDs

So Crossfit Craic posts the daily WoD every night at 8PM the night before.  I’ll admit it, when I was on the train and read the WoD for July 5th, I mumbled (well, maybe said loudly) “FUCK!”  The WoD was simple: Run 5K.  A little bit about me: I hate running. Last summer, I used to try to convince myself that if I ran enough, I might come to like it.  Turns out, that NEVER HAPPENED.

One pact that I made with myself was that I wasn’t going to cherry picks WoDs anymore.  I did that in my first month at Craic and realized that I wasn’t going to get any better at anything if I chose the WoDs that were easier for me.  Having said that, I didn’t do the July 5th WoD.  I won’t sit here and justify my actions.  Plain and simple, I cherry picked this WoD.  Well, I ended up not picking it if you want to get technical about it.  Instead, I elected to go and swim at the local gym.

In the longer term, the swimming was worth it because I am woefully under-prepared for a swim that I am doing for Swim Across America on July 15th.  I hadn’t swam in a long time.  It felt good, although I’m a bit worried for the open water aspect of it.  In the short term, I feel like shit for cherry picking.  But it’s time to pick up and move on.  Keep on keeping on.