Christmas Break

Went up to Maine to see my family for the holidays.  Was great to see everyone, got great and thoughtful gifts from all – but my favorite was the one from my brother, Doug.  He’s been getting into woodworking and made me and Niko this awesome bench (he even cut down the tree himself!)  This post is going to be heavy in photos (Christmas and other stuff) – so feel free to scroll through the pics vs. read about my workouts.

Bench from my brother

Bench from my brother

The road to my mom's house

The road to my mom’s house

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home.  Antifreeze for smiles.

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home. Antifreeze for smiles.

Made it back a little earlier than expected so Niko and I went to Smith & Wollenskys for a late dinner.  I knew that the John, Susie, and family were going (earlier than we were) – but there dinner ended up going long and we got to see them on Christmas.  Always good to see them

The Durochers

The Durochers

Look at this beautiful piece of meat.  It went in my belly.

Look at this beautiful piece of meat. It went in my belly.

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl


Thursday (December 26th)

Went to PT to get my hip, ankle, and shoulder worked on.  Shoulder is feeling a ton better, just mobility wise it’s a bit effed.  Need to work on stretching it regularly and getting the muscles back to where they should be.  Means a bit less chest work until I strengthen my back (as I have a tendency to pull my shoulders forward).  Gave Izzy the PT dog her Christmas present, she loved it.

photo 3 (10)

(Top) Devouring her Christmas gift
(Bottom) Exhausted from chomping at her gift

Wasn’t sure if I was going to work out.  Was leaning more towards the not going to work out camp, but Niko came home and I wanted to go and workout with him.  We went to the 6:30, which was being coached by the lovely Sara McEvoy.  She’s such a great coach, wish she coached more classes!  The workout itself was definitely a big slap in the face.

20min AMRAP
5 Chest to Bar Green band strict pull-ups (and switch to ring rows if need be)
10 Thrusters
20 Double Unders

Decided to go conservative and go with 45#.  Since I was doing light-ish weight, I knew I would do all the thrusters UB.  While I was successful at this, it was really hard as it got to the later rounds.  After chatting with Sara and John about what I should do for pull-ups, decided to go with strict banded pull-ups.  I had to switch to ring rows at the end, as my shoulders were toast (in a good way).  After round one, I looked at the clock and had well over 18 minutes to go.  Definitely was a tough go.  Did 40 single unders – need to really start working double unders back into my workout.  I just suck at them right now.  #homework Final score: 8+8

Friday (December 27th)

Went to the noon class today.  Classes during holiday breaks are fun because you never know who is going to show up!  Kayla, Anthony, LoriBro, Denise, and some other fun people were in class today and it was a ton of fun.  Did some clean and jerk skill work (power clean) – partnered with Kayla and we just worked at 95#, concentrating on form.  I decided to do 95# for the workout.

A. Power Clean + Jerk Skill
B. For Time:
Power Clean
Skull Crushers

I did 15# skull crushers, and probably should have gone 2.5# – 5# heavier.  They were relatively easy (I was using them as rest).  Skull crushers were the modified version of the dips that most people did.  95# got heavy, but not unmanageable.  I still have some trouble cycling them (shoulder).  Also, when I got tired, I started my trademark one-step out.  Ugh.  Final time 5:36 (I think).

Wicked excited about tonight.  Jarrod is having a OLY Lifting class at Craic (limited to 10 people) which will be a bunch of drills and stuff.  More about that tomorrow.

photo 5 (1)



Fake it until you make it!

My husband is an introvert.  That’s always been who he is, and one of the many reasons why I love him.  For a lot of the social gatherings I go to, he usually opts not to go.  We’ve been together a long time, so I choose my battles carefully, only “forcing” him to go to events where it means something to me that he goes.  He’s actually gotten a lot better about wanting to go to events without me bugging him about it…and he even started Crossfit (which throws you into group situations from the get-go!)  Anyway, for the longest time, there was a running joke at work with my friend, Cardell (and some others), that Niko didn’t really exist – and my Facebook was filled with pictures of me and someone I paid to be my husband on Facebook to keep the creepers away.

Me and Niko circa 2003.  "The heavier years"

Me and Niko circa 2003. “The heavier years”

Why am I bringing up this story?  Did you think that this was going to be a post for me to talk about how we’ve both gone through self-improvement phases over the years, blah, blah, blah.  Nope.  Actually, yesterday, I came across an article from a dude who shows how people can fake having a girlfriend on Instagram.  It was kind of genius.  And if I wasn’t really married to Niko…and Cardell’s theory was correct…I would have had 8 easy steps on how to create a fake boyfriend (or girlfriend).  Click on the picture below to find all the juicy secrets!



Today was a workout PR.  I’ve actually done 5 workouts straight without having to modify the movements.  Also, other than doing partner assisted with Jarrod once (so he could test my pull-ups) I’ve never been able to to do partner assisted pull-ups in a workout!  Usually, it’s just  ring-rows all by myself.  Today, I got to do them!  It’s nicer than you think to not have to modify workouts all the time.  While I’m still getting a good workout in, it’s hard not to feel left out of a group when they are all working on one movement and you are doing your own thing.  While there are still things that I have to modify (no snatches, swinging to overhead movements, kipping) the list is getting smaller and smaller.  While I really want to work on heavier weights, I’m working the lower weights so that I can build muscle and strength.

A1. Thruster @ 45#
BEG- 5×10

A2. Pullups – 5 sets
BEG- 3-5 Partner Assisted  (I did 3 / round and did standing rows after class)

B. 3 rounds for time
20 DB Thrusters (10#)
10 Ring-Rows

Thrusters felt good and I was able to get through them relatively easily.  The pull-ups were hard at the initiation, but I was able to get up afterwards the first half of the pull.   LoriBro was my partner and did a great job supporting me.  Did 10# for the dumb bell thrusters and again, easy to get through.  The dumb bell thrusters are a bit harder for me, as I can’t use the stability of the full bar to help me through them.  Mostly taxing on the engine…need to work on stamina a bit more.  Final time was 4:10.

No Bread 5.0 Test Three

Jackie.  I hate her almost, maybe more, than Fran.  I think I hate her because of the Craic modification at the end.  This was the last test of the No Bread Challenge.  Jackie, as RX is:

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters at 45#
  • 30 pull-ups

I substituted the AD for the row.  I did 50 calories.  The thrusters I did as Rx and the coaches advised that if you couldn’t do 30 pull-ups you had to substitute BURPEES in for the pull-ups.  Burpees.  After doing the Air Dyne and 50 thrusters.  Ugh.  My pal Rob said at the end of the workout that he would rather do two pull-ups than one burpee.  I agree.  14 minute time cap. (And to be clear, I’d like to be able to do just one pull-up 😉 )

I find for these type of workouts (chippers) it’s easy to, well, chip away at them.  The AD took me a bit longer than I thought it would.  I talked to Glen and John ahead of time to figure out how many calories I was doing to bike for, and initially we thought 60 would be a good number.  But I believe that the airdynes (there are two of them in the gym) might be calibrated a bit off.  Who knows?  John said that if I was at 50 cals at 3:30 I should just go to 50 cals.  So, I was at 3:30 and I was at 40 cals.  I ended up going to 50 cals and it took me 4:23.  Got off the airdyne and I had planned to do 10 rounds of 5 thrusters.  This turned out to be a good strategy, as I was able to break it down into little sets with just a little bit of rest.   I think when I do it next time, I might try to do the first round or two at 10 thrusters.  I then broke up the burpees into rounds of 5.  I really need to build up my stamina.  Blargh.  My goal was to finish under the time cap, at 12:54.

And I’m not sure if I posted this video before, but it’s how to exercise with cats.  I would have no-repped him on the squats, but it’s still very informative if you have cats and need to exercise with them.

Have a session with John McEvoy tomorrow with the focus on form for my lifts.  After the struggles I had earlier this week, I definitely need it.  He’s probably one of the best lifting coaches around, so I’m fortunate he’s the owner of my gym 🙂

Friday and Monday with a Holiday Party in Between

Wasn’t in the right head space to post on Friday after the Sandy Hook tragedy so I took the weekend off from posting. But reading this post on BuzzFeed made me feel a little better about the world.

Onto posting about the workouts.  Friday’s workout was:

5 rounds for reps with three minutes between rounds:

30 secs touch and go power cleans

30 secs burpee box jumps

I partnered with my friend Lauren.  She and I joke that combined, we are the perfect Crossfitter.  You can tell from Friday’s workout that that was exactly the case.  She’s is amazing at metcon and gymnastics and I lean towards to strength and sprinting workouts.  My scores broke down as follows:

Cleans / Burpee Step-Ups (ankle)

  1. 16/5
  2. 16/6
  3. 15/5
  4. 14/5
  5. 13/5

Total: 100

Lauren’s Score

  1. 17/6
  2. 14/7
  3. 13/6
  4. 13/6
  5. 13/6

Total: 101

We compliment each other well.  As you can see, I did a wee bit better on the cleans and she kicked ass on the burpees and we ended up getting close to the same exact score!  This one got hard for me at the end because my grip and forearms were toast – really wanted to get 20 each round, but that wasn’t in the cards that day.  I got to wear my new socks at Friday’s workout.  They made me happy 🙂

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Hello Kitty socks FTW!

Today was a leg strength and pull-up workout.  I finally tried to do a workout that included multiple reps overhead!  The workout was:

A) 5 rounds -3min rest in between
5 Thrusters
rest 10s
20 walking lunges with DB’s

B)100 pullups for time

Worked out with my gal Kendyl again.  Point was to go up each round for both the thrusters and the walking lunges.  For the thrusters, I started out fairly light for me 45# and then went up in increments of 10#. I was just excited to do some overhead reps again! For the walking lunges, I’m still working on my core stability and my grip sucks on the dumbells, so I ended up failing halfway through my 4th round, but rebounded for the 5th round.  I also didn’t realize that the lunges were supposed to also go up in weight, so I started fairly heavy for my first round.  I ended up doing part A of the work out kind of wrong, but here’s what I ended up doing:

Thrusters / Lunges

  1. 45# / 26#
  2. 55# / 26#
  3. 65# / 35#
  4. 75# / 35# (tried 44# and 40# and failed with both)
  5. 85# / 44#

100 ring rows for time.  I think my time was 6:38.  I broke it up by doing 15 reps, then 10 reps, then the last 75 reps were broken into sets of 5.

The Craic Holiday party was this weekend at Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s house.  Great time all around – can’t believe how big Craic is.  The party was huge and a good time all around.

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!

Me and Susie Diesel all gussied up!
Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy!  Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach McEvoy approves of this party! (And we can all agree, we approve of Coach McEvoy! Sara is a lucky lady!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best.  (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)

Coach Dizzle and Coach Glen show us teamwork at its best. (And Dizzle got all dressed up for the party too!)